Fun Paper Plate Crafts For Long Winter Days

Winter break is coming to an end and with it we have lots of time for a little extra crafting fun. Crafting with paper plates is a fun way to create with easy and affordable supplies.

paper plate crafts

Crafting is an outlet that my kids adore and creating simple crafts out of everyday supplies, like paper plates, napkins, thread and paint create moments the entire family can enjoy together. Here are a collection of easy paper plate crafts that the kids will adore.

kleenex crafts

5 Easy paper craft ideas

DIY paper plate crafts

5 Silly paper craft ideas

And of course… before we finish up our list of fun paper plate crafts the most color the better!

3 Colorful paper craft ideas

  • I am living for these adorable Llama paper plate crafts!
  • Paper plate sun and rainbow: What is more colorful and fun than the rainbow?
  • These beach scene paper plate crafts are so fun and colorful! I love the idea of getting inspiration from the outdoors!

We used paper plates to replicate a fun purse idea that we picked up, to create an on the go bag to carry everything we need for a great spring break! Paint brushes, Kleenex and a little confetti to boot. Now that’s a winter break plan I can truly get behind.

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