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Glittering Pumpkins – A September Update

Happy Fall ya’ll! This month was such a great start to the season for us. It helps that we kicked off my favorite content season of the year and the studio is currently filled with all the glittery pink and fun fall things.

Like this pumpkin that I immediately fell in love with, which combines my daughters love of glitter with my love of easy pumpkin decorating. A couple of these beauties on a mantel and Halloween can be set up before October even hits. And besides glittering pumpkins, here are a few other things we’ve been up to this month…

We launched our Lifestyle Biz Course! I’ve been blown away by all your love and support for this newest course. Developing a business around the lifestyle we dream of is a topic so close to my heart. I can’t wait to see how the content changes so many of your lives in the coming months.

The cart closes in just a couple hours tonight so if you want to join us you have until midnight tonight! See more about it all right here.

In the middle of the launch crazy for the course – I did what every sane blogger would and took my family took a quick trip to N. Carolina. I’ve never been to that part of the country before and it was beyond beautiful! We tried out Waffle House, and Biscuit Head and ate all the fried chicken possible. We were there to attend the sweetest family B&B wedding by a pond, where we took really amazing family photos like the one above. HA! Christmas cards coming soon. ;)

This last month we also finished, shot and shared the laundry room. Then we quickly have started on the 2 bathroom renovations we are tackling this fall. OYE! It’s going to be a messy next 6 weeks and I’m sharing the day by day as we go over on my Instagram stories, plus I’ll be sharing our plans for both of the bathrooms next week. Just beware there is currently not very much pretty happening in either of them.

We shot all the Halloween costumes and fun fall things in September! I’m super glad you loved the emoji heart costume and our sticker + pumpkin video. I think these pink hands stacked as firewood were my personal favorite.

I’m so excited to share the rest of our Halloween costumes and ideas over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can find hundreds of our ideas by category over on the Halloween page.

Next week is our fall break. Whoohoo! Since my kids start school so early in August, we get a week off in early fall which we promptly spend at a theme park in California. It works out great since the California kids are still in school, we can ride everything with almost no wait time! I will try to take a rollercoaster video for you if I’m not too freaked out. ;) Hope your month was a good one.

xoxo – Victoria

(Top photo @Andrey Pavlov/Stocksy United all others linked).

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