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Go Glam with Hair Glitter

Glitz, glitter, and glam! Now, that’s a combo I can get down with, am I right? With this fun and easy hair glitter style, you will leave a dusting of sparkle wherever you go! Here are a few easy steps to create this stunning hairdo!

Go glam with hair glitter

How to style glam hair glitter

There is a million reason to rock hair glitter. Holiday party, sassy date night, or just a random Wednesday afternoon. There is never a bad day for a little glam! We paired our glitter doo with a top know, but it would pair perfectly with these french braids.

Hair Glitter

Here are a few accessories that would pair perfectly with your new look


How to add hair glitter

Glitter hair


This is what you will need to create this look

The recreation of this hair glitter is so beautifully simple: Purchase a tube of glitter (ours was under $1). Pull your hair up so the glitter will have something solid to stick to. Spray a good amount of hairspray over your head and gently tap the glitter out over the entirety of your do. Pretty, festive and washable!

So, the big question is, where will YOU wear this new glam look? Let us know in the comments!


Photography by Chelsea Robbins, special thanks to Sophia for modeling her beautiful hair.

PS. Wouldn’t this look also be pretty for an evening wedding worn with a subtle summer dress!?!



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  1. i’m totally doing this! i’m going to spend the 4th w/ a bunch of my cousins (ages 12 to 27) and this would be so much fun for us to do together.

    also, i’m impressed that you were able to get the glitter to show up in photos. i always have trouble getting it to show.

    • Ohh, I bet the younger girls would just love the process:) And the glitter showed much better against the teal wall than a white one, try bright color behind you next time you try to capture it.

  2. Oh my goodness I am loving this!!! My hubs is anti-sparkle, but this weekend his daughter is coming to visit us for a week and we are FOR SURE gonna play with some hair glitter :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I LOVE this! I am always wearing glitter eyeshadow but adding a touch of glitter to your hair is priceless and so unique! The next time I’m at Michael’s, I will be going down the paint section to look for some glitter to add some sparkle to my hair! So glam!

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