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Fringe Paper Chandelier


It’s birthday week around here. Matt and I share a birthday and are both turning 35 this year. It seems like we just turned 30 yesterday! While we won’t be having a full on birthday bash this year (because of our festive home) celebrating in small ways like a breakfast treat, a night out on the town, and this fun party chandelier sound just about right.


Whether the celebration at hand is for a little one or a more grown up birthday gal everyone loves a colorful and thoughtful birthday display. Alyson made this one for us out of crepe and fringe with number balloons front and center. The chandelier is an easy way to put a major color punch into the next special day.




To make this fringe paper chandelier you will need:



Fringe Paper Chandelier

  1. Cut the tissue paper or bunting fan garland into strips about 12” long. I liked using the bunting fan because it ripped down the seam perfectly and had a few layers to dishevel for a fuller effect and less work.
  2. Using the hot glue gun, wrap the tissue strips around the hoops and dab on a little glue. Repeat until the hoops are fully covered.
  3. Cut strips in half and flip around to separate the pieces and to create a fuller look.
  4. Attach the smaller hoop to the large hoop with the clear string and hang up.
  5. Add the Honeycomb balls to a string and hang from the center of the chandelier.
  6. Add the numbers to the honeycomb string with tape or thread the top part of the balloon.




And there you have it… Turn 35, 65, or 5 in colorful party style!

(Project styling + Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Alyson Lott).

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