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Citrus Inspired Easter Fruit Eggs

Inside: Easter eggs inspired by our favorite Easter fruit ideas!

Nothing beats the taste of peaches, lemons, limes, and watermelon this time of year. Watching our baskets begin to fill with the new crop of farm fresh fruit is a glorious part of spring. Why not take that bright bounty to our Easter fruit eggs as well?

Easter Fruit

Outfitting these boiled eggs in colorful Easter fruit inspired designs is a fun way to brighten up the Easter fruit ideas basket and a sneaky way to get in that last daily serving of fruit. I mean… it’s not really fruit, but it looks like it. That counts in my book!

Citrus Easter Eggs



Easter Fruit ideas


Supplies you will need for these Easter fruit eggs

To make the Easter fruit inspired eggs, you’ll need:

Fruit inspired eggs

How to make citrus inspired Easter eggs

Add a small amount of the gel icing coloring to the mixing bowl. Gently tap in a dash of flour to the bowl. Mix well with the paint brush. Using this combo will give you a vibrant paint substance that is safe to use on eggs you plan to consume. There isn’t a specific measurement, just gently add the ingredients together until your paint is liquid enough to paint but solid enough to hold the color on the egg.

Paint the eggs bright colors to match your favorite fruits.

Use white and black gel coloring to add detail to the paint design.

Easter Egg Fruit

Ester Egg Fruit Ideas

Serve the fruit eggs with a side of matching fruit, or stack the Easter eggs in fruit crates for a colorful spring look even the Easter bunny will be proud of.

Ps. 25 well-designed eggs and farmer’s market fruit inspired cakes.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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