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Glitter twist birthday crowns

Glitter birthday crowns

Glitter paper and jewelry wire have come together to create these really fun party crowns. I adore a pretty crown to brighten up a birthday, a girl’s night out, even a Tuesday morning cleaning at home. Let’s be honest… glitter and crowns make everything more fun. Even cleaning at home on a Tuesday. ;)

These beauties come together so quick, and by using my favorite new glitter scrapbook paper you won’t even have the dreaded glitter clean up to deal with. Although sporting a party crown is always appropriate in my book, no matter your age – the bright colors and metal accents make this version decidedly grown up. Make enough for the entire party and still have time left over to mix the drinks.

Glitter twist birthday crowns


To make the glitter wire crowns, start by downloading our printable crown template right here (you’ll need 2 printed pieces to make each crown).

Print the template and cut the two sections along the lines. Trace the template onto the backside of the glittered paper (or any paper of your choosing) and cut along the lines. Glue the two sides together to form one crown. Measure on your own head, or save one side to glue at the party for a perfectly custom fit.

Glitter twist birthday crowns

Take the jewelry wire and wind it around the crowns to create the contrasting twist. Wind together the two ends along the backside of the crown and cut with small wire cutters. Be sure to bend the ends inward so there are no heads being poked at.

Glitter twist birthday crowns

Glitter twist birthday crowns

Stacked up on tables or resting on heads… anyway they’re enjoyed, these crowns will easily become the shinning memory of that one special day.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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