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Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

We have been having such a fun summer and today the calendar flips to August. I can hardly believe it! It’s the month we go back to school and start all the fall required activities. As I start to write in soccer games and PFA meetings – I’m also taking time to plan out a few fun parties for the season. It always makes the transition so much better when we have a number of short fun trips and exciting parties to look forward to.

These printable greenery invitations are a simple way to make a party invite feel fresh and fun for a late summer gathering. Picking between cactus, leaves, or a tropical punch will set the stage for a memorable get together, and having a few lying around will make the transition from summer vacation back to life a little more manageable.

Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

If late summer parties aren’t in the plans for this season, these printable greenery invitations also make adorable pen pal notes for sending love to those favorite far away friends that you promised to keep in touch with.

Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations
To make the printable greenery invitations you will need:

  • Color Printer
  • Adobe Reader (Free Download)
  • Light weight paper stock
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • X-acto knife
  • Ruler

Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

Printable Greenery Invitations

1. Download our printable PDF files onto your computer. Here is the colorful envelope download and the greenery liner download.

2. Please use Adobe Reader to open the file. Print out the colorful envelope template – front and back. Print the envelope liners also on paper stock.

3. Cut the envelopes and liners according to shapes.

Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

4. Adhere double sided tape at the back of the liners, and stick onto the side of the envelope template with bigger flap (top or bottom doesn’t matter).

5. Score the dashed lines on the envelope using the back of x-acto knife and ruler.

6. Fold the scored lines, and using double sided tape, stick the two smaller flaps behind the bottom big flap. Enclose your mail, and send away!

Greenery Printable Notes & Invitations

Sometimes it’s the little things like planning a party and creating fun invitations that makes the harder transitions in life so much better!

(Graphic design and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).

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