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Graduation Sticker Balloon Decorations

Inside: Graduation balloon decoration

We are in the final countdown to summer starting and like all the other school moms, I’m knee-deep in graduations, performances, and end of year activities. No complaining here though – I love reliving the awesomeness of field day. Whoever invented that idea should get everything! Instead of bringing flowers to all these school performances and graduations we’ve opted for school sticker balloons. Because all any kid really wants is a gold star sticker and a balloon to let them know they’ve done a great job this year.


garduation balloon decorationGraduation Sticker balloons


End the last day of school with a car full of these or bring a couple to the next graduation. These graduation balloon decorations are so easy to create. Make an entire class worth for the end of year party and claim the “balloon mom” nickname. Let me tell you from experience, the kids will obsessively love you.

Graduation Sticker balloon decorations


Graduation Balloon Decoration

To make these fun graduation balloon decorations you will need:

  • Balloons
  • School stickers which you can buy in huge rolls at the local dollar store

Stick the stickers onto the graduation balloons. That is literally all you have to do for this fun end of the year surprise that all the kids will go nuts over.

Graduation Sticker balloons ideas

More Fun Balloon Ideas

As if these fun graduation balloon decorations weren’t enough, here are a few more of my favorite balloon ideas!

graduation balloon decoration ideas

DIY balloons

PS. Money balloons for a gift the older kids will love.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry).

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