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Gummy bear cookies

Gummy bear stained glass cookies

It’s cookie making time of year! I love, love, love making cookies. Sometimes it’s fun to put a little twist in the mix – like creating gorgeous stained glass cookies using gummy bears.

The process is simple and the shiny oils in the gummy bears make the cookies look so beautiful! Grab the extra Halloween candy and search out the gummies for this recipe, or try these pink grapefruit gummy bears that sound amazing.

Giving cookies out as gifts, making them for family gatherings, or just leaving a plate of them out at home are all easy ways to sweeten up the holidays. These cookies can even be made into ornaments for the Christmas tree. So pretty! The entire family will adore them.

Gummy bear cookies

To make the gummy bear cookies you will need:

  • A package of gummy bears
  • A favorite cut-out cookie recipe (here’s mine), or you can even use the cut-out dough packaged from the store if you are in a hurry and still want a cute look
  • Cookie cutters in large and small sizes
  • Parchment paper and baking sheets
  • A chopstick and ribbon to create the ornaments

Gummy Bear Cookies

Gummy Bear Cookies

To make the gummy bear cookies:

  1. Mix the cookie recipe and chill per recipe instructions or at least 10 minutes.
  2. Roll out the cookie dough and use the cookie cutters to shape the cookies. Use the large cutters to cut out the outside shapes and the smaller ones to cut out the insides of each cookie – forming a window.
  3. If you plan to turn the cookies into ornaments, use a chopstick to poke a hole at the top of every cookie.
  4. Heat the oven to 375 degrees and bake the cookies for about 5 minutes. Pull out of the oven.
  5. Fill the cookie windows with two or three gummy bears depending on the size of the cookie. Use similar colored bears, or two colored and one white bear to get the tonal stained glass look. You can get crazy with lots of colors if you’d like, anything will be pretty.
  6. Place the cookies back into the oven and bake for another 2 minutes, checking on them often. The cookies are done when they turn light brown and the gummies have melted.
  7. Allow the cookies to fully cool before removing from parchment paper.

String ribbon through the tops to create cookie ornaments or serve on a dish and enjoy!

(Photography @Veronika Studer/Stocksy United).

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