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great party ideas to save for 2021

Great party ideas to save for 2014!

It’s time to start looking back and planning for the future. Over the next few weeks (along with new posts) I’ll be sharing some of my favorite projects and moments from the past year. During late December, I always like to take a bit of time to look at the new year ahead; goals to make, things to do, and that planning all doesn’t have to be about office work and losing weight.

Why not take a bit of our planning time to think about the fun moments coming up – get a head start on those birthday parties, gift ideas, and recipes you’d like to try in 2014. Here are 10 great party projects from the past year that will get you excited about hosting in 2014. Pin, save, and plan to make your birthdays fun and beautiful this coming year.

Bright Ball Garland | Veggie Print Wrapping | Paper Party Balls | Felt Foliage Garland | Tissue Paper Bursts | Skinny Birthday Candles | Hanging Cone Centerpiece | Origami Blow Box Lights | Two-Tone Painted Balloons | Parasol Party Backdrop

For a full list of great party ideas there is a HUGE gallery with hundreds of posts right here.

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