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glittered box hats

In place of paper pointy party hats these glittered box hats will make your birthday girl and her friends feel really special. I adore how they ended up with such a festive and boxed vintage feel.

Make your own glittered party hats using cardboard box frames found at local craft stores (I used oval but any shape would work). You could make the hats before a party to hand out or create a craft station for them to keep little hands busy.

First, punch small holes in each side of the box to thread your ribbon through, then cover the entire box with acrylic paint. While the paint is still wet tap out glitter covering the top of the hat. Let your hat dry and string the ribbon to tie. Enjoy the girlie giggles you will get as glitter is placed atop their little heads.

Thanks to my sweet little girl for modeling. Photography by Chelsea Robbins for a subtle revelry.



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