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gilded bottles

Gilded glass bottles are a specialty usually reserved for only the finest of dinning. Pure gold on glass can be quite costly! I just love the look and am pleased to have found a way to incorporate this pretty style into our everyday entertaining.

My DIY gilded bottles cost only a couple cents each to make and look so pretty filled with a festive drink. Line them up at your next celebration or make a stash to hand out as favors. Filled with something special they would also make adorable hostess gifts!

To make you own DIY gilded bottles purchase a pack of gold foil candy wrappers from your local craft store (they are about two dollars for a stack of 30 wrappers). Cut your wrappers to size using lines, shapes or whichever textures seem appealing. Using a very small amount of glue place the cut wrappers onto your bottles.

This project will work for any type of glass, use it to bring new life to plain kitchen glasses or liven up a serving dish for your next evening at home.

Photography by Jackie Wonders.

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  1. Cute project. I love gold on anything and bilgy gold=perfection. You could also do this with red-line tape and faux gold leaf but your project is certainly less expensive. Love your ideas.

    • Hannah, they stayed on great as a temporary update:) Anytime you are gluing paper on bottles it will not be washable, but perfect for a one time event. You could possibly coat the wrappers with modge-podge to make the look a bit more permanent.

  2. What a great idea! I love the little horizontal lines – they remind me of fill marks on a bottle or measuring cup. I also love that it is a temporary upgrade that you could use just one time, or a couple of times. What a fun (and inexpensive) way to change things up :)

  3. I absolutely adore this idea! Thanks for posting, will come in very handy when I start preparing for my birthday in October! I was wondering what drink you had in the bottles? I love the color & would fit in great with the party idea!

  4. This is great, I am going to make these for Christmas, possibly filled with something homemade – I just need to figure out where to get cheap bottles from!

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