A gorgeous bowl to make your home feel a bit less bare now that the holiday decor has come down. Make your own with a balloon, newspaper and a handy homemade paste recipe…

Create a papier-mâché bowl by first making a paste. The best version is made by mixing 1 part flour to 5 parts water, boiling for 3 minutes, then letting it cool.

Blow up a balloon then tape it to a sturdy cup. With a paintbrush, “paint” some paste onto 1” newspaper strips on both sides then “paint” it to the balloon starting with the center and working out.  Let each layer dry completely before reapplying another layer. Create 6-7 layers for solid bowl.  Pop the balloon then carefully  remove the balloon from the paper.

Cut the balloon level down so it’s at the level you want the bowl to be at. Spray paint the inside gold and let it dry. Spray paint the outside gold and let it dry. With spray mount, spray the outside and then quickly apply Himalayan or thick sea salt. Apply as little or as much as you wish. Apply another layer of spray mount on top to really make it stick.

Project design by Brittany Watson Jepsen and photographed by Hilda Grahnat.