Halloween has quickly become one of our favorite holidays of the year! From costumes to pumpkins everything needed for a bright & fun holiday is right here…

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giveaway | outdoor party supplies

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Lisa is our winner! Thanks so much everyone for entering:) A package filled with bright dotted invites, paper straws and wooden cutlery is a great start to outdoor entertaining this summer. Win this outdoor party pack by A Party in a Box perfect for the first official summer gathering. […] More

10 Ways to Serve a Heart

Tis’ the season for smooches and hearts – and serving them up on a platter is a sure way to sweeten up anyone’s day. It’s a fact that all foods just seem better in heart form this time of year! Here are 10 of my favorite ways to serve up sweet hearts to your sweetheart: I’d […] More

Festive Friday – 5 Fun Things

Happy Friday! We are soaking in our last couple days of summer before school starts again. While we take off for a last day at Tahoe and then promptly come home to sit to watch another couple hours of Olympics, I wanted to share a few fun things I’ve been crushing on lately. How fun is […] More

Paper flower pop-up box

Valentine’s Day can start to feel a bit predictable. Hearts, candy and flowers can only express so much. The thought of a large stuffed bear with a silky red bow actually kills a small piece of my heart. Instead of going the store bought route, why not make a pop-up floral box for a more […] More

The Best Chocolate Chip Recipe with Melanie Blodgett

I have a season of fun party-loving guests lined up and a weekly plan to bring you the best ideas for your parties, baking, crafting, and general life revelry. Let’s jump into episode #1: an interview with Melanie Blodgett. Melanie is the creator of You Are My Fave and she has some of the most creative […] More

The best watermelon mojito

We opened our first watermelon of the season last week – it was ripe, ready and a sweet taste of early summer. Eating watermelon freshly cut is an everyday tradition during the warm summer months, but just in the last year have I noticed the great taste it has for drinks, salads and sweets. After […] More

DIY Holiday Holly Wreath

Inside: DIY holiday holly wreath. If you’re like me you probably have a wreath for every holiday, or maybe five. One of my favorite decorations to spruce up my home is a wreath! I have an entire collection, for every holiday, season, special event and a few to spare. HA! ;) This holly wreath is […] More

Cooking With Kids

Our family loves to cook together. From intense top chef-like competitions to making Saturday morning pancakes – we spend a LOT of time in our kitchen. The kids enjoy cooking so much that this summer we gave them the chance to start planning and fully cooking one meal a week for the family. It’s cute […] More

Why My S’more Is Better Than Yours ;)

With summer well underway and the 4th of July coming soon – we are all fire pits and s’more making these days. And don’t get me wrong, I love a good s’more as well as the next gal. But after hearing the kids beg for them multiple nights this summer… the messy, chocolate all over […] More

Crocheted cake hearts

Happy Monday! I am beyond thrilled to announce this week that I am now one of the contributors for Project Wedding– a site filled with wedding inspiration, real weddings and fabulous DIY projects. I will be contributing a few handcrafted wedding projects each month and my first one was recently posted, a crocheted heart cake […] More

4 Awesome Party Photo Shoot Ideas

What is the point of a party unless you can have so much fun that you’ll be talking about it for years to come? This year, no matter what the occasion, why not plan a party photo shoot to make it even more fun remembering that special day? From birthdays, to graduations, weddings and even […] More

14 Of The Greatest Cotton Candy Treats

Toast the weekend with cotton candy! We all deserve something sweet for making it through another week. I’m planning to pull out one of our all time favorite treats to savor a few sweet moments this weekend. Topping our champagne glasses… filling the s’mores… really it is nearly magical to me. Cotton candy is basically unicorn […] More

DIY Candle Holders With Origami Stars

Wanting to make a gigantic impact on your next table setting. We crafted up a bunch of these DIY candle holders for a recent table display and they are honestly one of my favorite party element projects ever! They are simple to make – it is literally just folded paper and a few hardware supplies. […] More

The Easiest Unicorn Toast Recipe

Inside: The easiest unicorn toast recipe! Making food that is filled with revelry is my favorite kind of treat! It doesn’t have to be cake to be awesome! This unicorn toast takes the prize as the most magical, easy and fun way to gussy up an otherwise normal piece of bread. Whether I am are serving after-school snacks or […] More

Pretty printed ribbons, a tutorial

I designed a wedding inspiration earlier this month. I hate having to wait to share it with you! One of the projects from the shoot has become a tad of an addiction for me, so I thought I would give you a quick peek… Printing on ribbon! You can do it & it is super […] More

Gift Basket Ideas For Women

When you are trying to think of the perfect gift for a lady in your life whether it is your mom or a work colleague, a gift basket is a safe and thoughtful option to go with. Knowing what to include in a gift basket can be a challenge. We have a great list of […] More

ghosts and snails

Ghosts, crows, snails and balloons make up this festive Halloween bridal shoot. It was shot on location the same day I styled the kids ghost town Halloween, leaving us with one location and two very different looks:) Visiting a ghost town this time of year is the perfect excuse for a little real life spook. […] More

fabric transfer tablecloth

Something about the summer months makes me want to revamp everything in my house, making each piece lighter and more beautiful. Especially when I know there is a party coming up. Yet, in mid-July the back to school section is filling up, so the change must not be too permanent. To give my tables an air […] More

Make Your Bubble Birthday Pop with Fun Ideas!

Make your bubble birthday party a blast with fun ideas for food, drinks, games, outfits and recipes! Get creative and make it pop! More

How to Make a Sparkly Heart Emoji Costume

Inside: We are showing you how to make a heart emoji Halloween costume. Now that it officially fall! We are kicking off our Halloween fun this year with costumes, pumpkins and all the spooky, but most colorful, ways we love to celebrate this time of year. You can see all of our favorite costumes and […] More

Big Star Kids Birthday Hat

Treat your little birthday girl like the star she is with this simple and bright felt star party hat. We are continuing the creative party hat series today with a hat that includes pint size pom-poms and a big dose of whimsy! A hat that will definitely be the shinning top to any child’s birthday. To make […] More

felt hanging party banners

When decorating for the holidays I make an effort not to have too many knick knacks and little pieces around the house. I have found they add to the clutter, but don’t add to my joy. Instead, I decorate with fresh greens and a few big and festive eye catchers. These felt hanging banners completely […] More

Painted Bead & Brass Garland

Adding in vibrant elements of fun is a great way to gussy up a room and bring a little whimsy to the house. Although this can be as simple as blowing up a package of balloons, for something more lasting we created this painted bead & brass garland. Instead of hanging across the wall – […] More

splatter paint balloons

I’ve got one last splatter paint project to share. While creating our splatter paint tablecloth and napkins, I realized how pretty the paint would look on a set of white balloons. The result is a festive party look with minimal effort. I like to think of splatter paint as art for the more lazy inclined. […] More

a picnic in the sun

For Mother’s Day, the family planned the most adorable picnic outing for me with fancy cheeses, fresh squeezed lemonade, the whole works! It was sweet and made my heart just melt to pieces. We did however have a three year old issue in the middle of it all and had to cut the afternoon short. […] More

Fun and Fluffy Tulle Hats

Inside: Adorable tulle hats, tulle bows, and DIY tulle bow headbands Nothing says girlie party fun like large tulle bows, dotted with rhinestones. A birthday tulle hat that your best friend, mom, or daughter will not soon forget. Make them for guests of honor, or craft a couple to wear on those long summer days […] More

monster donuts

I sat in on the kindergarten class party planning committee this week. We planned out the kid’s Halloween party, which is going to be monster themed! This quickly led me to day dreaming of fun monster sweets – then the most amazing idea struck. Monster donuts!!! Of course!!! And I quickly became obsessed with these […] More

DIY Easter Hats with Plaster of Paris Flowers

Inside: DIY Easter hats with plaster of Paris flowers. Turning a party hat into something special can be done in so many different ways; tulle poof party hat, felt star kinds birthday hat, and disco ball headband are a few of my favorite options. Not much beats a huge flower though, and when placed on a hat […] More

DIY balloon costume for kids

This DIY balloon costume is the last in our series of festive party costumes and is a perfect option for that last minute throw together. I love how this DIY balloon costume takes only minutes to make and it guarantees your little one will be the brightest and most festive kid on the block. The […] More

Celebrating February Birthdays: Ideas, Gifts, and More!

Celebrate February birthdays in style with these creative february birthday ideas! Get party, food & drink, gift, and budgeting tips to make the day special. More

5 Tips for Staying Motivated: Crafters, Makers, & DIY’ers

Inside: Tips for Staying Motivated: Crafters, Makers, & DIY’ers Have you ever had that one project (or series of projects) that you just can’t seem to finish? Maybe, because of time, motivation, or lack of energy? I can’t even count the times that my DIY to-do list remains unfished because I cannot find the motivation […] More

egg stand DIY

Do you have all your Easter preparations finished? I needed last minute egg stands, so I grabbed my small collection of cheesy (fake) crystal candle holders and took a can of pink spray paint to them. They make me happy and look great against our Easter green linen. I placed a stamped egg inside each […] More

recreate | pixelated cupcake stand

Loving this handmade pixelated cupcake stand Kirsten created for her daughter’s birthday. It was made by coloring hundreds of tiny squares onto paper and then wrapping them around cardboard boxes. A fabulous project, perfect for little hands who want to help with the next party design. blessings. More

a merry hostess plans a camp party

string lights | rustic centerpiece | gingham napkins | star gazing | mountain tags | casual chic More

5 Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best at a NYE Party

When you have a social event like a New Year’s Eve Party coming up, we all want to look and feel our best. Whatever you have planned, you’ll likely see familiar faces and meet new people that you’ll want to impress. When you look at the part, you feel the part too. So, to create […] More

Our Home Tour

The most compelling feature about home design for me, is the interjection of my passions and personality into my space. I was honestly a bit nervous about sharing our home on Design Sponge yesterday. Your encouragement about it meant the world! Thx. I love celebrating everyday and desire our home to exemplify my passions and […] More

What Is Your Pot-of-Gold

Happy Friday & Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want in life these days and how it can be so different than what anyone else might want. My gold at the end of the rainbow looks suspiciously like a clean house, rested kids and good friends to toast with. […] More

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Fall is rushing quickly by here and that means my moments to stop and enjoy the simple things can be limited. There’s nothing I love more than a sweet treat, a tasty coffee and 5 minutes to just sit still to really perk up a busy morning. This cereal candy bark and a tasty caramel latte […] More

materially crafted – the book!

While driving through our neighborhood last week I saw something very cool on the side of the road. While I was busy ohhing and ahhing, my son spoke up and said, “Mom, let’s look in one of the craft books to see how to make that.” Without thinking I quickly blurted out… “Hey buddy, your mamma […] More

My favorite party hats

I’ve always been big fans of party hats. For grown-ups they can be a chance to remember the joys of playing dress-up. And for the kids… well, you don’t need much more than a cake filled with sprinkles and a collection of fabulous hats to turn any garden into a party. I love the idea […] More

Free Valentine Day Printable Gigantic Download

Inside: A fun gigantic download for printable colored cut out letters and a huge act of love! Valentine’s Day is coming quick and if I’m going to say I love you with wall letters. Why not do it in a gigantic party style?!? When it comes to hearts at the house I think either dimensional […] More

typography stiffened ribbons

Last month the twins turned 5! We had a massive snow storm the morning of their party, but thankfully everyone still made it safely. Matt turned my studio into a huge balloon fort for the kids and we served popcorn in these typography paper bags. To top the cakes, I stiffened ribbons into talking letters […] More

Chinese yoyo

Chinese yoyos are a really fun idea for parties and weddings. They are basically a very long piece of paper attached to a stick, when you shake them out they make a beautiful display. Confetti minus the mess! I designed a version using receipt paper and a printer that allows for custom designs. They’re a great solution […] More

fresh herb mini quiches

Fresh Herb Mini Quiches are the quintessential appetizer. Bite-sized and packed with flavor. Serve them at a party with roasted tomatoes when it’s chilly outside, or with a refreshing drink at a garden-themed get together. They’re great for either season and the flavor combinations are limitless. Try rosemary and thyme, or go with a meatier […] More

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Adults – A Guide

Saint Patrick is Ireland’s patron saint, having brought Christianity to the people of Ireland in the 5th century. His memory is celebrated on March 17th, the date of his death. Saint Patrick’s day is a church holiday. Its celebrations are far more religious in character in Ireland than in the States.  The holiday became more […] More

Fried Cheesecake Birthday Bites

Don’t these cheesecake bites look amazing? They are such an easy and fun stand in for a birthday cake. A plate filled with candle topped ones makes a gorgeous display. And you can eat them without forks and plates (Hello end of summer picnic party!). To make the cheesecake bites you will need cheesecake (store-bought […] More

Moss Heart Garland

This time of year is so weird for decorating. Thanksgiving is a feast to be celebrated, but then again, do I really want to decorate just to take it all down for evergreen wreaths and Christmas lights in a couple weeks? My solution – DIY moss heart garland! Their natural beauty will make a great backdrop […] More

The Cutest Heart Garland DIY for Valentines!

Inside: We have created the cutest heart valentines day garland diy!  The only thing better than bright confetti garland is a garland with an added dimension to it. Don’t you agree? With its simple heart shapes and pretty colors, this heart valentines day garland diy has it all. An easy project to bring a detail of […] More

Confetti popper valentines

Although paper Valentine’s are nice, especially when written with just the right romantic font. I tend to prefer ones of the more 3D nature (see love shower pináta valentine and you’re taa-riffic). I’m always smitten by something with a bit of extra substance and flair. These push poppers filled with confetti, treats and wishes of love will […] More

Candy Filled Balloons Pumpkin Patch

It’s about that time of year when we start dreaming of all the fun Halloween parties to be had. From classrooms to our kitchen table, Halloween is a celebration we get behind to enjoy any way possible. Although we’ve made fun jack-o’-lantern balloons before, this year we decided to give our balloons a little extra purpose and fill them with candy!

A candy-filled balloon pumpkin patch! More

25 FREE tattoo fonts for your next ink session

Inside: 25 tattoo fonts that are perfect for your next ink session Want to get some cute new ink but don’t know where to start? I found 25 fonts that are perfect for that next tattoo. If you want more fonts than the ones below, we recommend The Super Gorgeous Fonts Bundle. or sign up […] More

Boozy Freezer Pops

When we first heard about the option to make our own popsicles at home using zipzicles I was thrilled about creating treats for the kids during the hot summer months. I quickly learned that these handy little freezer pop holders weren’t only for kids and we started whipping up boozy adult versions to enjoy. A piece of […] More

43 of the Best DIY for Teens

Inside: DIY Projects for Teens. We have come up with 43 of the best DIY projects for teens. From fashion, style, decor and everything in between, this list is our top picks for all things creative for your unique teen! I love seeing my kids express themselves through creativity, but sometimes they need a little […] More

reason to celebrate | musee des possibles

One of the most cheerful projects a city could produce, in Montreal’s Quartier de spectacles the people awoke to 500 bright and floating balloons! A project by the Musee de possibles to encourage support and involvement in what the space will become. What a beautiful site to happen upon as you travel into work and […] More

Confetti Bombs

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! My kids are home today on holiday, not that it’s much different than the last 4 weeks. With Christmas breaks and crazy west coast storms we have yet to have a full day back at school. It feels like we are starting the new year at a lingering pace… which has […] More

100+ Know Your Worth Quotes to Remind You Of What You Deserve

Your life is something a massive gift that you’re extremely lucky to have, but how much is it worth? A lot by default, as human life is invaluable, but it scales all the way up to what you make of it. This post will give you over a hundred quotes that will remind you to […] More

Say Thanks

November is a great time of year to stop and say thanks. In the past I’ve dropped off flowers or soup to say a sweet thank you to important people in my life. This year I am going to use pumpkins! We have a pretty large collection of pumpkins left over from Halloween that need […] More

13 Balloon Decoration Ideas for Christmas

There are so many ways to decorate for Christmas, but I have to say, my all-time favorite is with balloon decoration ideas for Christmas! Balloons are happy, bring a special feel to any holiday and can be put up super last minute. I see you last minute decorators out there. ;) Just because balloons aren’t […] More

Cupcake Flower Bouquet – Using Russian Piping Tips

It’s the time of year where we give flowers to everyone. But why give flowers you can’t eat, when you can make this pretty cupcake flower bouquet instead!? They are sweet to look at and even better to taste! Even though the cupcakes look complicated to design, they are really simple with the right piping tips. Follow our easy cupcake bouquet recipe to make a batch any Valentine will love this year. More

25 Coloring Book Fonts

We’re all about adding color to the everyday around here and I certainly don’t believe that coloring is just for kids. As much as we love to color and bring life to our printed letters, invites and thank you notes – these 25 coloring book fonts do too! We found so many great fonts that […] More

cotton candy s’mores

This summer treat was brought to life at an afternoon glitter party. I hoped for a dessert reminiscent of summertime camping trips, but without the danger of fire near the girls for our play date. In the place of roasted marshmallows we stuck bright pink cotton candy with a dash of baking glitter. And can I say, they are […] More

Best Vacuum Sealers of 2024: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

This guide has been created to help you determine the best vacuum sealer for your food preservation needs. Read on to learn more. More

How Long Can Vacuum Sealed Meat Last in the Refrigerator?

So you have a vacuum sealer but have no idea how long can vacuum sealed meat last in the refrigerator? Here is a guide for you! More

31 reasons to celebrate

I am excited about participating in the 31 days of event this fall. I will be sharing from our reasons to celebrate series every single morning during the month of October (which starts tomorrow!). There are so many amazing ideas and such wonderful inspiration for celebrating everyday that I have found to share with you. […] More

Easy Spring Decor Ideas For Sprucing Up Home

With spring in full force around here and our major renovations now done for the season (whoohoo!) we are working on the details and the fun spring decor ideas this month. Sprucing up the house for spring is something that will make every room feel fresh and a bit new to you. More

antler flower display

Carry on the ever popular antler theme into a new season of spring with this easy to make antler flower display. It will brighten up a long table table in a nice bold way. To make the floral antler decoration first paint your antler white and then dip the tips into bright gold paint. Find […] More

Candy Arrows

Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a couple weeks. Are you ready? Since we are moving the weekend of Valentine’s Day I’ve have already started getting everything prepared so it won’t be quite as crazy the week of – especially for the kid’s parties. There is something amazingly fun about being a kid and […] More

DIY Concrete Countertops

One of my FAVORITE things in the kitchen are our new concrete countertops! When I was planning the kitchen I wanted a countertop that was substantial – we priced out a few options and I quickly realized how far thick granite (or thick anything!) was from the budget. After looking for other options, I was […] More

20 Girls Night Out Ideas That Are Better Than Your Local Bar

Girls Night Out might just be my favorite set of “three special words.” There’s nothing quite like a night out with my best girls, and I know you hard-working ladies feel the same way! Whether you’re a full-time mom, put in 40+ hours/week at work, or hustle 24/7 at home, we all could use a […] More

creative washi tape projects

I think Washi tape is one of the best crafting inventions yet. With such a small investment you can completely transform the look of just about anything. We are even trying it on a ceiling fan this week! Add the genius tape to a small length of wire to make super easy favor ties. I […] More

Make Your Own Ginger Beer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Make your own ginger beer with this easy step-by-step guide! Learn the ingredients, preparation, fermentation process, flavoring and bottling tips to create a delicious homemade ginger beer. More

Our Basement Bathroom Renovation With Before & After Photos

Our downstairs bathroom is done just in time for all our holiday guests. Whoohoo! This bathroom was supposed to be our “easy” fall project before jumping into the master suite, but 3 months later and I have to say it was one of the most challenging rooms to date. From a custom built shower pan […] More

paper tissue wreaths

I’ve been on a wreath kick this spring. Something about the warm sun has inspired me to get bright colors up on my doors and windows (and has slightly encouraged their washing as well). These ones are made with wrapping tissue and look just as fun on presents as they do on doors. See the […] More

8 holiday office party hacks

Tis the season for holiday parties of all kinds. But if we’re being honest, our office party can sometimes be the most awkward party of the year. Well, I made it my mission recently to think of the best ways to change office parties from the most awkward, to the most fun. Here are 8 […] More

rubber banded flowers

Tuesday has become our dedicated DIY project day around here. Every week this day will be filled with projects, crafts and pretty things to make for celebrations. Today, I am excited to share this easy project to make a store bought bouquet look put together using a simple purchase of rubber bands. To make this […] More

Paper umbrella drink stirs

It was cold and stormy all weekend, how fitting that tomorrow February 10th is Umbrella Day. In the spirit of celebrating through the storms, and to give us all a bright glimpse of the spring that is… eventually coming, these colorful umbrella drink stirs are great! They will instantly brighten up any drink with an […] More

Tips for Hosting a Wine Night

Did you stay up late and watch the results stream in last night? We enjoyed a lively debate with friends and a great bottle of wine. Having friends over for drinks, after the kids go down, is an easy way to connect whether its election night, a holiday night, book club night, or any night. […] More

Christmas Salsa Wreaths

One of the joys of the holiday season is gathering with our friends and family. It also means that I am often looking for something quick to bring over, or to put out, while we wait for the feasting to begin. In the summer, my favorite appetizer to bring and enjoy is a wonderful homemade […] More

Seven years ago today…

I held these flowers… Stood in this church… Sat on this couch laughing with friends… Danced this waltz, choreographed by my husband… Took over this store and treated our guests to our favorite drinks in lieu of a cocktail hour… … and married this Mr. Right! A 7 year lapse may be the cause of […] More

Fireball Jello Shots

A cherry Fireball jello shot is an alcoholic drink made with cherry jello and Fireball whiskey. Fireball Jello Shots Recipe (Step-by-Step) Here’s how to make Fireball jello shots. You’ll need: 1 box of cherry gelatin ½ cup of cold water 1 cup of boiling water ½ cup of Fireball whiskey Mix hot water and cherry […] More

Pinwheels & pearls design (part 2 of 3)

Our pinwheel party was a hit! It was a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day while incorporating some springtime fun. I always love to see contrast in design, I am drawn to it. From initial concept I knew this party would need to be held outdoors. I love the varied composition of a gated pinwheel […] More

Creepy Candy Spiders

Inside: The cutest, creepiest candy spiders. Things are getting creepy around here with these wildly cute and a little creepy candy spiders. These spiders are so fun to make for lunchbox treats, classroom parties, or just a little spooky surprise for your little one. These crazy little candy spiders were so fun to make and […] More

Make Your Stitch Birthday Unforgettable!

Celebrate your special day with a stitch birthday party! From cakes to outfits, gifts to recipes, we have everything you need to make it unforgettable. More

Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer Review

We’ve reviewed the Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer to give you an idea how it works and provide the information you need to make a solid purchasing decision. More

gold bling cake toppers

These gold heart cake toppers pack a punch of bling in for very small investment. They are easy to whip up with only a spool of ribbon and one other material. See the full tutorial at Project Wedding. More

this is how I feel today

This is how I feel today… Seriously. Like I want to wear yellow eyeliner and just start dancing. Thank you for receiving the newest issue of Styled. magazine so incredibly well. I have been super encouraged with all the emails, tweets and postings that you have sent. The Internet is the best because it allows […] More

Flair Pin Pies

There’s nothing I love more than a good tasting pie that speaks to me! It’s been a long standing tradition to create pies with words every November (see typography pie, stamped pie crust, and 4 Thanksgiving party tips) and this year is no different. Taking inspiration from our favorite flair pins these pie pins have an […] More

The Ultimate Guide to Baking Birthday Cakes!

I am so excited to share this Ultimate Guide to Baking Birthday Cakes! Over the last 7 years of blogging we have shared so many different ideas, tips and tricks for baking birthday cakes. I’ve learned a ton along the way and one of the things I’m excited about incorporating this year on the blog […] More

Triplet Honeycomb Halloween Costume

There’s nothing like Halloween to encourage dressing up! Like most kids, these girlfriends love to dress up and match! Making this triplet honeycomb Halloween costume is a fun way to create a look that is as adorable for all. The honeycomb is quickly becoming the iconic mark of modern birthday parties and these life-size ones […] More

how to make balloon animals

I’ve been meaning to post about making balloon animals for some time. Originally I thought I would have a balloon artist over to share how to make them (but quickly realized the difficulty in finding a balloon artist in my area who looked safe – eek!). Thankfully Tenney, one of our craft assistants, was willing […] More

Picnic utensil bags

Tomorrow I am FINALLY going to be sharing the Sherbert & Spice party with you & announcing the winner of our circle guessing contest. If you haven’t given your guess yet- you still have time, here. A hint, someone is really close:) For today, the perfect picnic printable – a sweet little utensil pouch. A […] More

Miniature paper ball ornaments

The trees are up… all 6 of them! Yes, between the family tree, the kid’s trees, the table top tree, the 2 real trees we planted in the front yard we have 6 Christmas trees this year. Which means we’ve been on ornament crafting overload. These miniature paper balls are great for the mini-trees. They […] More

applewood cake stands

Handcrafted applewood cake plates are the perfect addition for wintry desserts. They easy to make and use only three supplies: applewood, a pretty thrifted plate, and Gorilla glue. The wooden stands will look as if they are an effortless extension of the greenery. Perfectly fit for this time of year! Start with a piece of […] More

courted by Ralph

A few months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with a few of my favorite local vendors to produce wedding inspiration based on the fashion icon Ralph Lauren, for Nonpareil mag. We took cues from his classic line and used traditional pieces in a fun and unexpected way. Setting up the design court-side […] More

9 Delicious Strawberry Desserts

Strawberries may not yet be in season, but that does not mean that you can’t start planning all the delicious meals you can make with them. Most people are content with just having them on their own or including them in salads. But you know where else they shine? Why in desserts of course! Related […] More

6 Wellness Tips for Handling Stress During the Fall

According to a 2017 study by Gallup, 8 in 10 Americans feel stressed sometimes or frequently during their day. Most commonly, stressful emotions are caused by work or children, but lack of time and financial troubles also play a big part. During the fall, most families have to adjust their schedules for the school year. […] More

Paint the Cutest Terra Cotta Pots

Inside: How to paint terra cotta pots and what kind of paint to use on terra cotta pots Whether you’re celebrating earth week, Mother’s day, or planning out thank you gifts for the end of the year… painting terracotta pots are a great way to craft a gift that will be treasured. Planted with a […] More

Light bulb terrariums- a tutorial

I saw these amazing light bulb terrarium favors in Crystal and Troy’s wedding featured on Ruffled. Their whole wedding was filled to the brim with DIY goodness! These place cards/favors jumped out at me a perfect way to thank guests at any fall celebration. Crystal, the lovely new bride and is here today sharing with […] More

Pom Pom Rainbow Wall Hanger + Printable Art Print

Inside: Pom Pom Rainbow Wall Hanger + Printable Art Print March is here and we are ready for sunshine, rainbows, and all things colorful! I feel like when March is here that is a sign of warmer days and sunnier skies. This rainbow wall hanger is full of fun colors and adds the perfect sprinkle […] More

Graphic painted party balloons

I am so excited to share these fun balloons. Do you know you can make any average party balloon spectacular with just paint!?! A couple of years ago, I created a fun these fun two-tone balloons. They were a favorite of mine, but I’ve always wanted to add a bit more of a graphic punch to them. […] More

folded felt wreath

A felt circle is one of my favorite craft pieces to work with. I cut up yards and yards of it for the princess in pink party last year and knew it would come around again. Threaded together in wreath form, the folded felt takes on a very pretty and grown up vibe. In pink and shaped […] More

Article Outdoor Furniture – Making A Patio Ready For Summer Fun

Our backyard is easily one of my favorite living spaces in our home. Even though it’s outside we like to make it cozy and fun for entertaining all summer long. We’ve shared before about how we’ve designed it for brunch and easy party tips for entertaining outdoors in fall, but this year I’m focused on […] More

Pretty still life photography in 8 tips

Running a blog with unique photos popping up every day (for 6 years!!!) has required me to shoot, style, and direct about 187 photo sessions. Yes, I’ve counted. Over this time, I’ve taught myself – with the help of some very talented friends – how to take great still shot photos of anything from pretty […] More

Green Leprechaun Lemonade Drink

Inside: A festive green lemonade we like to call The Green Leprechaun! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in just a week. Even with our crazy exciting launching of Materially Crafted, the holiday has not been forgotten. With small kids in tow, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is definitely turning normal everyday items green. […] More

5 Tips For Navigating Holiday Parties While Sick

A sparkly hat, tinsel shawl and sparkle clad glasses will make of us feel festive no matter what they are fighting!

What are things you do to enjoy the holidays no matter what? It’s about time to start the parties so let’s cheers to good health and lots of sparkle this season. More

painted and glittered tapers

For an easy and pretty holiday centerpiece you only need to grab a pack of taper candles, a couple jars of acrylic paint and some rubbing alcohol. I shared this quick tutorial last week on Project Wedding to make your own painted and glittered candles. The tapers would fit in perfectly at any celebration table […] More

reason to celebrate | candle forks

A little something festive for your Friday afternoon. These candle forks look like so much fun for a birthday + they are on sale! PS. We are finally moving into our new place this weekend (SMILES), I am very much looking forward to getting settled. Have a happy weekend and I hope to see you […] More

The History and Significance of Sweet 16 Songs

A sweet 16 is a coming-of-age party to celebrate a girl’s transition from childhood to womanhood. It is customary for friends and family members to give the birthday girl a gift, and one of the most popular gifts is music. A song can encapsulate all that this momentous occasion means – it can be sentimental, […] More

Birthday cake pumpkins

We’ve baked cakes in pumpkins before, but today we are making a birthday cake out of pumpkins. I’m obsessed with this idea! It is such a bright way to decorate the table or front porch for a more fun than spooky display. Stacked with sprinkles or layered with crepe paper, these fun pumpkins will give […] More

Circus Costumes Ideas for Your Twins

We did a styled photo session with the kids earlier this year that was set up like a circus party! It was so fun and in a lot of ways describes life these days. It’s been a crazy season around here. Like a circus. Ha! Most days I function more like ringmaster making sure all […] More

Beef Jerky Bouquet DIY & Donut Bouquet Edible Valentine For Guys

When it comes Valentines and gifts for him life can get a little tricky. I feel like all the men out there get off a little easy with their diamonds, teddy bears, roses, and chocolate. Am I right? I mean I don’t know about you, but I don’t think my husband would be super thrilled with a fluffy teddy bear and a dozen roses. Ha. More

Celebrate Being 16 With These Songs!

Celebrate turning 16 with these fun and upbeat songs about being 16! From pop to rap, find the perfect song for your special day. More

Creating Unique Halloween Tags for Your Party

Make your Halloween party stand out with these creative and unique DIY Halloween tags. Get tips on crafting, recipes, and safety for trick-or-treating! More

Handling Back-to-School: 7 Tips for Busy Parents

Back to school is a time that evokes feelings of great excitement as well as trepidation for many parents and children alike. There are numerous ways to ensure that the whole family is prepared for all eventualities that the new semester may hold. Be Prepared Having a calendar in the child’s room or family living […] More

A perfect pair- coffee & tea tasting bar…

A perfect pair plum & gray. A perfect pair coffee & cream. A perfect pair tea & sugar. A perfect pair her & him. It was a blessed afternoon that I was honored to share with a new group of friends. We celebrated love, gave marriage advice and filled our stomachs with coffee & tea. […] More

turkey tinfoil and lightened-up pumpkin pie

Looking for a quick way to make your guests smile this Thanksgiving? Turkey tinfoil to-go bags will do the trick! They are really easy to make and will turn leftovers into a fun present to take home. Here’s how to make the turkey tinfoil to-go bags: Place your leftovers in the middle of a piece […] More

plastic animal stir sticks

Cups filled with ice and yummy drinks are a staple this time of year. To gussy ours up, I added swizzle sticks and ponies! The playful summer combo is quite refreshing. The animal stir sticks are great for parties; a cowboy cookout, a western bonfire, or an afternoon princess party. The pony sticks adapt easy […] More

Sand art party cake

Have you jumped into the latest sand art party craze yet? I’ve really enjoyed seeing fun projects like manicures and chairs pop up online. For one of my favorite sand art party styles we turned a gorgeous set of locks into pastel sand art last week. A couple years ago after coloring our own sand I decided it […] More

How to Play 21 Questions: Tips for a Successful Game

Learn how to play 21 questions and make your game night a success! Get tips on how to ask the right questions and maximize the fun. More

a smooch bouquet

“Smooches for sale” reads the tag on these fun + festive lips. To celebrate upcoming Valentine’s Day, and our general love of love – we crafted up a stash of very large smooches and put them on sticks. They are a bouquet I know my guy would love to receive in the office (perhaps with […] More

The Cutest Printable Animal Masks for Kids

Inside: The cutest printable animal masks for kids. It’s officially October and you know what that means, it’s time to start planning costumes! These cute printable animal masks are the perfect Halloween DIY. This fall DIY is such an easy and GREAT for the kids to help you make. Now let get to trick-or-treating, check […] More

homemade zip ties

Today I am sharing this tutorial for homemade zip ties over at Project Wedding. They are an easy solution for making bagged favors more beautiful and could be a very simple way to inject style into your turkey dinner doggie bags later this week. blessings. More

wrap it up | with coffee

Couldn’t let the week go by without sharing this simple wrapping idea that Leslie designed for her Color Me Pretty series. Isn’t it perfect!?! Coffee filters make really great wrapping for small special gifts. My wrapping projects will start back up next week as we gear up for the holidays, my favorite time of year! […] More

animal yogurt popsicles

Last summer I was taught the benefit of freezing yogurt for the kids. In small dots it is easy, healthy, and became an instant favorite in our home. This summer the frozen yogurt dots get a fun dose of style – in the shapes of our favorite animals! It has made our afternoon summer snack times all the more […] More

Easy Doodle Art – Fill Your Journal with Eye Candy 2022

Doodling is a fun thing to do, and it doesn’t matter what age you are, we bet you have done it at some time in your life. Have you ever found yourself filling in your notebook or even school textbook with drawings and small artwork that seem to have manifested out of nowhere? You didn’t […] More

13 Crazy Colorful DIY Mexican Party Decorations

Inside: 13 crazy colorful DIY Mexican party decorations I. Love. Parties! And themed parties are even better. Mexican parties, aka fiestas, are some of my favorite kinds…want to know why? Tacos, margaritas, piñatas, and all the colorful decor! Need I say more? Now that we have put away easter, Cinco de Mayo is upon us […] More

watercolor bows

Watercolor bows are the perfect addition for spring time gifts. I had fun creating these pretty paper ones, along with a bit of watercolor string to top presents for a few upcoming parties. I shared the tutorial yesterday on bloesem blog. The bows are super easy to make, and you are sure to love the […] More

wrap it up | for advent

This weekend marks not only the wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving, but also the start of the Advent season. I love a simple Advent calendar design during this very busy time of year, we used balloons! To make the countdown, I quickly blew up balloons and stuck sweet little notes of love and messages for festive […] More

Turkey Rosettes

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Matt is the chef in our family so I end up with a bit of extra time on my hands to drink wine, I mean…. set the table. ;) These little turkey rosettes are a fun way to mark places and decorate the dinning room. The crafting steps are easy enough […] More

Easy Christmas Cheesecake From A Box

We are big fans of The Cheesecake Factory around here, so when I heard there was a mix for making that favorite goodness at home, I couldn’t grab it fast enough. Here’s our traditional Christmas Cheesecake recipe from a box in 2 easy holiday variations. More

5 Self-Care Resolutions to Help You Enjoy Yourself More

The start of a new year is often a time when we choose to make grand resolutions, which we somehow or other seem to abandon come February. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we make them too unattainable or that we set too many of them. With this kind of approach, […] More

Abstract painted pumpkins

Colorful pumpkins > than orange ones An equation that is just a fact of life. These abstract painted pumpkins make me so happy! They are bold, beautiful and a great way to make this Halloween the brightest one yet. Whether pumpkins are stacked on the porch, set as an arrangement on the table, or given out as […] More

Throw a Star-Studded Hollywood Theme Birthday Party!

Throw a star-studded Hollywood theme birthday party with these tips on food, drinks, entertainment, outfits, and favors! Make your celebration unforgettable! More

Sugar, Spice and the Best Powerpuff Girls Party

Inside: A power packed post full of the best Powerpuff girls birthday party ideas and supplies! When it comes to planning a birthday party we get very excited over here! Especially when we can celebrate sugar-coated superheroes like Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! I mean what better birthday party theme than some rough and tough super girls! Check […] More

baby shower firsts

A sweet idea to start your week (happy Monday!). This baby shower print is a collection of each guest’s hopes of firsts for the baby boy. Everyone was asked to jot down what they were most excited for baby to experience in this life- a first baseball game, a McDonald’s french fry, a ride on […] More

marbled paper garland

Everywhere I look I see marbling! Countertops, prints, scarves, leather pouches, bags, and pillowcases have all joined the trend. If I could marble my entire house from floor to ceiling, I might just do it! However, I don’t have the budget (or a willing husband) that would allow those changes. So, a pretty garland will […] More

Recreate project, stitched hearts

I have a two more projects from our harvest pumpkin brunch to share with you this week. The first, a hand stitched crocheted heart runner, topped off our breakfast table and lent a bit of needed warmth to the bunch design. Stitched heart runner To recreate: Find crocheted dollies at your local craft store. Fold […] More

paint dyed streamers

Streamers are a lovely way to bring an event from everyday to celebratory. They are the standard expected at birthdays, sort of an international sign to party! They have even recently made themselves up for a few gorgeous showings at weddings (see here and here). I am loving the new trend of using streamers for […] More

outdoor balloon stakes

There’s not much that beats a bunch of balloons on a stick (except maybe ice cream on a stick!) These balloon stakes are so much fun and a perfect introduction to any party this summer. They stick right into the ground, so showing guests the way up to your door is a cinch. I placed […] More

Hand-crafted parties, a little squirt

This post goes out in honor of a dear friend who is going to have a baby very soon in a foreign land. Love you Ashley and I wish we could throw you a rocking shower for baby #3. A summer baby shower laden with homespun details from Eden Photography for a personal friend home […] More

bright fabric ball wreath

Changing out the wreath is a yearly fall tradition. This year in keeping with my bright and festive theme for fall I decided on a more colorful display than usual. Since our front door is dark, the bright balls of fabric work well to lighten the entrance and the wreath is colorful enough to hang […] More

large print photo wrapping paper

Father’s Day is coming up soon, wedding season is upon us, and graduations are in full swing. Here is a simple idea to make your gifts special this season- wrap them in oversized printed photos. Use sweet photos of the kids for dad, embarrassing pictures from your favorite grad’s youth, or early dating photos for the newlyweds […] More

Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Home Use in 2024

Vacuum sealing machines are becoming increasingly popular as the months roll by. This is because of the many benefits they bring to the kitchen. With vacuum sealers, it has become very easy to keep food safe for up to five times longer. With traditional storage techniques using plastics and freezers, stored food gets exposed to air and moisture, along with airborne microorganisms which cause food to deteriorate over a short time. Other disappointing aspects of using traditional methods are freezer burn and dehydration of food items. Vacuum sealing items ensure that they remain at top quality for a lot longer. More

Throw the Perfect Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Throw the perfect Mickey Mouse birthday party with decorations, food and drinks, activities, invitations and thank you notes. Get all the tips you need to make it a magical day! More

Happy New Year – Hello 2024

Happy New Year Friends! We made it! 2020 has been one heck of a year, filled with lots of chaos but also moments of joy. This year we learned tons of things, like how to make bread and mastering the art of working from home. We built forts, binged shows, and rallied for rights for […] More

Romantic DIY Gift Boxes

Inside: A DIY gift box Simple favor boxes, a sweet note of love and a sharpie are all you need to make these simple romantic DIY gift boxes. They are a miniature rendition of the hand font wrapping and a perfect project to leave a sweet love note for your guests.  How to make this DIY gift box […] More

Pirate Party Games for Pirates Big and Small

So you’ve decided upon a Pirate-themed birthday party for your child. You’ve bought food, drinks, and party favors. You’ve chosen the pirate costumes and selected the party music. But what are you going to do for entertainment, matey? If you don’t entertain them, your pirates are going to get rowdy. Fortunately, there are many fun […] More

44 Free Monogram Fonts To Sew Today

Inside: 44 Free Monogram Fonts Monograms are so much fun to show-off initials, display decorative style, and add a personal touch to anything. There are so many different ways to feature a monogram and a variety of types! I’ve compiled a list of some of the best monogram fonts to use for Silhouette, SVG, and […] More

10 creative christmas cards

Are you the type who’s done with your Christmas cards… signed, stamped, and mailed before Thanksgiving? Some years I am, but some years I get stuck on the idea – cute, without the cheese, fun but not dorky, making sure everyone looks somewhat sane. Not always an easy task with kids, dogs, and a family […] More

onesie painting station

One of the questions I get asked most often via email is, “what are some ideas for great shower games.” It seems that whether throwing baby or bridal showers, coming up with activities that are not annoying – and still give the air of festiveness to the day – are hard to come by. Here […] More

a French wedding

The feelings of warmth and togetherness permeate right off the photos from this small French wedding. I wanted to share a couple photos with you as they evoke much excitement for the coming holiday festivities this week. Photos by Les Zigouis blessings. More

The Crafter Gift Guide 2024 – 10 Fun Creative Ideas

Inside: The Crafter Gift Guide 2020 – 10 Fun Creative Ideas Chances are you or someone you know is pretty crafty, maybe even a creative genius? We love that for you! Finding the perfect gift for the craft lover in your life can sometimes be difficult. Usually, creative people can make anything they put their […] More

raw fruit layer cake

Tis’ the season for pies, cakes and sweets! Sometimes the insanity of all the goodies we eat over the next 6 weeks starts to add up. So why not serve up something healthy for a change!?! This fruit cake looks amazing and is an awesome option for a more healthy dessert. This vegan, raw, gluten […] More

What’s in Your Purse Game – Guaranteeing Lots of Smiles in 2022

A bridal shower rarely sees dry eyes, but it can also be a reminder for those still single that they haven’t yet gotten the ring. It’s okay, you can lift everyone’s spirits with a quick What’s in Your Purse game that’s fun, guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere, and even offer prizes for the winners […] More

homemade picnic basket

The last project I am sharing from our late summer picnic in the park is perhaps one of my favorites. I had a pretty scarf in my closet that was a bit rejected and unused, so I decided to turn it into a picnic basket! It lent the perfect touch of handcrafted style to our […] More

Three creative wrapping tips

One of our favorite things about giving gifts is wrapping them. I normally find a color scheme to work with and add lots of simple details. Here are three favorite wrapping tips to take ordinary wrapped presents and make them truly special. Read: That’s A Wrap And the best thing is, none of these ideas take […] More

and the winner is…

I am so pleased to announce the winner of our winter celebration challenge is Jen, who designed the amazing cakes and cute shoes party! A fabulous party theme that will be perfect to use this spring for showers, birthdays and bachelorette parties. Her design was both handcrafted and very well styled. Congratulations!!! I am super […] More

fancy turkey stir sticks

I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional Thanksgiving decor. Too much brown and not enough flair for my taste. Then I got to thinking – why do we always feel stuck with the same old ideas? We seem to reinterpret everything else these days, why not make turkey feathers pink, and fluffy, and […] More

12 Best Places to Have a Baby Shower

The most common event space to host a baby shower is in someone’s home. A friend or family member’s home gives events a personal feel, plus, the location is free. Another popular event space for family-friendly baby showers is a local park. Picnic shelters can be rented online in most communities. Things to consider when […] More

50 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Try in 2021

Christmas holidays are an incredible opportunity for you to reconnect with your kids. One of the best ways to do that is through activities like crafting. With some cute and simple DIY crafts, you and your kids can create some much-needed magic this Christmas. From decking the Christmas tree with ornaments to sending out thoughtful […] More

No sew fabric flowers

This is the week that flowers start their season, from red roses for Valentines – through peonies in May. It is the time of year when everything floral feels fresh and pretty. Make a bouquet that will last the whole season long with coordinating shades of your favorite fabric. Use the flowers lined on a string […] More

Galaxy Inspired Chocolate Waffle Cones

With nights getting warmer, ice cream and stars are obviously on my mind and what better way to combine that love than with galaxy inspired chocolate waffle cones! Galaxy inspired chocolate waffle cones are easily one of my favorite sweet treats, both the chocolate flavor and the waffle texture combine for a treat that is […] More

rotten brownie eggs

Nothing gives off the spooky chills of the season quite like a rotten egg. Make this whimsical version with food dye and fill it with a brownie for a special Halloween sweet. Perfect for October gatherings or to bring for school treats. To make the rotten brownie eggs begin by piercing a hole in each […] More

Passionate crafting with the kids

This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms.  We all have certain images of motherhood before it happens. Although your dreams may have been different then mine, I know they existed (don’t lie). Before the twins were born, I often daydreamed of us happily crafting together with their friends on play dates. The sun […] More

Oreo mousse cups

While we generally like to do things from scratch, let’s face it: sometimes you just don’t have the time before your guests arrive.  We “cheat” on these Oreo mousse cups by using a packaged mousse mix…but we’ve never had any complaints. In fact, they’re often the first thing to disappear! To make your own “cheater” […] More

chicken wire pendants

In my recent obsession with chicken wire I have fallen in love with these simple pendants for side lighting. They are pretty and have the perfect dose of whimsy that I love seeing around my home. I made a couple in different colors and used them to to back a party cake this weekend. To […] More

How to make a pom pom bunny!

Inside: How to make a yarn pom pom bunny. Easter is this weekend and it seems to have come so quickly this year! Make a stash of these pom pom bunnies to adorn baskets and mantels for adorable last minute Easter decor. After Easter – the colorful bunnies are a great finishing touch to the kid’s rooms, […] More

Birthday Party Planning Guide PDF

A birthday party planning guide PDF that will walk you through every step of the process. This printable PDF is a six week course in planning the perfect celebration. How to get all the details done ahead of time so you can sit back and enjoy the party planning! the PDF includes tips and tricks […] More

Layered Crepe Paper Instillation

I’ve found the easiest way to make a beautiful centerpiece or back drop for a party – layer crepe paper streamers! They are affordable, plus a huge installment can be put together no matter your crafting skill level, in about 20 minutes. To make the layered streamer centerpiece, start with a piece of wood and […] More

13 summer party hacks

Tis’ the season for BBQ’s and outdoor summer fun. We often have friends over last minute in the summer time and I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way. I am excited to share these 13 really simple party hacks that will keep your 4th of July, or any other summer party, going off […] More

Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Some kitchen vacuum sealers are a bit flimsy, quickly overheating and not designed for sustained use. For people who often use a vacuum sealer, whether it’s to preserve fresh fish and game, enjoy sous-vide cooking, or meal prep for a family, a commercial vacuum sealer may be a better choice. These machines are larger, more durable, […] More

Disco Ball DIY New Years Wreath For Under $5

DIY Disco Ball New Years Wreath. This year I’m incorporating disco balls into my Christmas decor, because they head seamlessly right into New Years! To make a wreath this late in the season you midaswell make it snazzy. What I love most about this wreath, besides that it’s GORG, is that it looks expensive. But […] More

What to Wear to a 1920s Party: Hair, Makeup, Music & More!

Discover the perfect look for your 1920s party! Learn what to wear, plus tips on hair, makeup, music, food & drinks, decorations & props. More

Star studded balloons and sangria floats

The Oscars are coming up this weekend. Do you watch? I find it’s always more fun to watch with friends. Pulling together a last minute viewing party can be easy with a couple simple details – an easy party appetizer (like soft pretzels) to nervously eat while awaiting the envelopes, sticker star balloons to liven […] More

Animal Cracker Ice Cream

Since we all loved the animal cracker milkshakes I featured earlier this year, I’ve asked Andrea to pop in and teach us how to make an ice cream version of the yumminess. Animal cracker ice cream! This recipe is made with the cookies mixed inside for a super tasty treat. I can imagine it going over wildly well […] More

a moving party

The day we loaded our moving truck in San Diego we held a little last minute party. A play date for the kids with cardboard boxes, duct tape and a 26 foot moving truck. Having a party with kids the day you move is awesome because everything they could get into is nicely packed away. […] More

All The Home FAQ’S

We’ve had so much fun seeing our house and some of the room renovations we’ve done featured around the internet world this year (like here, here and here). Everytime we have a feature somewhere my email floods with questions – which I find so fun! I’ve noticed a number of questions repeating often, so I […] More

Bright Ball Light Wreath

I am a huge fan of Christmas lights and honestly wish I could keep them up forever. There is something about the soft glow of a string of lights that sets any room’s mood just right. I do however take my Christmas lights down every year by Jan 15th like a good neighbor. No Griswold […] More

cactus stencil outdoor rug

Gussying up the deck was a big focus of our first week of summer. I was really excited about getting a big rug outside and had such a hard time finding one I loved. Instead of buying one I didn’t love – I bought a huge piece of AstroTurf from Costco and stencil painted cactus […] More

wire table confetti

Curly cue confetti made from bright floral wire makes a seriously festive party statement. I designed this project to share at Kirtsy today along with other talented blog friends. See the entire slide-show of party crafts and find this specific tutorial. They will bring a bright and whimsical touch to your next birthday table. PS. […] More

reason to celebrate | Sunday brunch

I am quite excited for this weekend because my mom is coming to town! We will be spending our days brunching on the deck catching up. I am hoping it will look something like Nikaela’s photo above, just dreamy. I am excited to show her my new favorite shop and enjoy a date night out […] More

how to make pretty macaroons

Today’s quick-tip is two fold. First, I found these perfectly colored mini macaroons at Whole Foods over the weekend and had to let you know. For those of us who don’t live in big cities with gorgeous french bakeries, you can buy a pack of brightly colored ones there. Now you know! Secondly, make the […] More

graphic map details

Maps are incredibly versatile, they provide easy ways to personalize your party decor. Decoupage votives or napkin wraps and put a meaningful map location at each place setting. Guests will enjoy trying to figure out which place is theirs! Maps are also great for creating drink service trays. Purchase a wooden tray from the craft […] More

How to dye twine

I had fun last week experimenting with twine dying. I wanted to find a way to do it without needing any fancy supplies. After a bit of trial and error, I found out that white vinegar and food coloring did the trick. I love the subtle hues it produces. Perfect for wrapping simple spring presents. See the step-by-step tutorial […] More

Our Moody Master Bedroom

The first thing I picked out for our new home was this gorgeous floral mural, by Anewalldecor. The moment I saw it I absolutely knew it belonged behind my head in our bedroom. The large scale florals and moody features are so wonderfully calming. It’s exactly the type of stage I longed to set for our […] More

Pom Pom Easter Eggs

Easter is in just over a month. In the midst of our Ikea cabinet creations and tile selections we will obviously be taking a couple hours off to decorate eggs. Adding pom poms to the eggs is a fun way to do it. The little poms add a great dose of color, and since there is […] More

a Bohemian brunch

Rich, jewel-toned décor brings a strong bohemian feel to this table. Each of the containers sitting atop the wood table bring in a unique decorative element to the picture. Vibrantly colored glass lanterns are suspended in the air, while exotic floral arraignments of irises, peonies, orchids and hydrangeas adorn the table below. Succulent fruits resting […] More

10 creative ways to use a sharpie

Although these little pens pack a distinct smell, their magical powers keep us coming back for more. Not only are they permanent, but they are extremely versatile. And have you seen the colors they come in? They are available in every color of the rainbow. Whether you are embellishing a bowl, outlining a poster or […] More

DIY Galaxy Shoes with a Sharpie

Inside: How to make DIY Galaxy Shoes with a Sharpie.  These totally stellar DIY galaxy shoes are the perfect out of this world DIY to create. I love all the fun vibrant colors and glitter accents that make this galaxy project come alive. The awesome part about these star inspired shoes is that you can […] More

creating pretty flower arrangements

I am really excited to chat with you a bit about flowers today! Do you often create arrangements for your home? Do you have a favorite flower you tend to lean toward? It has taken me a long time to find a good balance between beautiful flowers and simple displays. This week I was blown […] More

Blueberry Crumble (With a Secret Ingredient)

It is summer- which means my favorite outing with the kiddos: berry picking! We romp around the mud, filling our buckets and sampling the juicy berries.  We have blackberries and strawberries nearby, but you know what I wish we had? Blueberries! I love a good blueberry crumble, blueberry buckle or blueberry pie. But, sometimes those […] More

Sweet Strawberry Jello Shots For Summer

Inside: Strawberry Jello Shots.  Summertime to me means long sunny days, fun backyard bashes, and yummy sweet treats. One of my favorite summertime treats are these candy-like strawberry jello shots. They are a summer cookout must that I guarantee all your adult guest will love! I love fixing these tasty strawberry jello shots for all-out […] More

Laundry Tips & Tricks

With Thanksgiving next week (WOW!) we are getting the house ready to host, which means lots of laundry happening! Figuring out the functionality and design of a hardworking room like the laundry room is often a challenge. We’re partnering with Home Depot today to tackle updating our laundry room into a space that is functional […] More

rooftop garden party

After peeking at photos from this rooftop garden party that Jennifer of Odette New York hosted, I was immediately taken. It is a complete dream. Summer bruschetta bread, pretty dresses and a very long relaxed table is exactly what I am hoping our summer celebrations will entail. All photography by Jennifer, Odette New York. More

DIY Home Photography Studio – 3 Ways

Inside: We created the perfect DIY home photography studio and how to set up a photo studio at home cheap! I know I have been promising blog updates. I have so much to share with you soon! First today, I want to share a little behind the scenes of how we get a studio look […] More

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies

Once in awhile, an idea in my head turns out better than planned. That is the case with these ugly Christmas sweater cookies. I also love love LOVE, the recipe for these beauties. I made them using a box of yellow cake mix, and they taste SOOO good. Santa would definitely approve. The best Sugar […] More

25 great fonts for parties

With Halloween only a few weeks away, we are already dreaming about the holiday season. It is my favorite season of the year! Parties to throw, cards to write, and a million reasons to use a new font. Here is a collection of 25 of my favorite downloadable fonts to use for parties, invitations, Christmas […] More

summer stargazing party details

We held our first party of summer last week – a night of stargazing. The party started in the evening, before the sun set. We grilled veggies and enjoyed a really great chocolate cake. When it was time to watch the stars, we laid out on our painters canvas picnic blanket and looked up toward […] More

Vacuum Sealers: Chamber Vacuum Sealer vs FoodSaver

Learning all about a chamber vacuum sealer vs FoodSaver is an excellent way to help you determine the best vacuum for your needs. More

How to make a fake tattoo with sharpie

Inside: How to make a fake homemade temporary tattoo with sharpie.  St.Patrick’s Day always tends to catch me off guard. I wake up incessantly searching for something green. This year I have all I need to miss out on the pinching with the use of a sharpie and these festive Saint Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos. Here is […] More

Meet the judges…

I hope you are as excited about next week as I am. The contributors are amazing, I just know you are going to adore their work. Before you meet them and drool over the beautiful designs, may I introduce our challenge judges… Each of these amazing ladies will be viewing the challenge designs, commenting on […] More

Our favorite cool fonts for logos!

Inside: Modern logo fonts that are perfect cool fonts for logos! When talking about the best fonts to use, I begin to eye some of my favorite brands for great ideas. We were watching a commercial the other night and before the brand was even mentioned we guessed who it was based on nothing more […] More

recreate | paper flag bunting

This beautiful tutorial for paper flag bunting, designed Jennie Prince, is so simple it could be made this afternoon. All it requires is a few cuts of paper, clothes pins and a line. A marvelous solution to remind us that everyday is worth a celebration. Photography by Odessa May Society, thanks for the great blog […] More

leather bow drawer pulls

We are still in candy coma recovery mode over here, but I am stoked to jump into a festive new season of holiday hoopla this week. While we put the finishing touches on a couple projects this weekend, I thought you might like to see this festive little dresser update we did recently. Leather strips […] More

Why don’t we… trim it in pink

Happy Easter weekend friends. I am signing off to celebrate the holiday, my soon coming birthday, and a festive family vacation. I plan to wake up at the beach all next week. Joy! It is definitely needed after all the craziness that went along with launching our first book. I’ve already reserved a pink rimmed […] More

festive folded leaf garland

You guys… today it is officially fall! I am celebrating by planning and plotting for a fun season of pumpkins, costumes and spooky sweets! But first, one of my favorite fall elements. The iconic leaf. Folded leaf garland makes an awesome welcome to the season. Liven up a party, or brighten a corner at home with […] More

Fun and Festive Straw Craft

Inside: The cutest straw craft, a fun triangle paper garland.  Am I the only one who has a substantial stash of pretty paper straws in my party closet? I’m just going to assume you do too! We all do. ;) Here is a super easy way to have those straws brighten an upcoming party, even […] More

paint chip wall confetti

Whether you are celebrating Cinco De Mayo this weekend, a birthday, a graduation, or just a nice Saturday, there is always occasion for wall confetti! A dash of sprinkles on your ice cream, momentary paint chip confetti on the wall, and a few bouquets of flowers will turn any day into a fiesta. Perfect for all the last minute gatherings summer tends […] More

Throwing the Ultimate Harry Potter Party: Ideas and Inspiration

Throw the perfect Harry Potter party with these magical ideas! From decorations to costumes, get inspired with our Harry Potter party ideas. More

zip tied flowers

The Random series, a fun and whimsical take on household items. Each month I will take a random seasonal object and show you its amazing, hidden, celebration potential. Completely random… fabulously fun! Encouraging us to be more creative as we live and celebrate in the everyday. January | Zip Ties Wrapped into themselves as confetti. […] More

50 festive holiday activites

It’s official, we are pulling out the holiday hoopla. Ready… go! Although, I will wait a couple more weeks before getting into trees, ornaments, and launching our jam packed holiday magazine issue. This week, I’d love to share a couple advent ideas. Advent starts on December 2nd, which seems so soon. Since many advent calendars are […] More

Jello mold recipes – pink clouds and raindrops

When skies are grey outside, brighten up with a colorful treat! Get creative with jello mold recipes. These pink jello clouds and little blue rain drops are a fun way to turn winter into spring (at least on your plate). Making homemade jello mold recipes is a cinch. Create any shape you can draw up […] More

Honeycomb stars

This post is sponsored by Pure Leaf. It doesn’t take much to brighten up a space for having friends over for a quick spring drink. Hanging a few bright honeycomb stars and enjoying simple iced tea cocktails make enjoying a quick cocktail moment easy and fun. With our busy schedule, I have become a huge […] More

why I teach

We just finished our Summer Business of Blogging Classes, and they were incredible! Due to the great responses we’ve received, we’ve opened up three fall classes in September, October and November. You can read more about the classes here. Like many of you, blogging has brought such joy to my life as I’ve developed a wonderful […] More

12 bouquets that will not wilt

A colorful bouquet is the perfect icing to make any room party ready. While I’m stocking up on fresh flowers to make our snowy weekend feel special, it can be sad to say goodbye when their time is up. I prefer flowers that stay fresh forever! Loving the idea of blooms made to last – […] More

Stamped Pie Crust

This pie idea is the simplest yet. Stamp words onto any cooled pie crust! It works for store bought or homemade pies and gives a presentation that is both creative and pretty. I’d love see it done on miniature pies with each guest’s name stamped on top. To recreate this idea; use a new or thoroughly washed stamp […] More

9 Best Finger Knitting Tricks & Projects

Finger knitting is all the rage with my 9-year-old these days! I adore a craft that takes such little work on my part and brings such great results for the kids! We’ve decided to put all our tips, tricks and fun DIY finger knitting projects in this one post. Learn how to finger knit and […] More

How To Code A Blog With Visual Composer

To say I am a DIY fanatic is a bit of an understatement. Learning to craft things for parties and our home is just the tip of the iceberg. If I can create our vinyl plank flooring, ice cream sundae tacos, and diy concrete countertops – then certainly there must be a way to DIY […] More

DIY Candy Bouquet A.K.A. The Sweetest Present Ever

Saying thank you and goodbye to teachers this last month was made a little easier with this candy bouquet DIY present. The treat is a fun twist on a bouquet of flowers, but so much sweeter! We made a birthday donut bouquet earlier this year and this concept is similar, except we are switching out […] More

Best Baked ABC Cookies

Inside: The Best Baked ABC Cookies Send the sweetest of messages or celebrate the guest of honor and sweet style with these yummy baked ABC Cookies! They are so easy to make and add a super fun pop of color to your baking rotation! What We Love About ABC Cookies There are so many different […] More

a bridesmaid ball

Make these surprise yarn balls to pop the ever important “will you be my bridesmaid” question! A fun idea for a small brunch or get together to announce your good news. They’d also be a splendid gift to receive when wrapped up and mailed to friends far away. To make your surprise yarn balls look […] More

DIY Glitter Christmas Stocking Patterns

One of my favorite things to do with the family is creating personalized holiday decor, whether it be ornaments, plates, or DIY Christmas stocking patterns. I love having a lasting memory for each holiday. That’s why these Christmas stockings are one of my DIY favorites! We’ve started a new tradition of making stockings every year. It’s a fun […] More

eight ways to find creative inspiration

I am often asked how I come up with the various projects on this site, and how I manage to stay inspired with all that I do. The fall is an especially busy time, and for whatever reason, it’s the time of year I find myself most inspired. I laughed last week when talking with a […] More

Pegboard birthday candle display

Last summer we created this fun 10 foot long birthday candelabra. I loved how it completely lit up and transformed a table into a birthday celebration. However the need to drill holes etc didn’t make it something I would turn to for just any party. When I needed an even quicker solution I turned to […] More

the antlers live on…

This winter woodland table is inspired by seasonal elements found in nature such as faux fur, deer antlers, custom plaid fabric napkins and pine cones. I love seeing traditionally holiday elements, like these, taken into the rest of the winter season. Something about it makes me want to sit down and continue on the celebration. […] More

How To Mark A Cocktail

The end of August brings with it a change of party scenes. We move from BBQ’s to cocktails as quickly as the days start to dwindle into evenings. I am a big fan of hosting cocktail parties. The prep is wonderfully uninvolved for a busy fall evening… Stock the bar, pick a signature drink, set […] More

How to make hair bows out of ribbon without sewing

Inside: How to make hair bows out of ribbon without sewing Of all the things that spring necessitates – strands of bright ribbons are at the tippy top of my list! From wrapping up picnic blankets to tying up flowers for mom. A strand of fun colorful ribbon is exactly what the latest spring party, […] More


Have you seen the new Odosketch? It is a free site where you can try your hand at sketching using a very pretty color palette. The sketched files can be saved to be embed and used online. When you draw, each brush stroke is saved independently, making for cute animated films. You could also save […] More

The cutest tattoo ever!

I am not a fan of tattoos. I mean on other people, I am all, “ohhh, that’s so cool”. But the basic concept of paying someone to inflict pain on me is one I find uncomfortable. Also, there’s never been a tattoo that I’ve thought – I want that on me. FOREVER. This one though. […] More

Bright walls + weekend links

We are in the process of making plans for the coming year (thinking about a move, but not convinced yet!). I’m a sucker for purging and moving. Either way, bringing in more bright festive decor is a definite must. Look at these gorgeous Cameroonian juju hats photographed by Brooke Holm. They would make everyday (even laundry day) […] More

DIY Girl Costume

Light up your little gals life with this simple Ikea hack DIY girls costume. This fun and festive vibe will light up even the darkest Halloween night. To Make This DIY Girls Costume You’ll need two large-sized white party lanterns, one small party lantern, glue, and colorful ribbons. Cut an opening to fit around the […] More

colorful pizelle cake

One of my favorite things about the holidays growing up was making the trek back to New York every year to visit our very large, very Italian family. No matter what else was happening, my grandma would always have a plate of pizelle cookies on the table. More than any other sweet, they optimize the […] More

Balloon Chandelier

Inside: A cute and colorful balloon chandelier Setting a pretty party table is simple with a balloon chandelier above. The air filled decor piece is a pretty way to make a temporary party table feel more permanent. The colors above the table make even the simplest set-up feel wildly festive. I have a birthday coming […] More

The Best Guessing Games to Play at Your Next Party

Guessing games are a great way to liven up any party or get-together. They can be played with large groups of people or just a few close friends. And they’re perfect for all ages – from young kids to adults. But what makes guessing games so much fun? Part of it is the suspense and […] More

Baby Bumble Bee Costume DIY

This year we have a couple sweet costumes to share including this bumble baby bee costume DIY that includes momma as a flower the bee is attached to… obviously. Momma and me costume ideas Turn your own little bundle into this Bumble Bee Baby! A costume that you can only create during this sweet baby […] More

Does Vacuum Sealing Prevent Freezer Burn?

The term ‘freezer burn’ is misleading: even though frozen raw meat may look brown or grey, freezer burn isn’t a “burn” at all. The condition we call freezer burn is actually tissue damage that occurs when meats and other foods are stored improperly or for too long. What is Freezer Burn? You may have noticed […] More

Kit Kat Cake In Kitty Cake Style

One of my favorite candies is a Kit Kat, which is why I think a Kit Kat Cake is possibly the best cake idea that ever was. And because who wants to stop with just a Kit Kats, we created this fun kitty cake recipe that is just about purrrfect. There is no secret here, […] More

Hand-bought, sprinkle drop

Questions about where to buy handcrafted decor have been streaming in recently. You LOVE handcrafted design but lack the time, energy, strength to really do-it-yourself. To help, I am going to be sharing each week a favorite artisan shop that will allow your celebration to be handcrafted (even if it is not your hands doing […] More

Summer Grilled Dessert Kabobs

Inside: Summer Grilled Dessert Kabobs This post was sponsored by Kingsford as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Summer is here and that means it’s the perfect time to plan some super fun backyard cookouts! One of my favorite things to bring to a cookout is a yummy […] More

reusable drink carrier

Be a good (and stylish) guest this summer and bring your BBQ drinks in a reusable fabric drink carrier. Then leave it for your host to enjoy! To make the carriers use a rectangular piece of fabric about a yard long. Fold it up, cut to size and glue into place. At each end use […] More

diamond party garland

For the twins birthday party this year we had two separate party rooms – one for the girl, and one for the boy. For the girl, we focused on the simplistic beauty a diamond party theme gives. The modern geometric gem worked great to decorate with. Long strands of paper diamond party garland, along with geometric […] More

Make Your Next Party Sweet with Pool Noodle Lollipops!

Make your next party a hit with these easy-to-make pool noodle lollipops! Learn how to make them, decorate them, and store them for the perfect sweet treat. More

birthday smoothies + candle straws

I know that it’s the new year and Pinterest is filled with kale and cleanses, but I cannot resist a good birthday sweet. To not totally ignore the healthy trend around here, I figure we can add some fruit, a bit of yogurt, and call it a birthday smoothie! Cleanse approved (minus the whip cream […] More

Dreaming of new things…

This has been a week of introductions fitting for a new year. New series… new plans… and an excitement about what is to come in the next year! I am planning on taking an extra few minutes tomorrow to enjoy the fresh feelings and giddiness of hope that tends to come this time of year. […] More

Clutch winner + sponsor goodies

I am happy to announce the winner of our clutch giveaway is Jessica, congrats! Thanks so much to everyone who entered. We have had a few other pretty amazing advertisers join us lately with great celebration stashes for you to grab up.  I would just love it if you would pop over to the sidebar […] More

Rainbow Jack-O-Lantern Soda Bar

If you’ve been following along for any length of time you’ll know I love Halloween without the spook and gore. It’s a holiday I quickly got hooked on all over again after having kids. I think Halloween should be celebrated just as colorful and bright as any other time of the year. Because rainbows and unicorns are […] More

road trip party

For my thirtieth birthday my best friend planned a girls getaway. We jumped in the car and a group of us drove through wine country drinking, laughing and picnicking. I will never forget that weekend and how great it felt to drive and celebrate with my dearest friends. Whether you are planning a birthday, shower or bachelorette […] More

wired numbers

Happy Friday! I have a new DIY for you today originally designed for Project Wedding. Wire place card holders that are easy to make and will cutely display your table numbers or labels. They could even hold photos that may be lying around to whimsically line a mantel or dinning table at home. The day […] More

Rainbow Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Happy November! It’s officially pie season, my favorite time of year, and it’s so hard to pick a favorite flavor. We’ve created everything from pool float pies to typography pies over the past years. While I know pumpkin pie is usually the star of the dessert table, this year I wanted to share a fun […] More

Wine guest log

I’m excited to share with you my latest post for project wedding. A guest book made of your favorite wine bottles that would perfect for any upcoming holiday- because blessings like wine, get better with time! Although originally produced for a wedding guest book, I’ve left a few labels blank for you to download that […] More

6 Simple Routines to Help You Feel More Well in 2022

The exaggerated pace of modern-day life often leaves us feeling tired, sleepy, and stressed. And while we certainly can’t expect the world to slow down, we are still able to control our own response to the hectic and overwhelming to-do lists we often burden ourselves with. Today we’ll look at six simple but effective routines […] More

pom-pom pendant tutorial

I am thrilled to be kicking off our light series today with a whimsical take on a plain white paper lantern. This pom-pom pendant is so fun and it is sure to garner smiles every time you flip the switch. Make the pom-pom pendant by starting with a white lantern lamp base and a couple […] More

Fringed fabric cake top

My absolute favorite piece from our game night was this fringed fabric cake topper. It was one of those ideas that hits me late at night and makes me want to jump right up and create, sans sleep. The topper would be a whimsical addition to any party and comes together in only a few […] More

The best brunch salad

Tis’ the season for brunches! The salad sets the course for a brunch – much like an invitation for a party – so make it count, make it the best. For the best brunch salad: start with spicy wild arugula, add in beans, cilantro, fresh basil, tomato, pepper, and Parmesan cheese crisps. The secret for making a brunch […] More

chicken wire bracelet

Try out this easy chicken wire bracelet for trendy party style this fall. It is easy to make and will give a great edge to your fall party outfits. To make the bracelets cut down a length of chicken wire to about 5 inches wide by 3 inches long, be sure to wear gloves when working with […] More

Styled. downloads

A quick thank you for being so fabulous! Download the thank you cards and make your next party guests feel quite loved. Also the rest of the Styled. downloads below… More

the healthiest cake

This raw cashew cake made by Sarah looks amazing! It would also be a very healthy way to celebrate this summer. Do you ever worry about the health of your party food? I tend to be a believer that festive times deserve indulgent treats, but this cake looks so good it might be a perfect […] More

Great DIY Summer Beauty Ideas

Summer is nearly here, and with it will hopefully come lots of lovely sunshine. The sun can be great for our skin, and everyone wants to get out in the sun for a while to get a nice, natural color. But you can have too much of a good thing. We have some great summertime […] More

Tissue decal candles

Speaking of tissue paper decals, these decal feather candles are an easy way to update simple taper candles this spring. Use them to line brunch, center a coffe table, or make a gathered bunch to give away to friends. To make the decal feather candles you will need tissue paper (the kind you sneeze on), […] More

why don’t we make a #HappiMess

Making a mess has gotten a bad rap lately. In our world of perfectly set-out shoots and artfully clean homes – sometimes we begin to feel like making a mess is… the worst thing ever! But, I like to think of it as living. There is no way to live a festive and full life […] More

reason to celebrate | an organized spread

There is something about having a spread laid out and organized that makes my heart beat a little faster. I love the look of perfectly square boxes and neatly designed food. A gorgeous and fresh way to lay out party food this spring. Photography by Bethany Belle, styled by Collette Budd, spotted at On to […] More

“Punny” Candy Bars For Halloween

It’s time to up our Halloween candy game. I love a big bag of generic candy bars, but how much more fun to hand out candy covered in colorful puns? Especially for hosting Halloween parties this idea is colorful, fun and super easy. The “punny” wrappers will instantly better your candy game without the need to slave over creating a treat […] More

madeleines + a tasting bar

With this easy Madeleine recipe and a table filled with chocolates and sprinkles, any gathering can become an impromptu Paris afternoon to remember. Prepare the Madeleine tasting bar by laying out a tablecloth or fabric. Place the Madeleine’s on a decorative plate or cake stand. Prepare melted chocolate in bowls that are deep enough for dipping cookies (Wilton makes […] More

Can You Vacuum Seal Bread: Food Storage 101

Vacuum sealing your bread is not as easy as other food. This is why you may wonder "Can you vacuum seal bread?" Here is the answer in detail! More

Unlock Your Creativity with These Sip and Paint Ideas!

Unlock your inner artist with these creative sip and paint ideas! Get inspired and learn how to host the perfect party with our helpful tips. More

The Sweetest Candy Birthday Cake

Inside: The sweetest candy bar birthday cake I am all about the cakes whether they are This candy bar birthday cake is a total showstopper at any party. Just in time for my Halloween sweet tooth to come to life. I mean… candy stacked as high as imaginable! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something […] More

Baby Shower Games

Whenever you attend a baby shower, the baby shower games are usually the most fun part of the day. There are so many great options out there from the classic games that have been passed down through the generations to new age games that have been invented by young creatives. We have a great list […] More

painted caramel apples

This time of year is my favorite for a lot of reasons. Most particularly the treats! And of those treats, caramel apples rise quickly to the top. What could be more fun than enjoying a caramel apple? Painting and designing one of course! Did you know caramel can be painted? It’s so fun. Follow our […] More

DIY confetti system

The sparkly and metallic confetti system made a fabulous impact this year, even taking over J.Crew’s winter window display. Loving how pretty they looked hanging in the windows, I imagine them to be the perfect dose of shimmer at an upcoming celebration! I created this DIY version of the gorgeous hanging confetti streamers for Project […] More

Fun Printable Back to School Tattoos

Inside: Printable Back to School Tattoos. All the back to school feelings are officially buzzing around our home these days. The kids are starting back next week. I am as excited but I am also a little sad… that’s always how it goes. I am excited that we can regain order around here and the fact […] More

10 WWE® Watch Party Games

Ok, so WWE® is apparently the new thing for kids to watch and play. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Mine are constantly asking to watch the big fight and have their friends over for a big watch party. So, in my true party planning fashion, I’ve come up with some ideas to make it tons of fun! More

Rainbow Color House Number

Greeting everyone at the door for your next party is fun with a little rainbow color added to your front house number. We took cues from our love of letter boards this season and created a rainbow color house number that will make sure every guest finds the right door. It is such a bright […] More

25 Different Thank You Card Fonts – A Subtle Revelry

I’ve been inspired to write more letters lately. To tell everyone how great they are and connect on a more regular basis with friends. No matter how busy we get, nothing beats a personal connection. Continuing the free font collection series today – I am excited to share a collection of favorite free handwritten fonts. Perfect for […] More

fabric party streamers

For the vintage storybook birthday we lined the ceiling and some of the walls with these pretty, ruffly fabric party streamers. They were an easy, but time intensive project that was worth every moment. Although paper would have been much easier, there is a warmth that the fabric gave to our party space. Plus, now […] More

How to Play Bridal Shower Bingo [Free Templates]

Bridal shower bingo is easy and fun to play. This entertaining game can be played with a small or large group of people, and the bingo cards come with various themes. Bridal Shower Bingo Free Templates Here are some free downloadable bridal shower bingo templates you can use to play this easy game at a […] More

Colorful Advent Wreath Candles

Advent is coming up quick and I’m already starting to think through which of our favorite ideas we will make happen this year. I’ve teamed up with Elmer’s Glue to make this Colorful Advent Wreath Candles. It’s bright, bold lines are an awesome way to bring a design punch to this year’s decorations. One tradition […] More

It’s Worth It!

Today I am in Salt Lake City and having such a great time at Alt! Every time I attend a blogging event, I am reminded how much I love my job and how totally worth it my investment in this site has been. I still wake up most mornings baffled that I (with twin babies!) was able […] More

a honeycomb baby shower

I threw a baby shower this last weekend and it was such joy! We themed the celebration around welcoming Erin’s new hunny and filled the space with honeycomb inspired decor and honey infused food. I happened upon the thought of using chicken wire as honeycomb and bought a big package of it. After the shower […] More

easy summer appetizers

The second of our summer contributors is a new friend, Gabrielle Ramsey, an event planner and passionate chef. I had the pleasure of enjoying a few of her gourmet creations this spring, everything she makes is incredibly taste worthy! For her first post she put together homemade Cilantro Hummus and Herbed Goat Cheese for an […] More

painter’s canvas picnic blanket

Finding pretty picnic blankets is always a challenge for me. For whatever reason, picnic season tends to bring out the bright cheesy fabrics in many of my favorite brands. Instead of buying one I don’t love, I prefer to invest 30 minutes and make one I do love! Last year’s no-sew picnic blanket was fun to […] More

8 Favorite Blog Reads

Every New Year I try to take a little time to invest in refreshing my blog feeds. I have a small list of oldie but goodie blogs that I still enjoy reading daily, but with hundreds of new sites popping up always – it is fun to find a few new inspirations every so often. […] More

Digital Advent Calendar – Christmas Wishes From The Kids

Starting off the holiday season away from our family is always a little hard. So, to help make up for the distance, we are sending an Advent calendar of Christmas wishes from the kids to our family members. Remember a few years ago when we did a paper photo advent calendar for the grandparents? This is a similar concept expect way easier to execute, since it’s done 100% digitally! More

crafting with color

The summer sun brings with it a bright color that shades everything around us. Why not take a cue from it and bring bright bold color into our projects and parties this summer!?! Using the color wheel is the easiest way to do this. Simply pick your hue, find your project, and instantly add vibrancy […] More

Mad lib | Fancy bacon

Starting a new guest series that will showcase a bit of party inspiration mad lib style on Monday’s. Today the inspiration for the series via That kind of woman. A formal fancy bacon party. My love for bacon combined with my love for fancy parties. Yesss. Hoping for a bit of quirk to start our […] More

Smorgasbord birthday cake

What is better than one birthday cake? Three of course! This triple stacked birthday cake made with different flavors and frostings will make a smashing display at your next birthday party. We are calling it a smorgasbord birthday cake – because the festively fun variety of options is sure to please everyone. Who says tall […] More

Laced up water

Along with the Pumpkin Mojito Bar I wanted to provide water for our guests, bottles were set out and laced up for the occasion… Simply peel off your water bottle labels, cut out a new label from a yard of lace fabric (using the old label as a template), then using double sided tape attach […] More

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Last spring, we made a cotton candy cake, which was basically cotton candy frosted to a cone. You guys loved it as much as I did! But I love the idea of giving each guest a little cake of their own even more. In the debate of cake vs. cupcake I am hard pressed to judge […] More

How to craft for a living

I spoke on a panel at Alt Summit last week about freelance, and being a contributor for websites. The room was packed – it’s fun to see how many people are interested in freelancing online. Freelance craft design is one of the major parts of my job. Being a contributor has allowed me to make the […] More

75+ of the Best 2021 Christmas Quotes to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It’s when we get to cozy up, listen to festive music while sipping hot cocoa and spend time with those we love. There are many ways to get in the Christmas spirit, and one of those is through quotes. We’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas […] More

7 Tips for Overcoming Party-Hosting Anxiety

There are many standards to meet when hosting a party, including your own, which can make you feel anxious and stressed before you host your party. There are a number of barriers to overcome party-hosting anxiety, such as perfectionism, overpreparation, bad or absent role models, and of course, fear of the unknown. By identifying the […] More

rice krispies cake

I was assigned to bring a rice krispie treat to a beginning of the summer party. I decided to try my hand at the famous treat in cake form. And can I tell you – it was amazing! The cake is my favorite type of combination; easy to make, really good to eat, and creative to present. To make it […] More

Easy to Make Paper Palm Leaves

Inside: Easy to Make Paper Palm Leaves Who else is loving the trend of palm leaves, pampas grass, and greenery? I know I am! My obsession with naturals and earthy textiles could *almost* be overboard, almost! There is just one problem. As much as I love having plants scattered throughout my home, I am still […] More

A DIY Reading Nook for the Whole Family to Use

There is nothing our family loves more than curling up with a good book in our DIY reading nook and reading as a family a few times a week as a substitute for television. This room has gone through many changes, including the one that made this corner one of our absolute favorites! So, we […] More

Festive Friday – 5 Fun Things

This weekend we are headed to the annual Reno Hot Air Balloon Races. It’s one of my favorite events we attend all year – there is something absolutely magical about being on the ground, right next to the balloons as they blow up and release into the air. I’ll be sharing an Instagram story (or 5) […] More

fringe confetti Halloween mask

This project was inspired by the confetti-fringe-streamer trend, and my need for fun + affordable Halloween options. An owl mask, made from a paper bag and streamers! It’s a favorite around our house this year. Plus, it’s an easy costume for for kids or adults. With the eyes having cut-outs to see through (safety first!), and worn over […] More

why don’t we – brighten up with candles

Happy Friday! I am normally a huge fan of party candles, and after a week of evenings getting noticeably darker – I’ve found myself especially drawn to lighting them. I may have had 15 different candles lit throughout the house one night this week! Pretty sure I almost set the fire alarm off;) Candles are the […] More

Best Kitchen Vacuum Sealers You Should Have

Vacuum sealers are now the most trending kitchen products. Here is the list of three of the best kitchen vacuum sealers you should consider. More

summer dinner on the lawn

We hosted a dinner party on the front lawn last week and I am hooked! It was such a fun night and wonderful to greet our neighbors in this relaxed and festive way. We brought out every chair we owned and set up tables throughout the lawn with linen draped in a completely relaxed way. Everyone brought sides […] More

6 Ideas for a Fun Girls Night In

It’s important to make time for a night with just the girls. It’s easy for all of us to get caught up in the stress of our everyday lives with work, significant others and much-needed me-time. But dedicating one night every week or every month to just hang with the girls will keep your friendship […] More

Making Sick Days Fun With A Sick Day Care Kit

Sick days are no fun for anyone! Whether you are the kid who’s sniffly and sad or the mom who’s taking a day off to care for your sweet littles, sick days are usually no fun!I’ve always hated that on a day you need cheering up the most, it’s the least fun day of them all.So, I’ve created these fun sick day kits More

The Cutest Vintage Ribbon Party Blowers

Inside: Fun vintage inspired ribbon party blowers! I happened upon a length of gorgeous vintage ribbon last month and am thrilled to have found the perfect project for it. Ribbon adorned party noise blowers! They’ve become my new favorite detail for celebrating this spring. Use the party blowers to cheer along the birthday girl, to […] More

15 Simple Summer Bucket List Must Do’s

When summer comes around it can seem like day after day of boredom if you do not have any plans. A summer bucket list is a great way to ensure you have a phenomenal summer full of great activities to remember for a lifetime. Some activities can only be done in summer so having a […] More

Plastered monogram

I have gotten emails about the plaster mantel “U” shown in our home tour, so I thought it would be fun to share with you how I made it. Plastering letters and shapes is incredibly easy and can be used for party decor (they are especially sweet for weddings) and afterwards can be hung at […] More

Cranberry Orange Bread

Cranberry Orange Bread is a great breakfast treat or any time treat. If you love the sweet and tart combination of cranberries with the citrus taste of orange this quick bread loaf should make your friends and family happy. With a little simple modification, you can turn this recipe into muffins. These recipes are made […] More

Awards Show Popcorn Tasting Bar

Awards season is upon us starting this Sunday and we love getting together with friends to watch the latest movie winners and see the red carpet looks of the season. Since award show nights always fall on busy Sunday evenings we like to keep the celebration fun and simple. A popcorn tasting bar is a […] More

a merry hostess throws confetti

dot cookies | polka dot dress | tablesetting | confetti art | dotted favors | napkins More

Twelve days of notes

Awhile back I was thoroughly inspired by these sweet notes. I quickly went to work and found a video for the making of the fold and created a grouping of notes to celebrate Christmas with. If you are a bit behind this week you could whip up an advent calendar out of these notes in […] More

The Cutest Creative Pies Ever!

These pool float pies are simply the cutest and most creative pies ever! They are fun, colorful, and perfect for your next party! You can premake the pieces and have a decorating party, or set up these cuties and impress all your guest! You choose, either way they are sure to put a smile on […] More

a marmalade festival

The world’s original Marmalade Festival, held at the Dalemain Estate in The Lakes District, England has quickly become one of my favorite spring events. Jars of marmalade are sent in from all over the world and fancy renown foodies come to judge the contest. The beautiful estate grounds are opened to enjoy; gorgeous gardens, bag […] More

sponge stamped wrapping paper

I found a few sponges lying around the house not getting any use (because you know how much I LOVE to clean) and I decided they could be living a much more glamorous life being used to apply pretty paint to paper. With this fun sponge painting technique we can create wrapping paper, artwork, cards, […] More

ice cream birthday squares

v Looking for a sweet way to celebrate an ice cream lovers birthday? These ice cream birthday squares are so festive and fun! They’ll be an instant hit and can freeze in a couple hours. Claire made them for us, using an ice cube tray as the mold (we’ve done the heart milk cubes before!). […] More

Woven Tapestry Cake

I can’t believe it! The holidays have come and gone and it’s already January! In case your feeling a little blue about heading back to life/school/work this week, this cake is sure to brighten up your day! Last year, I’ve fell totally in love with all the gorgeous woven wall art everyone is making. These […] More

A Summer Ready Pool

Opening up the pool every year is like a national holiday! It can also be a lot of work to make sure the water is safe for the whole family to jump around and play their pool party games in. After all, it is the season of fun More

paper bag flower baskets

Looking for an easy craft project? Look no further! These adorable paper bag flower baskets are perfect for teacher appreciation day or just because you love them! To make the paper bag flower baskets you will need one brown paper bag per basket (we obviously frequent Trader Joes). Cut the bag down both sides so […] More

Tropical Slushie Bar

We are in Vegas for the 4th of July this week, which is basically like celebrating on the face of the sun. It is so hot here! To cool off and make an easy way to toast, we whipped up a bar full of fun tropical summer slushies. The tropical slushies are easy to whip […] More

Make April Birthdays Memorable with These Ideas!

Celebrate April birthdays in style with these creative ideas for decorations, food, games, gifts, music and more! Get inspired with our april birthday ideas. More

How to Make DIY Leather Earrings + Printable Template

Inside: How to Make DIY Leather Earrings I don’t know about you but accessorizing is one of my favorite parts of an outfit. I find that even though I love color, I mainly dress in black, white, or a few different solid colored shirts. (Pretty boring, I know!) But where I have my fun when […] More

Fun Cupcake liner crafts for fall

This weekend we will be watching the leaves burst into colors. This time of year always makes me smile. These pretty leaves are made from one of my favorite cupcake liner crafts! The simplicity and beauty of this project go hand in hand, only taking me minutes to make! The project would take exactly 30 […] More

dress up masks

Do you dress up for Halloween? I have never been big into the holiday, but with the kids dressing up now it is so much more fun. The twins are going as Raggedy Ann and Andy this year! If you are looking for just a little something to wear, masks are an easy way to […] More

Wooden Stenciled Placemats

Craft these graphic stenciled wooden placemats to bring modern warmth to your holiday table. The placemats are simple and can be designed in any color palette you choose. Make the placemats by first downloading the PDF right here. Print onto a sheet of adhesive printer paper. Using an X-acto knife and cutting mat, carefully cut […] More

20 Super Bowl Party Drinking Games Your Friends Will LOVE

Inside: The best Super Bowl drinking games for this year’s Super Bowl party. Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and while I’m admittedly not an avid football fan, I love any reason to throw a party! Besides the big game, Super Bowl parties are all about getting together with friends for an afternoon full of […] More

14 Best Board Games For Kids

Before the takeover of technology board games were one of the main boredom busters for kids of all ages. While ipads and smartphone games are by far the number one source of entertainment for young people these days, board games are still a classic fun option. We will have a look at the best board […] More

How to Make a Unicorn Horn – Simple Hat Anyone Can Make!

One of the most popular parties I’ve posted was Carly’s adorable unicorn party. Unsurprisingly, unicorn horn was the center of attention.  All the kids adorned these simple and pretty unicorn hats that were a huge hit! I’ve gotten so many requests for a tutorial on how to make them and here it is. Your little […] More

Tie-Dye Socks Perfect for Fathers Day

Inside: Tie-Dye Socks Perfect for Fathers Day Fathers Day is quickly approaching and what better way to say “Dad You Rock” than some totally fun tie-dye socks! I mean socks are the new tie, right? Dad can dress these up with his snazzy workwear or pair them with his awesome workout gear! These tie-dye socks […] More

Wear It & Share It: How To Wear Confetti

I have an important conversation to have with you today. We need to discuss how to wear confetti! Because we’ve all had those moments where we want to be as festive and fun as the party we are going to, but are not sure how to make it happen. Today I’m thrilled to share our […] More

Favorite party ideas from last year

As we jump into the new year I am excited about all that is coming up here at A Subtle Revelry. Before we jump in – I want to share a quick recap from last year. Here are our 5 most popular posts (chosen by social media shares) from last year. A little review of […] More

Vegetable dyed tablecloths

I had a width of fabric and an afternoon to be creative with the kids before having friends over for dinner. We had just been to the local farmer’s market and came home overflowing with the late summer vegetable harvest. It seemed the perfect time to try our hand at natural vegetable dying. We used a mixture of beets […] More

silhouette photo props

Photo props are a great addition for adding simple fun to a party. These silhouette ones I designed for the kids site, Hello Bee, are just spooky enough to find a place into this fall’s festivities. The twins adored them, running around playing crocodile and fox for hours with their friends. Find the printable PDF here […] More

Christmas Balloon Wreaths

Tis the season of the wreath! I can think of no better way to create a fun holiday wreath display than with balloons, of course. Fill them, tie them and float them for an instant room update. We created a series of colorful balloon wreaths for Balloon Time to hang over our Christmas dessert table. They […] More

chocolate garden cake

When we decided to have family pictures taken I just knew that a cake had to be a part of it. Inspired by this gorgeous cake, I decided to see if making a garden on top of a cake was really that easy – it is! I topped a chocolate cake with a few eatable leaves […] More

reason to celebrate | an SNL pancake party

A hilarious satire on our field from Saturday Night Live for your Monday. Happy long weekend! blessings. More

Birthday party ideas for 60 year olds

Birthday parties for people over 60 years of age tend to be more low key than they were in earlier years. It could be just a family get together at home, a dinner, a special outing or a simple celebration, but the emphasis is more on being with friends and family than on getting together […] More

All the Best: Fun Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is incomplete without some beautifully carved pumpkins to spruce up your surroundings. If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of carving the same jack o lantern designs year after year. This time, you can mix things up a bit and challenge yourself to go beyond! After the success of our creative pumpkin ideas, we’re […] More

why don’t we – have a fruit party

It’s the season for celebrating fruit! Our garden harvest is ready and having a fruit themed party to celebrate the end of summer sounds like a great idea. Why don’t we? There are hundreds of fruity tutorials to help in the process, although these peelable fruit invitations might be my favorite ever. What a fun […] More

Handmade Valentine: You’re Tea-riffic

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away! This year I am excited to be bringing a whole slew of creative and easy ideas for celebrating the special day in a subtle, crafty style. I’ve been busy pairing down the ideas and shooting projects to make for your man, your kids, and everyone else who might […] More

Creating an Effective Afterschool Routine

“Learn how to create an effective afterschool routine that helps you stay organized, motivated, and focused. Get tips on planning ahead, prioritizing tasks, and managing stress.” More

let’s talk about wrapping and wine

Wine is obviously one of my favorite party elements for the holidays and an awesome gift to give. If done right the present is not only simple to buy, but can be personalized to become a really special gift. We are giving some of our favorite wines this year that match the region of origin […] More

My Favorite Framed Cities + Tie-dye Bunt Cakes

Having just moved and firmly decided to put down roots here in grand ol’ Reno, NV – I’ve been thinking a lot about the many places I’ve lived and the cities my family has loved along the way. To brighten up a corner of the new house, and to showcase all the cities we adore, […] More

Printable Dinner Feast Invitations

Tis the season of the feast! Fall is the perfect time to come inside and invite friends to join you around the dinner table. It can be trying though, as a host, to remember all the details. Inviting people, cooking all the food, and being prepared is a lot in this busy season. Instead, print […] More

Christmas Room Decoration Ideas

The last two years we have been in the middle of some kind of renovation at Christmas time, making focusing on decorations challenging. This year though we had so much fun putting everything up! I’m thrilled to share our Christmas room decoration ideas and a few easy Christmas decorating hacks you can use to make […] More

Bring the Grinch to Life with These Fun Tree Ideas!

Bring the Grinch to life with these fun grinch tree ideas! Decorate, craft, cook, and entertain your way to a memorable holiday party. More

hosting a champagne bar

I designed a classic champagne bar to give substance to our Ralph Lauren inspired spring wedding inspiration. It was a fabulously fun play on the icon’s favorite of bar selections. If you are looking for an affordable way to include drinks this spring, consider a champagne bar. A few simple ingredients per glass will treat […] More

party in | Los Angeles

As a special treat for the party in series, Amanda is sketching celebratory drawings of each city name. Download the 5×7 Los Angeles print here and use for postcards, gift tags, invitations or stash away a set of your favorite city prints to frame together at home. There’s no doubt that Los Angeles has one […] More

Sweet and easy teacher gifts

Tis’ the week for holiday parties at school, saying goodbye before Christmas break, and exchanging gifts with the teachers we’ve all grown to love. To create a gift that is thoughtful and adorable at the same time all you need is something indulgent and a way to wrap up your children’s age appropriate adorableness into […] More

Guest post- goodbye Ruffles & Stuff

This post is especially sweet to me today. One of my favorite people in this huge blog world has come to share her summer inspirations. Disney has lead the way for so many of us in crafty inspiration this year. Saturday marked her last blog post, I am very honored to be sharing one tiny […] More

The easiest pom-pom poof tutorial

These fun yarn pom poofs are perhaps the simplest and cheapest of projects of all, but one of my all time favorite! Make them in bright colors for an upcoming party or in white as a snowy winter decoration. I first loved them as hanging decor, then fell for them as whimsical cake toppers, before […] More

The Holiday Issue

I am so happy to share the Holiday issue of A Subtle Revelry magazine with you today. It is filled with subtle ideas, creative DIY projects, and the most wonderful cast of inspiring thoughts! It is my hope that the magazine will inspire you to amazingly crafted revelries this holiday season. This issue looks starkly […] More

accordion bow wrapping

Accordion bows make easy work of wrapping up presents and treats this fall. They are pretty, but not too fluffy, and fit right in with the season of chill and spook. To make the little bows – fold a 2 inch wide paper in accordion style and pinch together in the middle with glue. Tape onto […] More

Family Book Club

With school starting back up our time to be intentionally teaching the kids has once again shrunk to small morning and evening windows. Educating & engaging with our kids outside of school is a huge priority for us, so when we heard that the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet could help us do this […] More

wood grain printable tags

These gifts tags will wrap up a birthday, shower or wedding present with the bright floral punch they just may need! They would make pretty label toppers too. Download the tags by clicking here. Graphic design by KatieWoodard from Twigs Print Studio. More

Our IVF Success Stories – A Happy Ending

With Mother’s Day coming up I know we all celebrate in different ways. I am grateful to have mom who I adore still around to gush on. Also reliving our IVF success stories and having my babies by my side means we have a lot to celebrate every May. Although, I know for many of […] More

how to find the original source for every image

When I teach blogging courses, one of the first things I mention is being able to find original sources for images online. If you are going to post images that someone else has the right to, then it is imperative to make sure you are sourcing the image correctly. Firstly, because it is just good blogging, and […] More

47 Christmas Office Party Ideas

Inside: Christmas Office Party Ideas. If you’re looking to add a little festive fun to the office. These Christmas office party ideas are sure to spice up the Christmas spirit. From fun themes to crazy games, and sweet treats these 47 office party ideas are perfect to pep up office morale and create a crazy […] More

accordion tissue bursts

Bursts of bright color and layers of texture make for a serious party statement in a pinch. I love the idea of throwing a couple bright pieces on the table for an instant festive vibe. Whether its a playdate, a birthday or an impromptu cocktail night – nothing makes our old brick house shine more […] More

How 5 Printable Valentine Ideas Help Mom Keep Her Sanity

Valentine’s Day is coming up and making a classroom full of sweet love notes is my favorite thing ever. To get ahead of the game this year, I’ve decided to print all our Valentines with easy to use labels. It saves me the effort of cutting straight lines on 2,675 Valentines (which for some reason get […] More

Whiskey & Castles Our Scotland Week Long Itinerary

We’ve been back from our Scotland trip for over a week now and I’ve been so excited to share this one week Scotland itinerary with you. When planning the trip we knew that we wanted a mix of whiskey & castles and Scotland was the perfect place to plan for both! The week we spent […] More

What to Sing at Karaoke: Tips for a Memorable Performance

“Discover the best songs to sing at karaoke and make your performance unforgettable! Learn what to sing at karaoke and get tips for a memorable performance.” More

caramel sea salt ornaments

I am happy to welcome in holiday season 2011 by kicking off our week long DIY holiday gift guide! Giving handcrafted can allow your Christmas season be more meaningful, peaceful and affordable. It leaves extra time and money to celebrate the people and purpose of the season. I’ve crafted up projects for everyone on ours […] More

What’s In My Soccer-Mom Bag

This post is sponsored by Allegra and SheKnows Media. With school starting back up and our sports seasons picking up again, I am sadly turning in my beach bag and my travel bag to pick up my soccer mom bag again. The change from summer season to back to school season has the starkest contrast […] More

a merry hostess parties “up!”

red blouse | UP! poster | sorbet | embroidery hoop balloons | streamers & confetti | atlas to give More

firecracker straws

We are always looking for ways to make Fourth of July firecrackers something even the littlest kids can enjoy. These firework straws are a great way to bring the sparkle and fun safely into the afternoon. They are bright, shiny, and a festive way to sip celebratory drinks. To make the firecracker straws, start by […] More

Leftover pie cocktail

Left over Starburst cutouts make great drink toppers! And speaking of leftovers, do you ever wonder how to make holiday pies awesome? After the party if there are a few pieces of fruit, pumpkin, berry or key lime pie left, a simple solution is to make a leftover pie cocktail. A pie martini! Place about […] More

long and skinny candles

Long skinny candles are a birthday party favorite, but they are hard to find and expensive to purchase. I’ve made my own princess in pink and the process is so easy, I am excited to show you how. The candles have a very homemade and festive feel to them which is perfect for birthdays and special occasions. […] More

Color Popping String Easter Eggs

Inside: Easy string Easter Eggs DIY! Easter is in just a couple days! If you are short on time to decorate your eggs, or not in the egg dying mood this year – I love the idea of using embroidery thread to add bright touches. These string wrapped eggs are a great last-minute egg decorating […] More

Friday dreaming, dress up

After a fabulous day of shooting a holiday play date at the beach (sneak peak soon). I am off to enjoy a cozy dress up weekend with my family. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Photo by The light Fantastic) Enjoy your weekend dressed up or not and I’ll see you Monday for the launch […] More

Bright & Funky Bunny Balloons

Our latest Balloon Time project is live and it’s all about the bunnies! I found these really fun looking bunny balloons right here that are a bright dose of revelry for an Easter party. We used paint to really bring the bunnies to life for a funky modern take on beloved spring animal. We brought in […] More

Sketchbook | vintage storybook

I am aching to share with you three different events styled before the holidays. While I wait and continue work on my growing patience, I have a party sketch to show you. A vintage storybook birthday with balloons, books and a dance floor to enjoy. Wonderful artistic sketch work done by Amanda Waggoner. I love […] More

gold foil and dust cake accents

When it comes to cake decorating the only thing I like more than fancy is easy. When we combine fancy with easy – then I am really happy. Edible gold leaf is super duper fancy (think anniversaries and golden birthdays). It’s also crazy easy, allowing you to look fabulous without the all the work. From […] More

Firecracker Balloons

Celebrating the 4th of July doesn’t have to be all read, white and blue. Taking cues from our favorite colors we’ve decided to recreate the look of a fun firework show… with balloons! The long bursts of color will be a welcome addition to any Independence Day party. The firecracker balloons can be hung from […] More

Sick Day Balloon Care Package

No one is having very much fun when the kids are home sick. To brighten spirits, create a “Get Well” care pack filled with balloons. The care pack has everything they need to enjoy the day from books to toys and even a jar of Vicks® VapoRub™ that is the perfect size for small kid hands to […] More

stained glass photo display

Using an inkjet printer, embroidery hoops and tissue wrapping paper, I created this photo display that looks like a pretty version of stained glass. I love how the light filters through the tis?s?ue and creates a gorgeous? hue. Although it was originally intended for engagement photos (see the full project here), I am loving the idea this week for Mother’s […] More

DIY Crown Made with Sequins, Wire, and Spray Glue

Fashioning a crown out of confetti sequins is a fun way to make a party tiara that will be loved by every birthday girl. This DIY crown is always a hit at our birthday parties and the birthday girl never wants to take it off. The combination of colorful sequins and a minimal wild wire design […] More

Creative Outdoor Candle Light Ideas

Summer means long evenings spent outside, hanging out in the warm air even after the sun has set. I seriously love ending every day in our backyard, or on the patio, just relaxing, enjoying time with family, and reflecting on what a beautiful place we live in. To make the view even better, I thought […] More

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pillsbury™. The opinions and the brownie ice cream sandwiches recipe are mine. Every summer, we start off the season with a simple summer bucket list. It’s a fun way to ensure everyone gets to do at least a couple things that make the season […] More

Emoji party cake

Does your cake speak emoji? It definitely should. This emoji party cake is an explosion of digital expressions brought to life. It has ALL THE FEELINGS and would be a hoot for a birthday or any type of party. Whether you are throwing a full on emoji party (wouldn't that be a blast!?!), or just [...]

Tinsel Weave Wall Hanging

The yarn weave wall hanging trend has become one of my favorite ways to liven up a room. The texture and designs are subtle and gorgeous at the same time. I thought the concept would look wildly fun done in tinsel for a holiday celebration! Enter in the tinsel weave wall hanging. To replace our […] More

16 Fun and Creative 16th Birthday Ideas

Let’s get this party started!1. Go on a road tripIs there anything more freeing than hitting the open road with your best friends? If you’re looking for 16th birthday ideas that are a little bit out of the box, why not plan a road trip? You can pick a destination that’s within driving distance, or […] More

planet cake toppers and a milky way cake

A couple weeks ago we received a fun package of books in the mail. The new Ricky Ricotta series by Dav Pilkey & illustrated by Dan Santat. The books were immediately whisked away and it was literally a full hour before I heard another request from the twins. As new readers, my kids love books […] More

The – I love you banner – is the perfect birthday banner

Inside: Making the cutest “I LOVE YOU BANNER” to celebrate someone special Do you have someone special in your life that appreciate kind words more than a wonderfully decorated party? Or perhaps, you want to add some special meaning to a party that makes it stand out from the rest? Well, look no further than […] More

brilliantly free floral fonts

I am thrilled we are almost to spring. The season just gorgeous! I love seeing the textures and colors burst onto our clothing, projects, and nature itself this time of year. It seems appropriate that our fonts should brighten and lighten up as well. I mean… why still write in winter’s dull type, when you […] More

Cakes & Cuts: Victory rolls

Matching our deserts is such a fun way to enter into any party! In this second edition of our Cake & Cuts matching party series we are pairing miniature victory roll cakes (aka cinnamon rolls) with a victory roll hair style reminiscent of the 1940's jubilee for classically fun fall style. Be the Betty of the brunch [...]

party in | Washington, D.C.

Ah, our nation’s capitol. What better place to throw a party than the historic city that still has cobble stone streets, colorful buildings and blossoms beautifully in the spring? And don’t think you only have to do a patriotic theme. There are lots of shops that will help you create the fun bash you’re hoping […] More

DIY Earth Day Seed Bombs

Inside: Earth Day Seed Bombs Earth Day is such a special day of the year! Every April 22nd, hundreds would gather together to bring attention to our environmental crisis. Reminding those to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Loving our Earth doesn’t have to be just a once a year occasion, but what better day to start! […] More

Pumpkin Polishing Technique

Just as cakes don’t always need to be chocolate, pumpkins don’t always need to be orange… especially if your home style is not, ahem, welcoming to a harvest color palette. ;) Lucky for you (and me), acrylic paint and nail polish can save the day! Give your nails a break this season and use that […] More

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Are you looking for a vacuum sealer that is easy to use and affordable at the same time? Check out our detailed FoodSaver 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer review. More

wild and girlie bridal shower

This bridal shower inspiration is just the right amount of girlie to make me fall in love this spring.Using the heavy metallic hues of winter and the ever plentiful animal theme together brings an exceptionally sweet touch for a gathering of your closest girlfriends. Pink brings an always sweet palette for spring. It is brought […] More

a unicorn party

The magical, make believe world of child’s mind can lend itself to the most enchanting of parties. Unicorns prancing around a living room floor, for example, transport us back to the days of dress up, knights and the whimsical world of a princess. Carly, photographer extraordinaire, who you see around here often, has a baby […] More

Festive Friday: Girl’s Night In

It’s a strange Friday to be sure. With today being the day for the long awaited inauguration, coupled with our month long snowstorm – I just want to hang out on the sofa all weekend long. To combat these winter blues, having a girls night in sounds like exactly the diversion I need. A warm […] More

Red velvet cream cheese cake

This post is sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese. With Easter coming up in just a couple days, having a dessert that is easy to pull together will make the coming weekend’s entertaining so much easier. Adding a graphic cake and a whimsical cake topper will make your table look pulled together no matter how many […] More

etsy…. open.

Just wanted to let you know the City Cradle Design etsy store is back live & open. I have been closed for the last two months on vacation and I am so pleased with the new line of vintage party products I am selling! Many of my favorite party finds have been grabbed in dark […] More

Hard shell fruit dessert

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I’m always on the hunt for ways to make our party throwing bright and unique. Dessert was what I was assigned to this past weekend and I found the easiest way to finish off a summer BBQ. A hard-shell chocolate fruit spread! The kids love it, because anything on […] More

reason to celebrate | a shared coffee cup

One of the sweetest celebratory moments of my weekend is sharing a cup of coffee with the husband. A hundred balloons can not compete with a table for two and an extra large steaming cup. PS. Make the perfect celebratory coffee this fall, adorable DIY paper cups, the coolest coffee cup art and to-go wrappers […] More

A fall wreath & guest notes

The wreath that stood at the center of this morning’s party held sweet little notes for each of the guests in attendance, did you notice that? The project is incredibly simple and would be a great way to set up seating cards, notes, or thank you favors this fall. I did a similar one for […] More

3 refreshing summer smash cocktails

Have you tried a smash yet? It’s a category of cocktail that involves really simple ingredients: spirits, sparkling water and seasonal fruit. A perfectly refreshing way to end a hot summer day. Smashes have quickly become my go-to summer drink of choice, I’ve been trying them over the past couple months with all types of ingredients. […] More

Small Bathroom Design Remodel Pictures

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share our master small bathroom design remodel pictures today! This space is obviously my new favorite room in the house. I just LOVE it to pieces. If you remember the before photos we shared of this space and our small bathroom ideas post for space, we weren’t working with […] More

my list – the best summer projects

Summer is basically here!!! It’s time to bust out the bug spray and host friends all season long. Whether I’m traveling or at home, the summer season is such a great time for crafting and trying out new projects. I always have a summer hit list filled with projects I want to tackle, and this […] More

DIY Pom Pom Napkin Rings

Inside: DIY Pom Pom Napkin Rings Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for a dinner celebration! We have Easter, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day to just name a few. For us, there are several spring and summer birthdays that require the most festive of dinner celebrations. Mine being included! These DIY […] More

mini monogramed star cakes + the best baking tip

Are you traveling for Christmas or staying home? We are leaving our winter wonderland to make the trek back home to the desert (that seems so backwards!), but time with our family is always worth the effort. Whether you are traveling or staying put, these miniature Christmas star cakes are sure to help you celebrate […] More

The Best Summer Party Ideas

Inside: Summer Party Ideas. This post is sponsored by EDWARDS® Desserts. All opinions are my own. We are in the final stretch of the school year and I have a serious case of summer-can’t-come-soon-enough, get-those-kids-out-of-school mindset. I love summer for so many reasons, but this year having the time and space to host small gatherings and […] More

Charades for Kids: 200+ Words You Can Use

Playing Charades for Kids Charades is a versatile game that can be played almost anywhere with anyone. With no preparation required and no accessories needed, it’s as easy as coming up with a word, (which we have helped you out with below!) then acting that word out for the other players to guess. It’s perfect […] More

Painted Walmart Disco Balls

There is nothing I like better than a good disco ball. And I know I’ve shared before that you can grab Walmart disco balls for $10! They are the perfect size for hanging in windows and catching the pretty afternoon sun. I’ve seen so many of you guys jump onto this trend lately and it […] More

Bunny Cinnamon Rolls – Too sweet to eat!

Inside: The sweetest bunny cinnamon rolls ever! There are some traditions that only get better over time. We started serving these adorable bunny cinnamon rolls a few years ago and they have become a spring staple in our house. Every year I’ve learned a new trick to make them taste even better. Last year I […] More

graphic painted tablecloth

Painting a tablecloth is a great way to dress up and freshen your linens this season. I love the look this graphic black criss-cross gives to a simple white cloth. It becomes a perfect backdrop for a table filled wth party treats or everyday eats. All it takes to create this look is a freshly laundered tablecloth, […] More

Frozen Chocolate Banana Birthday Treats

Inside: The perfect banana birthday treats, chocolate covered frozen bananas! I’ve always loved a good frozen banana. Something about the update to a normally plain fruit makes the sweet treat feel wonderfully special and unique. Covered in chocolate and rolled in a few favorite birthday cake toppings these festive frozen bananas are worthy of any […] More

DIY Luggage Tag Template + My Secret Packing Trick

Summer travel season is a upon us and Matt and I have big plans! We have a trip to Scotland in the works for late summer and a couple quick weekend jaunts in between. We created this fun DIY luggage tag template and a pretty leather backed holder for it that will make all our […] More

Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

Inside: Birthday party ideas for teens.  Welcome to the teens. What a wild time in life, all I can think about is Britney Spears “Not a girl, not yet a women” circa 2001. Ha! These teens would probably just roll their eyes at me for that reference. And these teen boys, who even knows what’s […] More

apple pie a la bow

Wanting to serve up a summer dessert worthy of festive party style? Stick to tradition and make folded apple pies, but mix the idea up and serve them each with a bright pretty bow! The miniature fold-over pies made with the simple recipe below are a dessert that anyone can manage and when served up […] More

Painted Seashells

Are you packing up your family, and heading off to a beach vacation this summer? We are getting packed and ready for our annual long summer trip to Las Vegas (where there are no seashells at all) and then to the beach (where there are plenty!). Here is a simple craft to bring along for […] More

My Little Pony Party Games – A Guide

There are so many great kid’s party games out there, and you can adapt most of them to the theme of My Little Pony. Keep the games short. Played for too long, or more than twice, the kids will get bored.  Arrange for everyone to get prizes at games, not only the winner.  Send invitations […] More

Go Glam with Hair Glitter

Glitz, glitter, and glam! Now, that’s a combo I can get down with, am I right? With this fun and easy hair glitter style, you will leave a dusting of sparkle wherever you go! Here are a few easy steps to create this stunning hairdo! How to style glam hair glitter There is a million reason […] More

A princess in pink

I had an amazing time styling this party for a sweet girl named Emery. She wanted princess minus the Disney with a modern flair. The party was held in an outdoor park (we may have received a few odd glances). The space was transformed into a beautiful enchanted pink world, complete with hot pink swing! […] More

dish towel fruit tote

For a quick thank you gift, hand off a pretty dish towel bag filled with locally grown fruit to your hostess or party guests this summer. I spotted similar fruit totes for sale and thought they would make wonderful sewn favors. Unfortunately, I’ve developed an crazy aversion to the sewing machine these days and was […] More

The Party Podcast: The best party supplies with Jordan Ferney

[smart_track_player url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/thepartypodcast/04_How_to_source_the_best_party_supplies_with_Jordan_Ferney.mp3″ title=”The best party supplies” artist=”Victoria Hudgins & Jordan Ferney” color=”#f20982″ social=”true” social_twitter=”true” social_facebook=”true” social_pinterest=”true” social_email=”true” ] If you are enjoying these podcasts I’d love to have you rate and review them. It will help us a ton – Click here to leave a review. Today I am super excited to be chatting with […] More

merrymaking 8.3.2012

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 Happy first Friday of August. This weekend will be a working one for me as we prepare to launch something really special next week. I never have an issue working hard as long as […] More

XProject VS-2163 Professional Vacuum Sealer Review

Those who want to cook food once in days can now do that with vacuum sealers. Here is a detailed review of the XProject VS-2163 Professional Vacuum Sealer. More

Cheese & Chocolate Crossiants

With back to school here, I am always on the look-out for easy and fun recipes that the kids will love. We used these easy to grab Sargento® Cheese slices to whip up a back to school recipe the kids are loving! It’s easy to make and with natural cheese (not process cheese), I love serving it and they’ll love the taste. More

How To Make Balloon Monkey Party Favors

Inside: We are showing you how to make a balloon monkey animal. Hey little monkey, we have the cutest birthday fun for you! These colorful and fun balloon monkeys are perfect for your next birthday bash. We created a bunch of bright and festive monkey balloon animals that make great party favors, headbands or party decor. […] More

Printed paper lanterns

I’ve always loved paper lanterns, they are awesome for filling any party space with festive fun. White party lanterns are great for making a room instantly feel like a breezy spring soiree. They are even better when printed and prepped with fun party statements. Sweet. YAY! Hooray. How can we go wrong with that!?! We […] More

Last Minute Easter Ideas

It’s Easter week – can you believe it?!!? Easter is a holiday I love to celebrate, but every year it seems to sneak up on me. I tend to lean towards projects that can be done quickly and at the last minute. Here are five of my favorite go-to projects for pulling together a fun […] More

recreate | painted mini blinds

I never thought I would be suggesting mini-blinds for the home, let alone a party, but I can not resist how fabulous they look painted in a trendy hue. To recreate, grab a pair of these cheap suckers, tape off, paint and make a very cool backdrop for your next event. Plus, you can pull […] More

Pumpkin Cake Recipe – Mini-Pumpkin Patch

Trick or treat, is it a pumpkin or is it a cake? It’s not a trick! It’s the best of both, it’s a pumpkin cake! Once before we baked a cake inside a pumpkin, but this entire pumpkin is actually a cake. Even better. :) Make this pumpkin cake this season to create a new […] More

How To Stuff An Easter Basket The Kids Will Love

Inside: How to stuff Children’s Easter baskets with fun Easter stuff for kids! When it comes to giving Easter baskets out to our kids, I have a no-fail formula that I like to think I’ve perfected over the years. Including the same types of things in each of our kid’s Easter baskets has made them […] More

Fun Paper Bag Costume Ideas

Inside: How to make a fun paper bag costume! Buying a pre-made costume for your little monster this Halloween sounds easy, but so are these fun paper bag costumes! The best part? You already have the materials in your kitchen. Grab a paper grocery bag, some scissors and ask your trick-or-treater to help out. Before […] More

Panini’s on a barstool

I styled a sweet bridal shower earlier this month and for brunch we decided to make paninis! I set out fresh sourdough bread, lots of veggies & a sampling of cheeses. We cooked each on an old George Foreman grill. They made for perfectly easy + very lovely summer afternoon party food! The rest of […] More

3D Bright Paper Stars

These 3D paper stars are my absolute favorite! They look amazing hanging as a garland (the backdrop to our party). They make sweets shine when bunched together and stuck into a cake. The stars are a great way to give any outdoor space a festive punch of color this season. There is something about colorful […] More

(kids) Party Bingo

A project from the recent princess party that I am ecstatic to share with you today. There are a million stereotypes of what you will see at kids birthday parties. If you have not been to a one year olds’ shindig yet, be warned- lost shoes, food stains and twirling little girls await you. For […] More

Colorful Crochet Tablecloth

It’s kinda difficult to come by really pretty tablecloths, but making one at home can be an affordable and simple project. This colorful crochet doily tablecloth is a great way to fancy up a feast, or a gorgeous gift to hand a friend this holiday season. I love the infusion of bright and bold colors […] More

Polygon paper vases

Give a handful of flowers a bright modern touch with these super easy (and crazy cheap) polygon paper vases. Use the artistic display to center a table for a stunning and fun spring look. The vases will lend good use to that stack of mason jars sitting around from last spring! To make these polygon […] More

Does Vacuum Sealing Speed Up Marinating: A Cook’s Guide

Vacuum sealing is a new trend for many cooks. But there is still a pending question “Does vacuum sealing speed up marinating?” Here is an answer! More

my real life pinterest board

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a pinner all my life. Have you? Since a very young age I would find things I loved – photos that inspired me – and tear them out to keep. In college I had an actual pinboard I would use and as my inspiration stack grew – […] More