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24 Girls Birthday Party Ideas That Your Daughter Will LOVE!

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Whatever the age of your little lady, each birthday party is expected to be just as magical as the last.

Birthday parties aren’t just for the little ones anymore. Oh no, this generation’s older teens are still very much involved in birthday party shenanigans too!

The following are a few ideas that are not only appropriate for your teen princesses, but they can also be adapted to suit your teens without any hassle or too much thinking. 

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1.Star of the Show

Anyone that has a daughter, sister, auntie or girly friend (so pretty much all of us then) will know how much these young ladies love to feel special and like superstars. 

For one night only, these girls can dress up and be their favorite superstar!  Host a premiere night and put down a red carpet for the little ones to walk down leading to the garden.  

You, the parents, are the paparazzi, of course.  Put blankets on the floor for everyone to sit outside and watch a ‘premier’ of the new film. 

Buy a big scrapbook and polaroid camera and at the end of the night get all the girls to take a polaroid picture.  Stick the pictures in the book and let them give a real-life autograph! 

This is something that can be enjoyed by all your teenage girls!

2.Yin and Yang 

‘Mindfulness’ is something the world has become more and more familiar with these last couple of years.

What is mindfulness? Well, if you look it up in the dictionary this is what it officially means, “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.”

And what helps us be at ‘one’ with our mind body and soul more than a bit of meditation and yoga!

Your teen princesses can have this meditative birthday party at home. All you need is a yoga and meditation DVD for the party-goers, and also place a mat out for each girl. Now everyone can get into the yoga groove for the party! 

Meditation isn’t necessarily all about sitting still, you can find dance meditations that will make it perfect fun for the girls! 

Take this event to another level. Have the venue at a yoga studio; hire a yoga and meditation instructor to lead the girls. The older girls will feel pampered and enhance their awareness after this party!

Educational, expansive and fun – all rolled into one.  This is a winner!

3.Rainbow Celebration

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

This shouts color, creativity, and energy!

Remember all those times you’ve tried to explain to your daughter, at 7:00 in the morning, that a bright pink tutu with a green top and orange leg warmers isn’t appropriate for kindergarten?

Ironically, at this birthday party, that’s exactly what we want! The louder the colors, the better!

Decorate the room with rainbow-colored balloons. Find fabric paint to make a big rainbow on a bedsheet.  Place a pot of gold chocolate coins at the end of the rainbow. Hang it up on the wall. 

Top it off with a rainbow cake. There are all sorts of cool ways to make a rainbow cake. For example, cutting into the cake and having colorful chocolate m&m’s spill out of the center! 

Or make a rainbow layered cake so every slice of cake is a rainbow! Yummy!

4. Picnic

Celebrate with a bit of fresh air with an outdoor picnic party!

If your daughter’s birthday is during the warmer summer months, then take advantage of the free outdoor venue of a park!

There are just a few things to remember when turning a regular picnic into a picnic party!

  • Set up a shade tent, so that everyone has an area that is not under direct sunlight keeping the celebration uncomfortable throughout the party.
  • Provide bean bag chairs for people when they are eating, instead of sitting directly on the floor.
  • Music playlist – Whoever is in charge of the music – make sure to plan a list of songs for games as well as dancing
  • Food – Upgrade those regular picnic sandwiches and order special pizzas or club sandwiches. Still easy to nibble but twice as tasty!
  • Bring a big table to place the food on.
  • Teacups – this is a nice addition for a bit of afternoon tea to finish off the day for everyone to wind down at the end of this amazing gettogether.

What a perfect way to celebrate a summer birthday!

5.Bouncy Castle

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

This is suitable for all ages and it can be hosted outside or indoors. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. You can even offer one of those fun bouncy assault courses! 

Parents, you can treat yourselves, too. While you are hosting your little girl’s party while she and her friends are having fun on their princess or ‘Frozen’ bouncy castle and bouncy slides, don’t forget to order one that is suitable for adults.  Then you and your guests’ parents can join you to bounce, bounce, bounce away. 

You can thank me later!

6. Unicorn Theme

The first thing that comes to mind is fluffy unicorn onzies that you can get pretty much anywhere. They are super cute and you will surely get your money’s worth out of them as the girls will sleep or lounge around in the house after school.

If your young lady is a tiny tot then host the party at a soft play area and provide unicorn onzies to all the girls to play in.  Then they can take them home! 

And for the teenage girls, host at home a spa experience that includes getting cozy in the unicorn onzies while enjoying a pampering treat.

Have you seen or heard about unicorn cakes?  There is a variety of unicorn cakes on the market, some more extravagant than others.  They are all equally fun and scrumptious.

7. Movie Night

girls birthday party ideas

I love this girl’s birthday party movie night idea! It is so simple but so cute. It is perfect for any girl of any age. Pick some of the best chick-flicks out there and have a perfect night!

8. Mermaid Magic

Nothing is more mythical and magical than a perfect Mermaid party! There are so many cute details you can play up in a mermaid theme, from the cake to the decor this is a great party theme!

9. Art Party Theme

If you have a crafty girly then this birthday party idea is perfect for her. Shoot I want it for MY birthday party this year. I love the details and fun colors for this party theme.

10. 80s Theme

I don’t know about you but I love a good themed party! One of my favorite girls’ birthday party ideas is a classic 80s party theme. Crimped hair, leg warmers, and blue eyeshadow. I mean ladies its the perfect theme!

11. Unicorn Yogurt Cups

These are the cutest little yogurt cups for a girl’s birthday party. They are so fun and this recipe sounds super yummy!

12. Enchanted Fairy

Give those girly girls some wings and a wand and you have the cutest fairy birthday party!

13. Pink Party

girls birthday party ideas

If your girl loves pink then this is the party for her! This girl’s birthday party idea is dripping in pink party ideas! Everything from the cake, decor, to decor!

14. Girly Cake Idea

This sweet birthday cake is full of sprinkles, pink, and fun! The yummy macaroons add a tasty element to give that cake an extra party kick!

15. Makeup Spa Party

Gitter and glam are just a few of a girly girl’s favorite things! This makeup spa party is too perfect for a girl’s birthday party idea!

16. Kitty Cake

girls birthday party ideas

I am obsessed with this kitty cake! It’s perfect for that fur-loving girl in your life!

17. Disneys Brave Party

I love this girl’s birthday party idea. It is a great combo of a girly theme but keeping it real and fun for all those girls that like to run and play.

18. Slime Party Favors

I don’t know about you but my girl loves her some slime! If you’re looking for the perfect slime party favors here are 27 fun different ways to give slime party favors!

19. Power Puff Girls Party

Especially when we can celebrate sugar-coated superheroes like Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! I mean what better birthday party theme than some rough and tough super girls! Check out our best Powerpuff girl’s birthday party ideas!

20. Balloon Bouquet

Everyone loves to special on their birthday. I love the idea of writing sweet messages to the birthday girl on a fun bouquet of balloons and sending it to her as a surprise!

21. Bookworm Celebration

Do you have a little bookworm in your family? A young one who loves to get caught up in their own literary world? For those book-loving kiddos, this Library Birthday party is the cutest idea ever!

22. Girls Night Out

girls birthday party ideas

Looking for a fun night out with some of your best gal pals? Here are 20 of the best girls’ night out ideas!

23. Girls Night In

Don’t feel like hitting the town for your birthday bash? No problem! Here are some fun ideas for a perfect girls’ night in!

24. Whipped Cream Jello Shot

Us grown-up girls like to have a little fun too! These yummy whipped cream jello shots are so tasty and fun!

I hope you and your girls LOVE these fun girls’ birthday party ideas! Let us know in the comments what your favorite party idea is!


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