Are you feeling the Christmas craze yet friends? I am incredibly excited about the holiday season this year. It is the first year our family will be coming to our home + we will have snow (I’ve always dreamed of having a white Christmas).

I am also thrilled to be continuing our family tradition of celebrating advent conspiracy. A focus on giving gifts made by hand, from the heart, gifts of relational time and creative effort. Giving away some of the money we would have spent buying things to serve those in need. Specifically, to build wells and provide clean water. You can read more about the conspiracy or watch the promo video for the project, if you are interested.

Along with my passion for handcrafting celebrations I have decided to do a gift guide this year, but with a DIY twist! The week following Thanksgiving will be filled with roundups of my favorite presents to make (stuff that people will really want to get). New projects I have been working on and tips for all things needed to celebrate a holiday crafted by hand.

Photo by Carly Taylor for a subtle revelry.