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Going Live – October Blogging Update

October has been such a fun month around here – I hope you have a wonderful Halloween night to end off the month right! Here’s a little update on what’s been happening behind the scenes in our life.

And before I forget to tell you, something fun is that I will be going live this Thursday afternoon at 10am PST over on Facebook. I will be walking through my tips and tricks for setting up a table for hosting a feast. You can follow along and be sure to jump on live with me. I’ve never actually gone live before, so it feels like a crazy thing. :) Ha! Let’s just all not laugh too hard.

We closed the doors to our first ever Lifestyle Biz Course and it affirmed one thing for me – we will definitely be doing more courses in the future. I am now in the process of walking through the coaching with so many new and upcoming bloggers and I am in love with it all!

We decided to run this course through Teachable and it is inspiring how easy and fun the process was. For someone who is running the show without a gigantic team – having easy to work with tech solutions can sometimes be the difference between launching something I love or not. Teachable is hosting a free course creation summit later this month, if you’ve ever thought of trying out online courses it is a great (AND FREE!) option for learning, you can sign up right here.

In fact I’ve already been working on a new training we will be rolling out in January that will transform the way we organize EVERYTHING in our life. I know that may sound a bit exaggerative, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one. It’s true. ;)

We cozied up the house in a couple spots for fall and have FINALLY FINISHED THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM! Whew… I kinda got a little nervous that might never actually happen. It will be a couple weeks before we share photos, still finishing up a few details, but it’s already serving its purpose wonderfully! And the tile we picked from Floor and Decor is so pretty. Next up in the house is tackling the master bath/closet situation! I will be updating on that soon.

We also had our pumpkin carving competition this weekend and Matt easily won with his backwards but awesome creation. He is so creative. :) Matt and I dressed up as Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole for Halloween parties this weekend. If you follow my IG stories you may have seen us, bonus points if you know who that even is! Also this month…

We shared a little reading nook renovation we completed.

We also shared a bunch of colorful costumes and a round up of our favorites from over time right here.

And obviously all the pumpkin cakes, because it is the day of indulgence after all! Be safe tonight and I can’t wait to kick off the holiday season with you in the morning. Can you even believe it is already here!?!

(Top Photo @Amy Covington/Stocksy United, all others linked in post).

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