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Bouffant face party lights


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Bouffant face party lights

Sometimes the hardest part of decorating is getting out of the everyday normalness of our stuff. Whether decorating for a party or for everyday I often get stuck in the same old structure – pillows must go here, lighting looks like this…

What if the secret to decorating is switching it all up?

Putting items where you’d least expect them? Try it! Like painting a set of porch patio lights with funny girl faces and hanging them up indoors. Using outdoor pillows to decorate inside. Grab a planter to repurpose as a drink chilling station and glass pitchers become your new favorite place to stick blooming stems. I love the challenge of reimagining what we have and how it can be best used to bring joy.

Bouffant face party lights

Bouffant Face Party Lights

These lights are seriously my favorite! They sure bring a lot of fresh joy to the table. Such a fun combination of whimsy and color and the bright spot of our repurposing this spring.

DIY painted face party lights

To make the funny face party lights, purchase a strand of white lantern patio lights, paints and a black sharpie. Pop the lanterns off the lights and paint on the hair. Follow up by filling in the faces with sharpies. I love this fun bouffant style funny face combination – but these could easily be made to mimic anyone’s face for a party. Say your 3 yr old, or dad’s face for his 60th (wouldn’t he just die!?!). I love the idea of creating a set as family portraits and using them to brighten up the photo gallery wall.

Allow the paint to fully dry and pop the lights back on for a fresh take on a summer decorating essentials.

Painted face party lights

Painted face party lights

Painted face party lights

Planted as a drink cooler...

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