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10 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party can be so many things, and with our list of fun bachelorette party ideas – it is sure to be the best party of the season. A fun tradition, I always appreciate whenever I attend a bachelorette party is when the hostess has taken time to think of creative inclusions for games, drinks and decorations that make the party FUN! The night out, drinking, dancing, and laughing are all guaranteed, so a few silly games and out of the box ideas always add something surprising to the mix, don’t you think?

10 Fun Bachelorette Party IdeasTo celebrate all that is the joy of sending a friend off into married bliss, I’m going to go over 10 of my favorite fun bachelorette party ideas that are so easy to plan and hilariously fun to enjoy!

10 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Kiss the Miss Goodbye

The first of my fun bachelorette party ideas is a sweet favor is for the bride-to-be to have as a keepsake to remember her last night as a single lady… besides the pictures, she may not have another way of keeping those memories close, if you know what I’m saying ;) Here’s how you make it:

  1. Pick out a picture of the bride-to-be and her BFFs, print it, and get it framed with a paper wrap so there’s room for writing on it.
  2. Grab some fun lipstick colors in different shades to bring to the bachelorette party.
  3. Pass around the frame to each girl at the party, allowing her to “kiss the miss goodbye” by leaving her lipstick print on the paper wrap.
  4. Present it to the bride as a gift, and have her guess which lips belong to which gal!

The Fiance Quiz

The Fiance Quiz is one of my favorite ways to laugh at a bachelorette party! Before the bachelorette party, send a list of questions to the groom-to-be. They can range from things he loves about the bride-to-be, special dates in their relationship, or his favorite things. Make a video interview-style of the groom answering the questions. At the bachelorette party, have the bride watch the video, pausing for her to answer, and then playing the groom’s answers to see how many she guesses correctly! It’s always funny to see the bride’s reaction when her groom is either spot on…or totally off!

Bachelorette party games

Loose Lips

Pick out a few key words that will be deemed forbidden from the moment the party starts until everyone’s heads hit the pillow (and hopefully not the bathroom floor!). Some ideas are: bride, groom, wedding, and ring. When someone accidentally says one of the forbidden words, they’ve got to stop what they’re doing and drink! Be sure to keep pretty pink drinks on hand for when necessary.

Selfie Hot Potato Party Game

I made up this game, so obviously I think it’s pretty fun… but I can promise you will too! What group of gals doesn’t love taking selfies?! This game takes the selfie game up a notch, in a twist on musical chairs. Its one of my favorite fun bachelorette party ideas that can be played anywhere you happen to be hosting. Here’s how I like to play:

  1. Start some music.
  2. Pass around someone’s phone, with the camera app open, having each person take a selfie when it gets handed to them.
  3. Whoever is playing DJ will stop the music randomly, and whoever is holding the phone, has to post the selfie they just took!
  4. It’s extra fun if the selfies are themed (i.e. silly face, scary face, ugly face, etc.) and if you create a hashtag to go with the pics you’re posting!

Drop Your Panties

This fun bachelorette party activity can be played at a bridal shower as well but I think it’s best at a bachelorette party, where there’s a little alcohol to lighten the mood and a slightly more racy theme than a daytime affair ;) Each gal is going to bring a *NEW* pair (this is very important!) of panties as a gift to the bride. Make sure they’re unwrapped but also that you drop them discreetly in the designated spot upon arrival, to keep the surprise.

The pair you bring should reflect your personality because the bride is going to guess who brought what pair! I’ve seen this game played before, and hands-down the most hysterical pair of panties brought was a giant pair of whitey tightys…the bride didn’t have too much trouble guessing which of her jokester friends brought those! ;) Grab a printable to make the game even better right here.

Pin the Kiss on the Groom

We should think about including a little groom laughter in our fun bachelorette party ideas for sure, Pin the Kiss on the Groom is a twist on the favorite party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. If you click the link here, there’s a free printable sheet of kisses just for you! Cut them out, and hand one to each girl at the bachelorette party. One by one, blindfold and spin the girls round and round until they’re just a bit dizzy. Then set them free to pin the kiss on the groom’s lips…or where they think the lips should be! Make sure to print out a life-size picture of the groom and hang it up beforehand (obviously). Whoever pins the lips closest to the groom’s mouth is the winner!

10 unique bachelorette party ideas

How Well Do You Know the Bride

This is one of those (rare) wholesome games that’s safe to play at a bachelorette party where moms or grandmas might be present and the risque is a bit taboo. The hostess will come up with a series of questions about the bride (here’s a great printable to make it even easier). Questions like who she is, what she likes, etc. and write them all out. Then, the bride will answer them before the party, so the hostess has all the answers. At the party, each girl will get a chance to answer the questions. I’d suggest printing out pretty sheets, or just using the template provided here. Once all the questions have been asked and answered, the bride or the hostess can provide all the correct answers…girl with the most right wins!

bachelorette party photos

Bachelorette Photo Challenge

I love love love this game! It’s a photo scavenger hunt, bachelorette party style! On the list of fun bachelorette party ideas, this is one I’m sure will be new to all your guests and makes great memories and social posts during the party.

Think up the craziest dares and then challenge the girls at the party to complete each of them throughout the night. It only counts if there’s a picture of the action! Color bombs… GO! This game is most fun when the group is split up into teams so there’s a bit of friendly competition.

Tushie Cookie Decorating

For treats, these tushie cookies are just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. And what better time to enjoy something sassy and sweet than at a bachelorette party?! But, don’t just serve the cookies…make decorating them into an artform! Provide the tushie shaped cookies and some colorful frosting and see which girl can design the sexiest, frilliest, cutest pair of undies. Have categorical winners or pick just one. Regardless who wins, the cookies will be a yummy treat to get the party started on a high note.

Bra Pong

We’ve all heard of beer pong, but I bet you’ve never heard of bra pong. HA! This fun bachelorette party idea is a drinking game at its simplest, bra pong uses actual bras as the targets for ping pong ball shooting. If you miss, you drink! Pick out some bras in the bride-to-be’s size so she can keep them after the game is over… just make sure not to fill them with beer (or anything else). You can use some red cups for that ;)

Hope you found these 10 fun bachelorette party ideas as hilarious, exciting, and thrilling as I do! Another fun idea would be to provide small gifts to hand out every hour to whoever is the most funny, or encouraging to the bride or just a big grand prize for the girl who brought the best present to the party. Are there other fun ideas for a bachelorette party that you particularly enjoyed? I’m always up for more suggestions. Cheers to the brides this year!

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