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fringe confetti Halloween mask

fringe confetti Halloween mask

This project was inspired by the confetti-fringe-streamer trend, and my need for fun + affordable Halloween options. An owl mask, made from a paper bag and streamers! It’s a favorite around our house this year.

Plus, it’s an easy costume for for kids or adults. With the eyes having cut-outs to see through (safety first!), and worn over simple everyday clothes, the mask is a great option for school parties, the office, or other events where full costume attire might be too much.


Use the fringed streamer + paper bag concept for any animal mask you might want to make (you’re not limited to an owl). Simply find a face template online and start cutting streamers! Be sure to lay out all the pieces before you start gluing to ensure the face has correct proportions. I used hot glue on the top line of each streamer to put the mask together quickly, and added the face details at the end.

PS. These fox and bunny masks would be perfect for dress up day at school too.

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