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Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

Inside: Birthday party ideas for teens. 

Welcome to the teens. What a wild time in life, all I can think about is Britney Spears “Not a girl, not yet a women” circa 2001. Ha! These teens would probably just roll their eyes at me for that reference. And these teen boys, who even knows what’s going on with them!

Let’s be real, our main goal as parents to teens is to just be cool. No one wants to be the not-cool mom. Lucky for you, I have some pretty fun birthday party ideas for teens that are guaranteed to keep your cool status.

Fun Birthday Party Ideas For TeensFun Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Straw Garland – This fun and festive straw garland add a fun little flair to any party!

Selfie Station – Grab some fun props, a cute background and let those teen get all the social media snaps their little hearts desired! I love these snap chat inspired photo props!

A Poppin’ Cake – What is a party without a wonderful cake? So get the party poppin’ with this white chocolate popcorn cake! It is one of my favorite fun birthday party ideas for teens!

Mall Madness – Okay, I LOVE this fun birthday party ideas for teen girls! It’s a mix of a scavenger hunt and beauty makeover, with a dash of Starbucks. I mean talk about a teens dream! Check out how this wonderful mom planned a totally fun mall birthday party!

BFF – Birthdays & BFF’s, now that’s what I call a birthday! These BFF popsicles are one of the most fun birthday party ideas for teens and their BFF guests!

Cool Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Individual Treats – What is cooler than your own personal dessert? I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty cool to me!

Spa Night –  Grab all the face masks, bath bombs, and nail polish that you can and let those girls go crazy. For a little more fun you can visit a dry bar or makeup store for some makeovers!

Mini Balloons – I love these DIY mini letter balloons! They are so fun and add such a festive flair to your teens big birthday bash!

Escape Room – We love a fun escape room, and teens love them too! I think this is such a cool teen birthday idea! And if you don’t feel like transporting a bunch of teens, check out how to make your own escape room here!

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For TeensBackyard Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

Graphic Pool Floats – If you’re planning a pool party then these personalized graphic pool floats are the best birthday party ideas for teens! Add fun quotes and special birthday wishes to the birthday teen!

S’mores Bar – For those summer birthday parties, I think that a fun s’mores bar is a great teen birthday idea! I love this s’mores bar set up and all the fun treats they use. I definitely want to try a Reese’s s’mores! YUM!

Giant Jigsaw – I love this DIY outdoor jigsaw for birthdays, summer cookouts or just backyard fun! I love the idea of printing a fun birthday surprise to be solved!

Balloon Stakes – These outdoor balloon stakes are great for birthday decor! They add such a fun and festive look!

Movie Night – Host a movie night under the stars! Grab all your blankets, snacks and a great movie and have the best teen birthday bash ever!

How will you celebrate your teen this year?

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