My favorite thing about piñatas is that once you know how to make one… you can make them all! No matter what the shape, size or design – its the same combination of cardboard, fringe and filling. Every time.

Skip the drug store teddy bears this year and make your kids/husband/friends their own Valentine Day piñata. We are starting a new tradition of doing this for the kids every year. Opening heart piñatas on Valentine’s Day morning will become a tradition my kids will remember and sweet way to put little gifts and notes of love inside a crazy fun package.

I’ll be sharing this years version soon, I am making them today!


Fringe + bling is possibly my favorite piñata combo ever. See how we make this heart piñata base below, then create your own work of love from one of our favorite Valentine heart piñata inspirations:


Make miniature piñatas to send in lunch bags or have out on the morning table. Creating a mix of hearts, donuts, and other fun shapes makes the serving super fun.


Filling the piñata with confetti instead of sweets is a great way to celebrate without giving everyone tummy aches. This flower clad piñata from Say Yeh is one my kids will just gush over, candy or not.


Although, you have to replace cardboard for cake in the directions below – this Valentine’s day version of our most popular piñata cake is a simple way to serve up sweets in a unique design.


This pretty pastel heart will look great hanging over the mantel awaiting Valentine’s Day morning. In fact this might just be the new way we do stockings. Fringe clad hearts hanging on the mantel in February are sure to brighten a long winter right up.


And one for the pets, because everyone loves a good MEOW.


Yes these hearts are on the eyes, but it only makes the adorable presentation even more cute. Be sure to include a pair of these heart eyes glasses inside.


Using Duct Tape instead of crepe fringe will save you some major cutting time and the result is a graphic and fun take on our new tradition.



To make the any of these heart piñatas you can start with our piñata heart base and create from there. You will need:

  • Cardboard such as cereal box
  • Colored crepe paper, metallic tinsel, or cake (see above)
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ruler & pen
  • Chocolates, confetti, and other fun fillings


How To Make A Heart Pinata

  1. Draw on the cereal box an arrow, then in the center make a heart. Cut out the heart shape. Trace the first shape and cut a second identical shape. Then cut the cardboard sides (around 1”).
  2. Start to put the piñata together, by combining the bottom edge to the sides with tape.
  3. Before the piñata gets closed off be sure to add all the fillings inside!
  4. It is optional but I will sometimes add an extra heart layer on top of the already created 2 layer piñata. This makes it more 3D and a little more difficult to break open – they should have to work for it:). The process is the same as the step two. Create the 3rd layer and glue on top of the first two.
  5. Now for the fun cutting! Cut out crepe paper fringe, as it is showing on the picture.
  6. Glue the crepe paper on and around the piñata. Let the paper dry and then finish off the trim.

TADA! That is it. Anyone will feel loved with a broken piñata filled with goodies at their feet.

(Pinata tutorial photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Marie-Laure. All others linked in descriptions).