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gourmet yogurt pops

We have finally had our first truly warm week here! To celebrate I made yogurt pops. I’ve been inspired by many stores selling gourmet Popsicles this season and decided to add in a bit of baking glitter, sprinkles and colorful stars for the kids. The turned out really pretty and tasted great when devoured on a lazy warm afternoon.


To make yogurt pops, I froze purchased flavored yogurt into Popsicle molds. This was my first attempt at the method and the came our great. A party line up of all pink would come together in just a few minutes and would be perfect for an afternoon brunch. Making an assortment of flavors would make a bright end a summer dinner party.

To add in the gourmet flair, I removed the Popsicles from their molds once frozen and sprinkled on edible baking glitter and other baking goodies. Since the Popsicle are a bit sticky every think stuck right into place.


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  1. These look amazing Victoria – the photos are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the ceramics you featured earlier in the week too. I am off to investigate further.

    Thank for all the inspiration and have a wonderful weekend, Stephie x

  2. Love love love it!!! Live in Palm Springs and these will be PERFECT summer treats!!! Any recommendations on where to get good Popsicle molds?? XO

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