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graphic painted tablecloth

Painting a tablecloth is a great way to dress up and freshen your linens this season. I love the look this graphic black criss-cross gives to a simple white cloth. It becomes a perfect backdrop for a table filled wth party treats or everyday eats.

All it takes to create this look is a freshly laundered tablecloth, a paint brush, and fabric paint. Lay a drop cloth under the tablecloth and get to work painting a repeating pattern. The criss-cross pattern is possibly the easiest to paint, but you can try out circles, hearts, or a simple floral pattern. Anything done in a repeat of a basic color will bring a nice graphic punch. Set the paint after it is dry from the backside with an iron for seamless wash and wear style. This one I definitly love!

Project design and photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry.

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