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Gigantic Paper Flags


And just like that… It’s Thanksgiving week! Crazy. Right? Whatever you are doing this week – I sincerely hope the celebrations leave you feeling full and happy. In case you’re (just now!) thinking about decorating – this is a perfect last minute project. Paper flags in pretty colors, with stick on letters.

Stick them on the wall behind the feasting table and Thanksgiving will be set to a bright and beautiful tone. It’s like the flags are cheering you on to have a great time…



Paper party flags are one of my favorite ways to liven up a space for celebrating. Paper is the most affordable crafting supply around. And the flags instantly turn any room into a party.

Normally when making party flags I tend to go small and make a bunch of them (like this), but for our Thanksgiving feast I decided to go large and make them into a complete wall decoration.


To make the large gigantic paper flags you will need:

  • Poster board in pretty colors
  • 12×12 scrapbook paper in bright colors/fun textures
  • A wooden dowel
  • Glue
  • Large stick on letters
  • Yarn and a pom pom maker for the details


Gigantic Paper Flags

  1. Start by cutting out the flag shape from your papers. The poster board is great for the larger flags, while the bright scrapbook paper fills in the form.
  2. Glue each of the flags to the wooden dowel using hot glue.
  3. Place the sticker letters onto the flags, or write in text freehand with a marker.
  4. Make a couple pompom balls and hang metalic tinsel to get a festive and finished look.


You can do it! Now go forth and feast. :)

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(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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