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fun goals for fall

Fall has routinely been a great time for me to re-evaluate my year and set new goals. Somehow the beginning of September feels like a fresh start. This year though, I want to be sure my goals aren’t all business and numbers. I also want to have some fun! Here is a list of 25 really fun goals to make for this fall – pick a couple to check off yourself and follow the links for good inspiration to keep the goal. Ensure that your fall is filled with fun and merriment, not just laundry and work.

Just-for-Fun Fall Goals

1. go on a fall picnic | 2. re-read great novel | 3. try pumpkin recipes | 4. make homemade doughnuts | 5. frame photos | 6. drive-in movie | 7. chili night | 8. clean out closets | 9. halloween “Boo reaction” | 10. spruce up your yard | 11. paint pumpkins | 12. host a movie marathon | 13. yard sale | 14. scenic fall drive | 15. kids halloween craft | 16. volunteer | 17. afternoon “thrifting crawl” | 18. homemade candycorn | 19. decorate with foliage | 20. fall walk or bicycle ride | 21. have bonfire | 22. food drive | 23. make “scary” pumpkins | 24. make mulled cider | 25. take a fall-themed staycation

Graphic created by Alli of Hooray, for A Subtle Revelry.

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  1. I love this idea. I’m going to get set making my own this afternoon, although it’ll be a bit less ambitious! Expecting twins in the next month and moving house in the next few, this will be a good reminder to take time to simply enjoy things and not get caught up in just getting things done.

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