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Graphic Tied Heart


Happy February – the month of hearts.

Although I am a sucker for all things pink candy arrows, sweet donut glaze, and Valentine clad – sometimes a large and graphic piece thrown in the mix is exactly what my space (and mind) needs. A large heart made from wire and yarn will demand focus in any room and is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The simple concept and large scale works wonders balancing out all the mushy and sweet pieces this time of year.


To make the graphic yarn tied heart you will need:

  • Thick crafting metal wire
  • Scissors
  • White yarn


Graphic Yarn Tied Heart

  1. Shape the metal wire into a large heart from. The bigger the heart the better in my opinion! Don’t worry about getting a perfect shape, a little bit quirky does this project well.
  2. Start on one end and begin wrapping and tying the yarn around the frame. Intertwine the yarn strands as you go – think spider web.
  3. Set the finished piece on a table or hang on the mantel for crisp and graphic Valentine style.

I love the simplicity of this large form design. If your aching for color though – the heart could easily be done in reds, pinks, or a rainbow of colors to create a bright and fun focal piece. Make a number of them in different sizes to cover a wall, or create a perfect fit for filling out the front door. The ideas for this concept are endless and easily fun.

(Photography ©TREASURES & TRAVELS/Stocksy United).


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