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Glitter trim gift boxes

Glitter trim gifts

When it comes to giving gifts to co-workers, packaging is the most important element. Any simple and thoughtful gift will suffice to make your friendly office gift swap, but with the presents sitting on desks all day long – the wrapping is what will set your package apart. Whether you are gifting for co-workers or for the boss. Treating white folded boxes and plain cardboard boxes with a spritz of spray paint will make them bright and festive for the office exchange.

Glitter trim gift boxes

Glitter trim gift boxes

Filling the bright, glitter lined boxes with chocolates all around is a great way to make everyone’s day at the office. A box of Lindt Petits Desserts will definitely make you friends around the lunch room, while a box of Lindt Gourmet Truffles will make your boss smile. The truffles inside are some of the most amazing I’ve tasted (You’ve got to sample the whole box, right!?!) and they are a great way to say “I appreciate you” at the office.

Glitter trim gift boxes

To create this bright and shining gift look. Paint the boxes with a colorful spray paint (hint: get your spray paint for this project at the craft store and not at the home improvement store for a much better color selection). Once the boxes are dry, glue a length of silver glittered ribbon at the box opening. Fill the boxes with chocolates and gift for the reputation of MVG most-valued-gifter around the office!

This post is done in promotional partnership with Lindt. Their chocolates are seriously legit! I am looking forward to bringing you an entire series of ideas throughout this month for enjoying and gifting the yummy treats.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Jocelyn Noel)


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  1. What cute gift wrapping! I totally agree about it being the most important part—it improves the feel of the gift itself like 500%. I’m always on the hunt for new fun ways to wrap things, so thank you!

    And lovely photos :)

    Owner | Fair Ivy

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