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Girls Night In Ideas That Your Ladies Will Adore

Girls Night In Ideas

This post is done in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Hosting a girls night in is perfect this time of year and I have so many fun ideas to share! A chance to get together with your favorite ladies and gush on the next best movie while sipping something way to yummy to actually purchase out on the town. Sign me up now!!! I am a huge fan of hosting these nights in with my girls – in fact we have one planned tonight, and I’ve come up with my favorite girls night in ideas just for it.

When the weather gets chilly putting on our favorite cozy blankets is exactly the type of idea that immediately will make all your girlfriends so happy they came by. I’m sharing a few of my favorite girls night in ideas here and our go-to movie this year, Pitch Perfect 3 which is now available on iTunes! Add a few confetti balloons, our favorite popcorn cake and my legendary boozy tropical smoothie recipe below for a night of laughs and spilling all the beans with your besties at home. For more fun, check out the Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer below!

Girls Night In

Boozy Tropical Smoothie

First off in the girls night in ideas grab bag – we need a drink that is as glamorous and exciting as the night ahead with be. Boozy smoothies to the rescue! They are everything fruit forward and yummy about a girls night in and the BEST idea for having fun together.

Boozy Tropical Smoothie

To make the boozy tropical smoothie (this recipe makes 4) you will need:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 pineapple cut
  • 1/2 mango
  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • 1 cup chilled white wine
  • 6 oz good quality gin
  • Mulled up fresh rosemary

Mix everything in a blender and serve in your favorite girls night in glasses for smoothies they’ll write home about.

Host a fun girls night in

Girls Night In Ideas

Don’t stop with the drinks! Here are the other 7 fun girls night in ideas that will inspire your evening of fun and literally change your entire ideal of what hanging with your girls can be.

1. Bring out the polish. There’s nothing that brings out the fun of youth as much as sitting around the coffee table painting nails. Pull our all the stops here with glitter and colors and just watch even your most uptight friends come alive.

2. Go a little crazy with the decorations. Although a sofa and blanket are all that’s really needed to get a girls night in right – adding balloons, garland and special details like drink stirs will make everyone feel like the night was completely made just for them.

3. SNACKS! Girls night in is centered around snacks. At least… a good girls nights in is. ;)

While we adore the popcorn for movie watching having a few other snacks along side will make the evening one to remember. Here are a couple great snack options we’ve tried in the past: Nutella filled waffles are always a hit of epic proportions, a beet dip with crackers is one of my favorite evening snacks. Frachos!!! Which are exactly what they sound like – nachos with fries and are as good as you can imagine. For a more substantial meal, try this amazing Kale/pumpkin flatbread with a salad to serve.

4. Pick the right flick. A movie night is the perfect excuse to have a girls night in and invite all your favorite friends over. Picking the right flick is a necessity for any girls night in ideas list. I’m picking Pitch Perfect 3 because we all need a little girlfriend fun & silly comedy to break up the actual stress in our lives. You Bella-believe it! ;) Download a copy and rally your BFF’s for a girls night in this weekend.

Girls Night In Decorations

A few other of my favorite girls night in ideas include:

5. Play a fun game, like our selfie Instagram game which always gets a laugh from whoever is playing. We’ve also become pretty huge fans of this more adult meme game that is a serious hoot to play with your girls, just be advised it isn’t exactly kid appropriate.

6. Make it count. Don’t let the night get away without everyone laughing and sharing something that actually matters. I find our best BFF chats happen after the drinks and laughs. So keep the girls night in going with a set of conversation cards to chat away about over dessert.

7. Send your girls home right. Think about how you can commemorate your girls night in before it even starts. Maybe t-shirts from your movie of choice, we’ve found fun t-shirts to be super easy to make for all kinds of parties. Or perhaps a glamed up backdrop for photos everyone will adore. End the night right by sending your girls home with something they’ll love to hold them over until the night girls night in.

Have you had a girls night in lately? Enjoy these girls night in ideas, and have the best Pitches Night In with your girls and Pitch Perfect 3, now available on iTunes!

PS. Tips for how to taste wine.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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