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geometric wood garland

I am seeing geometric shapes popping up everywhere and I might be obsessed. After the holidays, I really love using natural textures like wood, to bring in the freshness of the new season. After all of the colors and loads of decorations, I love to have my house breathe. I am also crazy about neon, so I had to incorporate a little bit of that too!

Which bring us to this super simple garland using wood veneer cards you can find at your local paperie shop, a simple hole punch and embroidery thread.

Take your wood card and cut an angled line from one corner to the opposite side. Cut the second side of the triangle (bunting shape) You now have three pieces of wood. Using your hole punch, punch a hole about 1/8 inch in from the sides. Thread a needle and string up your shapes one by one in your desired formation.

Tip: To make a traditional bunting, simply don’t use the extra geometric shapes and just string up the isosceles triangles.

Hang and enjoy! This nontraditional wooden garland is sure to be the talk of your next bash or just a lovely item to swash across your naked mantle.

Project design and photography by Jenny Batt from Hank and Hunt.


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