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Free Habit Tracker Printable – Stay On Top of Things!

A lot of us try to adopt new habits every year in the form of New Year’s resolutions, but how many people are still keeping to their goals by February?

Sometimes it’s really not a lack of will, but it’s more disorganization. It’s easy to forget about a new endeavor because it hasn’t received a permanent place in your schedule. What’s the solution? A habit tracker printable, of course!

It sounds like even more work to come up with a printable habit tracker on top of trying to reach your objective but don’t worry, we got you! Read on for creative ideas to make a habit tracker printable free of charge!

Habit Tracker Template Idea – Let’s Get Going!

You can set weekly, monthly, or yearly goals, whatever you choose, our habit tracker PDF templates will work for you. Feel free to add designs and additions to make them your own!

Simple and Easy Is the Way to Go

Habit Tracker

This habit tracker is an excellent template for your new undertaking, but it also works just as well for daily or weekly to-do lists.

You can create your own grid (depending on how much room you need and the set period), but we find that grid paper works fine.

Outline your table and write the days of the week, or monthly dates on the X-axis and the activities or actions on the Y-axis. For example, if your goal is to leave cute and encouraging notes in your kid’s lunchbox every day, then color in the cell for each day you remember to do it.

We love this template because it has room for an unlimited number of activities, you can color-code each one so it’s obvious when you’ve missed it, and you can add designs and patterns to really make it unique.

Your habit tracker should be something exciting and fun to do, and not give you pressure every time you look at it. So, make it your own! We have some ideas to help you flesh out your template.

1. Make It More Detailed

You can make your printable habit tracker ready for the entire year by adding a bar up top with all the months of the year listed, which you can circle accordingly. Just print the template out 12 times to make an annual habit tracker.

Leave spaces to add notes, such as why you missed a certain day, or why you didn’t feel like doing it that day, or even the difference in emotions or energy you felt on days you remembered and days you didn’t.

Visualization and organization are so important and if you can feel the difference in your body and mood and see why these habits are helpful (because you feel better or happier on days you remember), you will be more inclined to keep up with your goals.

2. Add Designs

We mentioned this briefly, but add your own designs! If your goal/habit is to eat a salad every day, keep yourself motivated by adding salad leaves, tomatoes, or a good job emoji at the end of every week.

Make it nice! It’s always better to look at something visually pleasing than something that can be likened to a chore chart, which is something most of us find to be a pain.

3. Color-Coding

We also touched on this above, but color-coding is a simple way to stay organized, especially if you are implementing multiple habits at once.

You will know you missed a day if the cell is left blank. It also helps you clearly visualize how well you’re doing and how consistent you are being.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but in reality, we believe it just takes motivation, determination and perseverance regardless of the time. The time required to form a habit also varies from person to person with some people needing over 200 days while others can incorporate the new activity within 2 weeks.

Final Takeaway

First of all, we commend you for wanting to improve your life and undertaking a new endeavor.

Whether it’s something small like eating more fruit to something that requires more effort such as learning a new skill, we promise a habit tracker will make it easier for you to keep track of your progress and act as a motivator to stay focused!