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giveaway | apron and tote

Update: This contest is closed congrats to Cynthia and Chelsea for winning our apron prizes!

This week’s giveaway from sponsor Main Street-Store is for a cupcake apron or tote. Two lucky winners will get their choice. A great win for this cookie baking, gift toting time of year. I’d love for you to visit Main Street’s gorgeous collection of aprons, dish gloves and totes. Let me know which you like the most by leaving a comment to be entered. Contest closes Friday at noon.


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  1. This is ADORABLE!!!!! I make cakes on the side and would love to wear something like this while doing it! I think it would help get the creative juices flowing even better by putting me into such a cheery mood :)

    A cup cake tote bag? :o :o

    I am soooooooo much fallen in love with this tote back.This is just so cute and adorable ^_^ I soooooooo much wanna have this.Please do enroll me in and pleasssssse consider me.I just soooo much want to have this cutie bag with me. ^_^

    I saw Main Street’s shop and drooooled over the scarves.Especially the
    “Madison” Black & Silver Scarf..that is so chic

    And to be honest…the aprons are more of a sexy dress in themselves rather than being aprons :p I would rather turn them into a dress and wear em out than wearing them in the kitchen and getting them dirty :p

    The Totes are “YUMMYLICIOUS” ^_^ be it the Summer Lemon or the Kitchen Cherry totes…All are just awesome

    And the Designer Dish Gloves actually look like the fashionable eve party gloves.

    There is a fusion of kitchen wear with Fashion and I would call this whole collection as “KITCHEN FASHION” :D

    Totally LOVE IT!!

  3. I can’t decide. I love all the aprons. I’m a huge fan of polka dots and I especially love the classic Jessie Steele aprons!!! My fiance and I are getting our first apartment together next month and this would be a perfect addition. I can’t stop planning, designing and crafting!

  4. What a great store! I spent way too long browsing the cute aprons and tote bags – I love the fabrics! I’d be tickled pink to win the Summer Lemons Tote! Thanks for sharing! :-D

  5. I’ve been looking for the perfect feminine chic apron for the kitchen in my very first apartment and this one fits what I want exactly!

    I can already picture myself wearing this apron with a 50s’ dress and faux pearl earrings while baking cookies.

  6. I love baking, and with that cute apron I know when I bake with the children at school they will enjoy describing the cupcakes to me! Baking is a great alternative to a risky life

  7. Oh goodness! These are both absolutely adorable! I don’t know which one I like more! I mean, I have plenty of bags, but you can never have enough! Though I do need a new apron something bad.. So I’d totally have to go with the apron. :)

  8. What a great giveaway thank you! And thank you for leading me to this awesome site of super cute and sexy stuff to cook in;)
    I had a difficult time deciding on any favorites, but I will have to say nice choice on the cupcake print as the giveaway, who wouldn’t want that?:D

  9. I luuuurv aprons! Aprons with flair that is! The cowgirl pinup is cute as is the Dorothy in black, but ask me in 5 minutes and it might be the sweetheart. Ack! So much yumminess!

  10. So many cute aprons to choose from. I really liked the Happy Owl, Tease Cups 1/2 apron, Peacock aprong, an dthe Home for the Holidays apron. I really like the Parisian Toile and also the Cupcake Totes.

  11. I adore all of Jessie Steele’s apron designs. I would have to say Red Paisley Damask is my favorite. It’s super cute and stylish but can hide the inevitable food stains.

  12. oh goodness! I love both the cupcake tote and the apron the most!!! Other favorites are the retro cherries apron, the parisian boutique tote, and the anchors away tote! Everything is adorable. Thank you!

  13. The Summer Lemons tote is so cute that if I were to carry it around and anyone commented on how fabulous it was (even if I didn’t know them) I would have to give them a squeeze!

    • Oh…and all the other items on the website are so reasonably priced! I am going to put together a Christmas present for my sister that includes a tote containing several matching items for the kitchen.

  14. I love the cupcake design that is shown above. When I look at it, I feel like making cupcakes right away. But I also like the Cafe Toile design. I love the cutting of it.

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