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fun ideas for hanging huge photos at home

Great ideas for hanging large photos at home.

As spring-cleaning is in full swing, I am most definitely dreaming of new creative ways to fill my home with small corners of revelry. This often brings me back to photos. I love celebrating our family, adventures and friends through photos. There is something especially fun about hanging photos, especially HUGE photos! They inject such life into a room and instantly make a home feel ready for gatherings. Here are few of my favorite ways you can blow up photos and hang them at home:


1. A Family Photo Bookshelf. It’s not enough to just display a few old family photos in cute little antique frames, but what if there was a way to fill every shelf with actual photos as the backdrop?  There totally is! This tutorial shows you how really simple it is to recreate this super memorable bookshelf.


2. Faux-Newspaper Photo Display. This idea takes adorable to a whole new level. All this craft requires is a pages/word application on your computer, elmer’s spray adhesive, a thick piece of wood, and an imagination.


3. Large Photo Wrapping Paper. Have a birthday coming up soon and no idea what to get them? This tutorial will show you how easily you can make someone’s day by printing out a photo of you two, their kids, or a special memory to them and putting a little wrapping on it. Use the tutorial to wrap boxes that will rest on bookshelves and night stands as well.


4. DIY Photo Mural. Let your mind totally run wild with ideas for that one sad and lonely vacant wall in your living room that you never have known what to do with. Here is a very thrifty way to immerse the walls and give you a chance to show off that vacation photo that was totally magazine-worthy or the family photo you’ve just been dying to print next.


5. Photo Transfer Wall Art.  This idea is pretty awesome as it involves using a piece of wood, some modge podge, little tender loving care, and voila! You have a few new art pieces for your home. You can easily make this project bigger or smaller depending on your need in your home.


6. Last, but certainly not least is this gorgeous DIY Photo Transfer Bench. I feel like this project would justify doing a little thrifting (which is something I love) to find the perfect bench to display my funnest photos. A little reminder of the people I love before running out to start another day.

Happy photo-capturing and displaying!

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