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Game Suggestions for Your Next Family Get-Together

Games are a great way to get all the family together to enjoy an activity. They are perfect for regular get-togethers, or for family vacations, and anything in between. Games for all the family can be very inexpensive too. Sometimes all you need is a deck of cards, or to dust off an old board game that has been stuffed into a cupboard and forgotten about. A family
game night is a great excuse to pull out an old favorite and start playing together, just as you may have done decades ago as children. Here are our top game suggestions for your next family get together.

The Classic Deck of Cards

A deck of cards offers you hundreds of different games to play from a small package. From just a simple deck of standard playing cards, you can play games like Hearts or Spades with the whole family or settle into a simple game of Snap or Go Fish with the younger players in the party.


If you are not very good at drawing, then this game is for you. The worse you are at drawing a picture, the more fun it can be watching your loved ones struggle to make sense of your scribblings. Having an official copy of the game always helps, but if you are stuck, all you need is some paper and
pens and a timer to get started.

Dungeons & Dragons

This role-playing classic is a bit more complicated than most games but well worth the effort. A game of D&D can last for hours and is a great game to play with teenagers who need some narrative to keep them interested. There are some more modern options for role-play games too if you want
something fresher that no one has played before.


The best things in life are free, and Charades is one of them. You don’t need anything to play Charades, just your hands. Charades can be a lot of fun for all the family, and if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for your Charades, why not use a TV guide or smartphone to help you?

Trivial Pursuit

No single game has caused more falling out and family controversy than Trivial Pursuit, so play with caution and try to keep it fun. Trivial Pursuit is a great game, but it can cause friction between players if the questions don’t fall in their favor. Before you start playing, maybe assign a family
member as a referee to rule on any disagreements.


This card game classic should have a place in every family’s game cupboard. Like a deck of cards, it is small and incredibly portable and offers hours of gameplay for the whole family. If you don’t have an Uno deck on hand, don’t worry. The game can be found in just about any game store or supermarket and costs less than $10 a deck.


This is another classic game that can cause a few arguments even amongst family and friends, so remember that it is all good fun and not to get too competitive or pedantic. One of the benefits of Scrabble is that it is easy to adjust to make it easier for younger players by relaxing the rules and
allowing words to be used that you might not find in a dictionary, but can be found online or on television. Playing games with your family at your next family gathering is a great way to have fun and get everyone together with a common goal. Too many family gatherings see people split into groups or cliques, but games can bring us all closer, which is what family gatherings are all about.



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