Halloween has quickly become one of our favorite holidays of the year! From costumes to pumpkins everything needed for a bright & fun holiday is right here…

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Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas

I always love hosting a good feast and have shared before how I host a festive feast, my favorite simple ideas for hosting a feast and all the fun feasting products I use. But one thing I realize we never talk about, is setting the kids table. Which is crazy – since that is the […] More

The Cutest Vintage Ribbon Party Blowers

Inside: Fun vintage inspired ribbon party blowers! I happened upon a length of gorgeous vintage ribbon last month and am thrilled to have found the perfect project for it. Ribbon adorned party noise blowers! They’ve become my new favorite detail for celebrating this spring. Use the party blowers to cheer along the birthday girl, to […] More

typography stiffened ribbons

Last month the twins turned 5! We had a massive snow storm the morning of their party, but thankfully everyone still made it safely. Matt turned my studio into a huge balloon fort for the kids and we served popcorn in these typography paper bags. To top the cakes, I stiffened ribbons into talking letters […] More

How To Make A Unicorn Cake In 5 Easy Steps

A unicorn cake for every little girls best birthday dream life. We created this adorable miniature diy unicorn cake with no baking necessary! It’s all the cuteness minus the work. Let us show you (in video too!) how to make a unicorn cake that will blow all your visions of hard to make cakes to pieces. More

Peaches & Dreams Milkshake

You’re not dreaming, it’s peach season!!! I know you’re stocking up on those end-of-summer fruits and I’ve got an epic peach milkshake you’re not gonna wanna go without. Jam-packed with everything peach, it’s about to be the milkshake of your dreams! Peaches and Dreams Milkshake Here’s what you’ll need to make this Peaches and Dreams […] More

birthday crowns

A winter birthday can sometimes be a challenge to get right. These glitter crowns are pretty enough to come to the rescue! There is no going wrong with a simple and glittery birthday crown. Their crystal look and festive pom-poms will make any birthday girl feel like an ice queen. And if you don’t happen […] More

The perfect little chalkboard Christmas tree

We contemplated putting up a tree with all the trimming this year, then we remembered how quickly four little hands would tear it down. Instead, I made this perfect little chalkboard Christmas trees, stuck it under the mantel, next to the cookies and it quickly became the perfect family tradition!   To create this chalkboard […] More

a merry hostess shares her treats

sweet preserves | packaged goodies | treat buffet | cookies | sparkly attire | invite notes More

reason to celebrate | felt balls

I love seeing the felt ball trend popping around lately and have been waiting for someone to use them in a unique design combination… Enter Waller Hewett who is creating gorgeous works of art from pretty felt balls on simple pins. It would definitely take time to recreate, but could you imagine celebrating with a […] More

Cakes with bows

How desperately do I love a crazy easy cake that also look amazing! Slaving over something for hours just isn’t my jive. But putting gumballs, paper stars, (or today bows!) on a cake and calling it a day – now that’s a baking style I can get behind. No need for anything else on these […] More

50 Kickass Craft Blogs for Instant Inspiration

Working on writing our first book has been one of the most amazing projects. It seems like it will be forever until I get to show you what we’ve been creating for it. Like all projects I work on, having a piece that is community driven was very important to me. Getting to collaborate with […] More

A Very Merry Christmas Village Cake

Inside: A Very Merry Christmas Village Cake. This very merry Christmas village cake is the sweetest treat for all your holiday festivities! I don’t know about you but we have a MILLION different Christmas parties we attend during the holiday season and I always love bringing something very special treat to each gathering. Part of […] More

DIY Printable Planner The Ultimate Back-To-School Project

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a new planner when the school year starts again. This DIY printable planner that is also paintable means I get customize exactly the way I want to, which gets me even more excited about all the organization I’m about to do! More

17 DIY Couples Costumes Your Mom Would Be Proud Of

Grab your boo and gear up for a Halloween celebration to remember! Whether you think crafting is more trick than treat, or you couldn’t think of any other way you’d like to spend your time this Halloween season, we’ve got a fun list of DIY Couples Costumes that your momma would be proud of. ;) […] More

patriotic pancake breakfast

Every summer when the fourth of July rolls around I find myself dreaming of a restful day under the warm sun. The holiday is the epitome of summer and whipping up a batch of these patriotic pancakes is a great way to host a relaxing celebration of our country’s independence. Served on wrinkled linen and alongside big […] More

DIY Travel Goldfish Snack Packs

This DIY Goldfish snack packs post has been sponsored by Goldfish® Crackers. All thoughts and opinions are my own. With all the fun school breaks coming up, we are ready to hit the road and travel. Whether you are traveling by car or plane or any way, we all know snacks can make the difference in […] More

pumpkin burbon slushie

Growing up in the dessert, fall was always bittersweet to me. I loved the season but my 100 degree experience never quite matched the leaf falling, boot clad vision in my head. Now that I live in a town with a real fall (hooray!), I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to those who still […] More

alphabet letter leaves

Now that fall is officially upon us, we can be sure of one thing: leaves falling! One of my favorite activities for fall is to take evening walks and collect leaves for projects. This year I used a sheet of stickers to make alphabet leaves. They can be used for just about anything and are […] More

merrymaking 5.11.2012

Mother’s Day is such a special time for me. Not only to celebrate our wonderful mothers, but also because I struggled for so long desperately wanting to be a mother myself. Something about the battle I went through and the joy of finally holding my babies makes the day so incredibly sweet to me. I […] More

A Summer Ready Pool

Opening up the pool every year is like a national holiday! It can also be a lot of work to make sure the water is safe for the whole family to jump around and play their pool party games in. After all, it is the season of fun More

Materially Crafted

Today is the day. I am bursting with excitement because Materially Crafted: A DIY Primer for the Design Obsessed is officially out! It is in stores. It is on the shelf. It is on its way to your house! I worked so hard on it, and hope you love every page of it. You can grab a […] More

Smores Cake For Birthdays

Bonfire season is here and my aching to make a big batch of s’mores is running very high this week. Instead of going the normal route, we decided to create a smores cake that is awesome for birthdays by the campfire and summer nights outside. I’m obsessed with making s’mores that are really worth the […] More

Cute DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids & the Entire Family

We have been posting DIY Halloween costumes for kids and families for 7 years here on the blog! There have been many fun ideas and we’ve created costumes kids, adults and even babies need a cute DIY in their costumes. Basically the entire family! It’s been a blast and so many of the ideas have […] More

face front gift wrapping

There are presents that call for ruffles and lace, and presents that call for fun and games. For the later we’ve designed these fun face package faces to lend a nod of whimsy for birthday gifts this year. They will make your gift memorable, no matter what is inside. I love how each little package […] More

Article Furniture Review – Our Bedroom Reading Nook

I shared last week the progress of the small bathroom in our master. Today I’m excited to show you what’s on the other side of that wall, along with my honest Article furniture review. Our master bedroom, which you’ve seen a piece of before right here, is undergoing a pretty significant transformation as well and I’m […] More

2 Back To School Lunch Ideas

We are headed back to school this week, which means back to lunch making for us! Instead of getting stuck in the same old routine this year, we are injecting a dose of fun and ease to our school lunch prep. Here are 2 easy lunch ideas for crafting your own lunches that are filled with back-to-school fun. More

caramel sea salt ornaments

I am happy to welcome in holiday season 2011 by kicking off our week long DIY holiday gift guide! Giving handcrafted can allow your Christmas season be more meaningful, peaceful and affordable. It leaves extra time and money to celebrate the people and purpose of the season. I’ve crafted up projects for everyone on ours […] More

Family Pumpkin Carving Contest

Of all the family traditions we have, the annual pumpkin carving contest is easily the favorite and the most messiest of them all! Every year, we head out to the pumpkin patches and pick our favorite of the bunch, and then head home to carve them. The kids draw on original faces and scoop out […] More

Fruit cake inspired by the farmers market

A farmer’s market inspired fruit cake is great fun to serve at brunch this season. Nothing says spring treats like the bright reds and oranges of my favorite fruits made into a cake. Fruits made even better than the normal market stash… Because they are birthday cakes! I love an individual fruit cake for serving at brunches and […] More

Awards Show Popcorn Tasting Bar

Awards season is upon us starting this Sunday and we love getting together with friends to watch the latest movie winners and see the red carpet looks of the season. Since award show nights always fall on busy Sunday evenings we like to keep the celebration fun and simple. A popcorn tasting bar is a […] More

mini-honeycomb picks

This post is sponsored by The Chew. Tune in, weekdays 1e & 12p/c on ABC. Have you watched the Chew yet? It is a fabulous new show food show where the hosts include many of my favorites – like Clinton Kelly – and the food always seems like something I need to try right now! […] More

Pumpkin Crumble Recipe

It’s here! Finally, everything you could ever dream of is pumpkin! And I’m so excited to add this delicious Pumpkin Crumble Recipe to the list of must haves for fall. The best part is, it not only makes a great dessert, it makes a great breakfast and I’ll take advantage of any reason to have […] More

Park Play Snacks On The Go

Now that the weather is nicer, we love to run to the park after school. I don’t know about you, but I have a love//hate relationship with our local parks. On one hand, they are great for the kids to get out and burn energy, but inevitably… they run back to me hungry and crabby from all the wear. More

Colorful DIY Cornucopia

The tradition of the cornucopia is to symbolize abundance and blessing, which is why we created these colorful DIY Cornucopias. What a perfect time since we are definitely giving thanks this time of year. See how we turned the traditional idea of a cornucopia into a beautiful piece of art with this colorful DIY cornucopia.  […] More

How To Make Paint Dipped Pumpkins Easy

Inside: How to make paint dipped pumpkins. Pumpkin season is my favorite season, and these fun paint dipped pumpkins combine all things fall, fun, and festive. I love creating unique (non-carve) ways to decorate pumpkins, like these forever favorite abstract painted pumpkins, I have so much fun every year coming up with new ideas. There is […] More

Why Having The Best Outdoor Furniture Is Better Than Getting A Rose

We all love watching the roses being given every season, but let me tell you… Finding the best outdoor furniture for your space will feel even better than getting a rose from Arie, and let’s be honest it will also last a whole lot longer. I can all but guarantee that. ;) The weather is […] More

A young love picnic

Today is rainy where I live and my whole household is sick. I hope you are having a more lovely day yourself. My answer to the chaos is to take a nap, so until tomorrow I leave you with the most adorable picnic in the world! He is three and she is four and one […] More

plaster flower seating cards

Creating seating cards for a party or wedding that look like mini-pieces of art is easy with a stash of faux flowers (you can find great ones at the dollar store) and air dry plaster. Be warned this project is a bit messy, but simple to do and its pretty design completely makes up for […] More

Festive Home (Demo) Photos

It’s Demo Day! Well, actually for us, it’s demo week… And a half! Ten days in and the demo is finally done. We’ve been working in the new house for just over two weeks and it has been the most overwhelming and fun project Matt and I have ever taken on. The house has a […] More

Grilled Margherita Pizza With Prosciutto

We’ve been big fans of making pizzas at home for a very long time. Ever since we realized we could use this dough and cook a feast for our family for under $10, I was sold. But this year I decided to try out a new recipe from Pints and Plates and we busted out […] More

chicken wire bracelet

Try out this easy chicken wire bracelet for trendy party style this fall. It is easy to make and will give a great edge to your fall party outfits. To make the bracelets cut down a length of chicken wire to about 5 inches wide by 3 inches long, be sure to wear gloves when working with […] More

Christmas in a bottle

Happy Monday, I believe I’ve finally recovered from the craze of last week. Today I want to share the last project from our holiday at the beach. We filled mason jars with many cute little holiday treasures, wrote a sweet note on a star, tied them up and sent them off into the ocean. We […] More

Make A Sparkling Ice® Summer Strawberry Sparkle Cake

It’s getting warmer outside, and I am thrilled to try my hand at making a few new party cakes this season! We’ve teamed up with Sparkling Ice® and Safeway to design a fun Sparkling Ice strawberry sparkle cake that will easily take center stage at all your summer parties. More

sticker star wall constellation

It’s star gazing season! As soon as the weather turns the slightest bit warm (we cannot help ourselves!) My family gets quickly obsessed with being outdoors. The grass, the sun and the stars are all so much brighter in the summer. This is the first year the kids are really understanding the solar system and […] More

Winter Wonderland Cake – Perfect for a snowy party!

Inside: The cutest winter wonderland cake for any snowy celebration like a winter wonderland cake birthday!  Today is our first real winter storm. Not a pretty dusting, but an all out I’m sliding around the road kind of storm. It seems appropriate considering the day, to share with you my new favorite holiday cake. A […] More

wooden ball cake stand

I am sharing a simple DIY for bright wooden ball cake stands at Project Wedding today. I love how introducing bursts of bright color into winter celebrations quickly livens up any dreary weather outside. The stands are fun to build up into differing heights for a festive dessert bar or place one layer under a […] More

oreo cookie balls recipe advent countdown

Continuing our festive advent countdowns, here’s a fun idea that the grown-ups will get into too! It’s as simple as picking your favorite treat; I made Oreo cookie balls with caramel, hard shell chocolate, and sea salt. After showing some serious constraint (they are so delicious!), I numbered each cookie ball for the countdown. You […] More

How to make a heart paperclip dessert topper

Inside: How to make a heart paperclip dessert topper! In honor of our anniversary weekend, I wanted to make a little treat that Matt and I could enjoy together. These miniature lava cakes are incredibly rich and quick to whip up. To add a little more love, I added these cute heart paperclip dessert toppers! […] More

How to Cook Lobster (fancy!)

Now that we are in the thick of summer. I’ve been thinking about a few things I really want to be sure we make happen. I know don’t live in Cape Cod, but I’ve found someone to teach me how to cook lobster because that is what I’m currently craving. Sometimes you just need a […] More

Reason to celebrate | Lipton tea advertising

I am completely obsessed with the new Lipton Tea ad campaign. An afternoon tea party turned wonderlandswith flying dogs and macaroons- what a perfect bit of celebration whimsy for the morning. See the adorable video here. Photography directed by Mathieu Plainfossé via Live and Enliven blessings. More

why don’t we – brighten up with candles

Happy Friday! I am normally a huge fan of party candles, and after a week of evenings getting noticeably darker – I’ve found myself especially drawn to lighting them. I may have had 15 different candles lit throughout the house one night this week! Pretty sure I almost set the fire alarm off;) Candles are the […] More

Double the frosting… double the fun

If you need more frosting for a birthday cake, just stick what you have in a blender for a couple minutes and it will double. Like magic! An especially helpful tip for the small store purchased jars and a mom who tends to run late. More

Christmas Minute to Win It Games for All Ages

Christmas is a time for all to come together with their loved ones, to eat, drink and BE MERRY! Minute to win it games are probably the funniest games of all. When you’re watching anyone manoeuvre a cookie from their forehead into their mouth, sans hands, it’s always going to be hilarious, but if that […] More

Best Kids Birthday Party Places – 27 Off The Wall Ideas

Inside: The best kids birthday party places! Every kid wants their birthday party to be an extraordinary experience! One that’ll be more fun than they could possibly imagine and will leave their friends talking about how awesome it was for weeks. And let’s be honest, you don’t REALLY want 30 five-year-olds ransacking your house. ;) […] More

How to make an easy homemade photo booth

Inside: This easy homemade photo booth for the party that needs a little kick. Throwing parties are always a great idea – even when you are on a trip. Until you start realizing how much time, money and stress the preparation causes. Because of this, I am constantly coming up with ideas to help make […] More

5 Tips For Feeling Pretty This Fall

This fall, we’re into a different kind of pretty, focusing not just what’s on the outside but what makes us feel pretty on the inside too. It’s always fun to put on a dash of makeup and a cute new outfit, but equally rewarding is that feeling of inner peace when are at home with […] More

Bright Confetti Wreath

If your holiday greens have come down, and your door is feeling a bit bare (like mine!), then giving it a burst of color with a confetti dot wreath is just the thing to liven its (and your) spirits this week. The wreath echos our snowy streets, but in a much brighter, more festive way. […] More

Confetti Dot Skirt

I just love when I happen upon a new crafting product. Last month I noticed these fabric stickers and knew they would be the start of something awesome. You can print out anything you’d like onto them and they stick right onto fabric to wear, to wash and to love. I have been experimenting with […] More

The best Easter pies

This post is sponsored by ConAgra. It’s almost Easter! Are you ready to celebrate? I’m so glad you loved our festive pie ideas for spring so much. Here are four more ways to update your pies and update the Easter dessert table to make a beautifully sweet statement. Dying coconut is the easiest way to make […] More

DIY Crown Made with Sequins, Wire, and Spray Glue

Fashioning a crown out of confetti sequins is a fun way to make a party tiara that will be loved by every birthday girl. This DIY crown is always a hit at our birthday parties and the birthday girl never wants to take it off. The combination of colorful sequins and a minimal wild wire design […] More

Mother’s Day Photo Book – The Easy Way

When it comes to giving Mother’s Day gifts, sentimentality wins every day! As a mom, there is nothing I’d want more than a sweet (toothless) smile from my girl with a book of beloved family photos inside. When it’s wrapped up in a gorgeous scarf she picked out herself, well that sounds like the perfect […] More

doughnut tree birthday cake

A part of my reasoning for embarking on the 30×30 challenge is to give myself a chance to learn about what I love and hate when it comes to planning parties. It is working… I am finding although I kind-of hate the process of cooking and menu planning. I absolutely adore coming up with totally […] More

ice cream birthday squares

v Looking for a sweet way to celebrate an ice cream lovers birthday? These ice cream birthday squares are so festive and fun! They’ll be an instant hit and can freeze in a couple hours. Claire made them for us, using an ice cube tray as the mold (we’ve done the heart milk cubes before!). […] More

Flair Pin Pies

There’s nothing I love more than a good tasting pie that speaks to me! It’s been a long standing tradition to create pies with words every November (see typography pie, stamped pie crust, and 4 Thanksgiving party tips) and this year is no different. Taking inspiration from our favorite flair pins these pie pins have an […] More

Genius Details For Home

I have a quick update for you on the new house. It’s been a fun last week. We drove to Ikea to stock up on all our cabinets and received the supplies for our concrete counter tops. There is a lot keeping us busy, which is good, since we are still waiting to get the […] More

Cotton Ball Wreath

I hope your Christmas decor was well loved and enjoyed this week. If you happen to be in need of a little something more for the coming New Years celebration – this wreath made out of cotton balls is a festive and fun addition. A simple switch of ribbon allows the wreath to happily adorn your door […] More

the best pinata cakes

Every once in a while we get to see a post really inspire others to celebrate well. The original piñata cake recipe is one of these kinds of posts. After so many comments and hundreds of thousands of pins, the emails started coming in from everyone who made their own piñata cakes. And loved them! People […] More

love shower piñata valentine

A piñata Valentine now that’s a treat! I love receiving sweet treats anyway I can, but placed inside a stitched up cloud piñata might be my favorite way ever to receive a handful of goodies. Make these Valentine shower piñatas in miniature form, give out and win the best card in class. Or make them […] More

Painted Paper Plate Garland

To decorate last week’s craft party we hung a fun garland made from paper plates! A humble paper plate turned into a beautiful piece of art that can quickly center a party in a seriously pretty way. I love the challenge of making something pretty out of an unexpected material. To make the painted paper plate […] More

Painted canvas baskets

My office was screaming at me for a dose of bright organization this spring. Instead of buying expensive (and never very cute) bins for storing our party supplies. I decided to make my own canvas baskets for corralling all of our random stuff. Plain canvas is crazy affordable to purchase and can be easily brightened up […] More

The Best Gifts For Kids – The 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Grab the gifts on this just-for-kids Christmas gift guide and you’ll be their favorite adult in the room! I’ve picked out my favorite books, super fun experiences to enjoy together, and the neatest dino crayons, just to name a few. We always try to get the kids a couple really special gifts each year and I could easily do all my shopping from this list… More

Our Laundry Room Reveal

We jumped into doing a bathroom/laundry combo remodel late this summer when I got a crazy idea that we might as well just go ahead and MOVE THE LAUNDRY ROOM! We have the bathroom downstairs on one side of the stairs and had a small funky shaped room on the other that was just being […] More

13 Crazy Colorful DIY Mexican Party Decorations

Inside: 13 crazy colorful DIY Mexican party decorations I. Love. Parties! And themed parties are even better. Mexican parties, aka fiestas, are some of my favorite kinds…want to know why? Tacos, margaritas, piñatas, and all the colorful decor! Need I say more? Now that we have put away easter, Cinco de Mayo is upon us […] More

The Best Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipes

One of my very favorite holiday traditions is the hosting of an annual cookie exchange and this year I decided to throw one in true Scandinavian style. The tradition started as a way of saving everyone from baking hundreds of cookies for the holidays all alone. In the past few years it has snowballed with […] More

a merry hostess throws confetti

dot cookies | polka dot dress | tablesetting | confetti art | dotted favors | napkins More

A Fiesta Waffle Bar

It’s time for a fiesta and there’s no better way to set up a fiesta brunch than with at home Eggo Waffle bar! More

DIY Dog Collars Your Pup Will Love

Inside: DIY Dog Collars Your Pup Will Love I have never met a dog I didn’t like, true story. They say a dog is mans best friend and boy they weren’t lying. My pups are some of the biggest joys in my life, they motivate me to go on walks, they bring me happiness on […] More

wooden ball candlesticks

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is with candles. The simple shapes and gorgeous light they bring makes any room a place to gather this season. I also adore that a room can be transformed – especially at the last minute, with candles. If Christmas seems to have snuck up on […] More

Yard toss game

Now that summer is almost here we are moving all the gatherings we can outdoors. I love having a game or two outside to get friends moving around, chatting and competing. Friendly competition begets the best inside jokes – don’t you think? Great party games allow for spunky competition, while still making room for easy party […] More

49 Crazy Minute to Win It Games for Kids & Adults

Minute to win it games are quick, easy, and fun games for kids and adults to play at home using cheap everyday household items. This article provides fun and holiday-themed ideas for minute to win it games for kids. Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids at Home These games are all easy for […] More

Our Experience In Home Ownership

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT.  You may remember we have partnered with CORT in the past on making a guest room work anywhere at home and finishing rooms off for the holidays. Recently, I read this interesting article they posted discussing the trend of Millennials on home purchasing. […] More

egg stand DIY

Do you have all your Easter preparations finished? I needed last minute egg stands, so I grabbed my small collection of cheesy (fake) crystal candle holders and took a can of pink spray paint to them. They make me happy and look great against our Easter green linen. I placed a stamped egg inside each […] More

an afternoon tailgate

Our Alma Mater was in town playing this weekend, so it made for a perfect day to tailgate. I partnered with Smirnoff to host this little afternoon of fun from the trunk of our car. I used a fold out wooden table and left one side propped on the truck while one set of legs […] More

Best Vacuum Sealer for Fish: Which One Is Best for You?

Fish is healthy and one of the prime sources of protein. If you want your fish to last longer and stay fresh, use the best vacuum sealer for fishes. Here are top options! More

Text Printed Table Runner

Here is a really easy way to make any table ready for any celebration. A printed text paper runner! Perfect for Thanksgiving when filled with phrases of thanks. To make the runner, go to your local copy store with one of the following: a printed version of what you’d like the runner to say, a […] More

why don’t we… count down the days

Advent starts this weekend! Counting down the days of Christmas season is one of my favorite events of the year. It’s not just the day of, but these couple weeks before that seem so filled with revelry and magic. Whether we are planning family activities (here are 50 of my favorite!), writing secret Advent notes […] More

face decal party balloons

Who remembers these family photo face eggs? They were one of my favorite projects ever. Putting our faces on inanimate objects is just too much fun. So obviously… balloons are next!!! About this time of year, there is a push to get our family photos done for the Christmas cards. When trying to think of […] More

feather shoe clips

I designed these feather shoe clips that would be great to pull together a line of bridesmaids or to wear alone for a fancy summer soiree. They are a cinch to make and get any heel party ready. See the full tutorial at Project Wedding. More

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with it, many things to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to display an Easy DIY Thanksgiving Garland to help impart words of thanks to our celebration. Sometimes, communicating what we are thankful for deserves more than just a few words after dinner. During Thanksgiving time there are […] More

Reason to celebrate | thrifting

Before leaving The Altitude Summit Saturday I joined up with a few new blogging friends to scour the town for the best thrift store finds. Liz took us to all the right places and it was a blast to shop with like minded gals. I found so many amazing deals that I had to purchase […] More

merrymaking 8.3.2012

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 Happy first Friday of August. This weekend will be a working one for me as we prepare to launch something really special next week. I never have an issue working hard as long as […] More

Triple Berry Popsicle

I love a good popsicle. Especially the kind that you can really taste the fruit in. Nothing is more refreshing as the weather warms up than chopped berries in sweet treat form. Adding not just one type of fruit, but 3 different berries to this popsicle takes it from ordinary to incredibly celebratory. The addition […] More

Inspired weekend- Window shopping

Psst- Don’t forget to tell me a few words about your mom, today is the last day to win! I am often asked about what inspires my party and life designs. One of the most lovely activities I can do on a sunny afternoon is to walk around our mall peeking in at the new […] More

floral print party vases

Brightening up a room for a summer soiree just got really fun! These bloom worthy vases are a great way to add pretty color and design to a space. Make them for summer brunch and leave them lying around all season long (at least that’s my plan:) The bright colors and gorgeous textures make the […] More

a simple anniversary dinner

When Erin, a new friend in Reno who runs the cute site Barnbride, asked if I would snap a few photos on her anniversary I nervously said, “yes”. She went on to describe her vision of sitting down with her husband at sunset amidst the freshly fallen leaves, incorporating elements from the fall issue of […] More

Hand-crafted parties, a little squirt

This post goes out in honor of a dear friend who is going to have a baby very soon in a foreign land. Love you Ashley and I wish we could throw you a rocking shower for baby #3. A summer baby shower laden with homespun details from Eden Photography for a personal friend home […] More

13 summer party hacks

Tis’ the season for BBQ’s and outdoor summer fun. We often have friends over last minute in the summer time and I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way. I am excited to share these 13 really simple party hacks that will keep your 4th of July, or any other summer party, going off […] More

4 Ideas for Creating a Wonderful Guest Room on a Budget

Do you find you often have guests visiting from out of town who stay the night, or multiple nights in your home? Do you want to spend some time creating a comfortable and inviting guest room that better meets their needs and makes it possible for you to host on a more regular basis? And […] More

20 Super Bowl Party Drinking Games Your Friends Will LOVE

Inside: The best Super Bowl drinking games for this year’s Super Bowl party. Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and while I’m admittedly not an avid football fan, I love any reason to throw a party! Besides the big game, Super Bowl parties are all about getting together with friends for an afternoon full of […] More

sparkle and lace bunting

A recent bunting DIY with sparkle and lace! I first used this idea for our Valentine’s girls night and imagine it to be a gorgeous touch for any winter wedding. I saved the project after photographing it to use with our Christmas decor. The texture and sparkle lend such a festive touch. See the complete […] More

This Cake is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Seeing as how my kids go through a pack of bananas every couple days, a banana cake seems fit for just about any celebration! Taking away the normal play of monkeys & bananas, we’e updated the idea to make a cake that is vividly colorful and supremely fun. This cake is BANANAS, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. There is […] More

How To Play Safeway Monopoly

Inside: How to play Safeway Monopoly game. This post has been sponsored by Safeway. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Making the everyday moments into fun spurts of revelry is exactly what I need when grocery shopping in the middle of winter. Safeway’s MONOPOLY Collect & Win game – collect tickets for the win […] More

Spooky Fun Halloween Jello Shots

 Inside: Spooky festive Halloween vodka pumpkin jello shots! Halloween is obviously fun for the kids, but when the grown-ups get together their treats should be just as great. These Halloween vodka jello shots are the perfect combination of spunk and fun for the spooky night ahead.   Halloween Fun Our neighborhood really gets into Halloween, at […] More

NYE Balloon Drop with Glitter Balloons

With both my kids birthdays in December, hosting a holiday party is not something that comes easy – so we’ve taken to hosting NYE for the past 5 years. It is my favorite party we host every year. We normally invite a handful of our dearest friends, do something fun for dinner (this year its […] More

How To Make & Apply Iron On Patches

Inside: The easiest DIY for how to make iron on patches.  Does anyone else just LOVE the embroidered patch trend? I am obsessed! I love being able to add that special flair to anything like clothes, shoes, or even back to school snack bags. These DIY custom iron on patches are the perfect project to […] More

beer tasting for Dad + giveaway

Give dad something he will truly enjoy for Father’s Day this year, beer! A beer tasting gift is both thoughtful and easy to put together. Adding photo labels from Pinhole Press with cute a snapshot of the kids will make the gesture extra special. To give a great beer tasting gift pack, pick out a […] More

Picnic club name tags

When I was originally inspired for celebrate picnic month I just adored the idea of having name tags. Like our own little picnic loving, summer celebrating club! Join me??? Download the name tag sheet HERE. Print them out and wear one to show your picnic support. I would love a photo of you sporting your […] More

25 international fancy fonts

Last year we shared a collection of favorite romantic fonts. This year I was thinking, what could be sweeter than saying “I like really you” in fancy fonts script? Then it hit me, of course… Say it in French! Or Italian, or Dutch. Say I love you, happy birthday, hello, or even I’m sorry in […] More

a honeycomb baby shower

I threw a baby shower this last weekend and it was such joy! We themed the celebration around welcoming Erin’s new hunny and filled the space with honeycomb inspired decor and honey infused food. I happened upon the thought of using chicken wire as honeycomb and bought a big package of it. After the shower […] More

Rainbow Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Happy November! It’s officially pie season, my favorite time of year, and it’s so hard to pick a favorite flavor. We’ve created everything from pool float pies to typography pies over the past years. While I know pumpkin pie is usually the star of the dessert table, this year I wanted to share a fun […] More

party in | Charleston, South Carolina

As a special treat for the party in series, Amanda is sketching celebratory drawings of each city name. Download the 5×7 Charelston print here and use for postcards, gift tags, invitations or stash away a set of your favorite city prints to frame together at home. I’ve never dreamt of living in South Carolina until […] More

colored pencil candles

I was so excited when I saw this pin on how to make crayon candles (you know my love for setting things on fire). The crayons didn’t work… but I loved the idea so much I decided to try it out in another form. And, I am really excited for how these colored pencil candles […] More

Christmas Perler Bead Patterns Snowflakes & Fun

Christmas perler bead patterns filled with snowflakes and fun. Perler beads are totally underrated and we have a bunch of kid friendly perler bead patterns that are getting us excited these days! Since I don’t think these fun little beads were around yet when I was wee kiddo (at least I don’t think ha), I’m […] More

“Punny” Candy Bars For Halloween

It’s time to up our Halloween candy game. I love a big bag of generic candy bars, but how much more fun to hand out candy covered in colorful puns? Especially for hosting Halloween parties this idea is colorful, fun and super easy. The “punny” wrappers will instantly better your candy game without the need to slave over creating a treat […] More

host a game day party

It has started. Have you begun to feel the chill of autumn yet? The crowds are gathering for the games; we are headed right into sports season mania. Although I’m not much of a sports girl myself, I’ve been schooled by a recent obsession with Friday Night Lights and am excited about a very stylish […] More

10 creative christmas cards

Are you the type who’s done with your Christmas cards… signed, stamped, and mailed before Thanksgiving? Some years I am, but some years I get stuck on the idea – cute, without the cheese, fun but not dorky, making sure everyone looks somewhat sane. Not always an easy task with kids, dogs, and a family […] More

The Ultimate Guide to Baking Birthday Cakes!

I am so excited to share this Ultimate Guide to Baking Birthday Cakes! Over the last 7 years of blogging we have shared so many different ideas, tips and tricks for baking birthday cakes. I’ve learned a ton along the way and one of the things I’m excited about incorporating this year on the blog […] More

How to capture creative inspiration

This post is sponsored by Intel. Capturing inspiration is one of my favorite things to do. Intel powered ASUS Transformer Book Chi 2 in 1 is my new best friend in making this happen. Noticing something and be inspired by it is one of the most joyful things about my work as a blogger. To be inspired […] More

printable science posters

A friend showed me this site which has a collection of amazing vintage science prints free for download. Perfect for a boys party, a picnic invitation, Halloween, or whimsical home decor. Honestly, I’d adore their creative and colorful impact at any party. More

baby shower firsts

A sweet idea to start your week (happy Monday!). This baby shower print is a collection of each guest’s hopes of firsts for the baby boy. Everyone was asked to jot down what they were most excited for baby to experience in this life- a first baseball game, a McDonald’s french fry, a ride on […] More

Jeweled Easter Eggs

I realize it’s a bit early to be talking bunnies and Easter, but the natural beauty of these jeweled eggs is so pretty I found it necessary to share. They will fit in perfectly at any spring brunch whether bunnies are present or not. I love the idea of keeping eggs natural and adding elements […] More

25 Fresh Free Fonts for 2022

A new year is just around the corner. I am so looking forward to 2019! There’s something about a clean slate, a fresh start that just draws me in. I can’t wait to share with you all of the fun things we have planned for the year ahead, so in celebration, I’m showing you my […] More

a very pompom holiday

I know those of us in the U.S. are dreaming of stuffing and pumpkin pie today, but before we all jump onto planes carrying our stretchy pants along, I HAD to share this with you. StephLovesBen has a new holiday line out. And it is gorgeous. I am sure you will absolutely adore it. So […] More

4 Tips For Planning A Room Update

We are just about a year into our enormous project of purchasing and renovating a home. This house is a fixer upper in all possible senses. While it has great bones, an awesome location, and a gorgeous property – the house was passed up on by everyone else because of the tremendous amount of work […] More

reason to celebrate | a beautiful mess

Elsie Larson is one of my favorite bloggers. Her DIY style is always so sweet and her recent wedding completely lives up. Did you see it on Style Me Pretty yesterday? I spotted this gorgeous black and white printed love bunting in her photos and have not been able to get it out of my […] More

Printable Summer Happiness Bucket List

It’s easy to jump into summer based on the ideals we find in our friend’s Facebook feeds or in the styled shoots shared on Pinterest – but really summer means something different to us all. After blogging, reading blogs, and perusing Pinterest for so many years I’ve found it is crazy important to spend a bit […] More

Vacuum Sealer for Canning Jars: A How-to Guide

There are many models of vacuum sealers that consist of attachments designed to work specifically for canning jars. Read on to learn more. More

Homemade paper flower tutorial

As we close out Celebrate picnic month later today (I will be announcing all the winners in just a few hours) I want to encourage each of us to continue enjoying the summer, resting under trees and making picnics for those we love. Here is a sweet addition I created that will lend a lovely […] More

Air Plant Terrarium

If you are in need of a last minute gift this week – making an air plant terrarium is a great option. The ornament has easily become my favorite this season. With the top taken off it will grow beautifully in a home or office space all year long. The air plant requires no soil for growth, making it […] More

+50 Happy Mothers Day Funny Quotes With Images – A Subtle Revelry

Inside: Happy Mothers Day Quotes With Images Mother’s Day is under 1 month away and we are getting ready to shower mom with love & funny quotes this year. Because we all know mom loves a great quote. We’ve come up with 20 Funny Happy Mothers Day Quotes to help us in the process… And because […] More

Fried Ice Cream Balls – The Easiest Recipe For Fiesta Fun

With summer in full swing hosting a fiesta party and serving up fried ice cream seems like a great idea. These fiesta fried ice cream balls are both refreshing and crispy fried goodness at the same time. WIN! Topped with sprinkles & whip cream the easy recipe will come together in minutes and leave your […] More

Garden flower stake tutorial

Earlier today I shared with you Susan’s lovely garden party. One of my favorite handcrafted features was the handmade flower stake, filled with the most lovely simple bouquet stuck in the ground. Susan has been so sweet to share the tutorial for these stakes. Make your own garden flower stakes: These would be lovely placed […] More

playing boats

As a nod to the water when we gathered for tea at sea we played a little boat chase game and I would love to share it with you today. I am off for the weekend to enjoy good friends up at the lake. Plan a boat chase for your next lake visit this summer, […] More

30+ DIY Time Capsule Ideas for You to Give Out to the Future!

Have you ever thought about making a time capsule? It’s basically a Time Travel Treasure Hunt. You store up several different objects and very securely hide them somewhere for people 20-50-100 years in the future to see. Here are some time capsule ideas to give the future the best gifts possible. As a warning, don’t […] More

Paper flower pop-up box

Valentine’s Day can start to feel a bit predictable. Hearts, candy and flowers can only express so much. The thought of a large stuffed bear with a silky red bow actually kills a small piece of my heart. Instead of going the store bought route, why not make a pop-up floral box for a more […] More

Reason to celebrate #83

In case you hadn’t noticed, this new series reasons to celebrate is numbered in a very random fashion. There is honestly no other purpose for this than it was suggested by the husband and it made me smile. Just thought I should mention that;) #83 is the most adorable yet!!! Animals hiding at the bottom […] More

The Kitchen Before & After

I’m so excited to share our final kitchen design today. When we moved into the house a couple months ago the first thing we did was demolish the kitchen. We took the room down to the studs, changed a couple important elements, and reimagined it into a space that is light, bright and perfect for […] More

Washabi tape bunting

The easiest bunting that ever did exist! Fold tape in half and cut up the edges to make this pretty party decoration, you can follow the complete directions here. Although I love the modern snowflake pattern above, I think this could also be cute with masking tape that has been slightly scribbled on by a […] More

paper bow invitations

What do you get when you cross crazy affordable note cards with pretty origami bows? My favorite new invites! Making paper bows is a wonderful way to gussy up anything from cupcakes to cards. A couple quick folds and cuts can transform dollar section cards into mini works of art. Invitations that will definitely command […] More

The Cutest Printable Animal Masks for Kids

Inside: The cutest printable animal masks for kids. It’s officially October and you know what that means, it’s time to start planning costumes! These cute printable animal masks are the perfect Halloween DIY. This fall DIY is such an easy and GREAT for the kids to help you make. Now let get to trick-or-treating, check […] More

coffee filter flowers

I am throwing a baby shower this weekend and having a blast planning the details. Rebecca made these gorgeous pink coffee filter flowers for a shower this summer and created a DIY to share the process with us. I love the substantial impact they create for little time and money. The flowers could be designed […] More

Our IVF Success Stories – A Happy Ending

With Mother’s Day coming up I know we all celebrate in different ways. I am grateful to have mom who I adore still around to gush on. Also reliving our IVF success stories and having my babies by my side means we have a lot to celebrate every May. Although, I know for many of […] More

3 refreshing summer smash cocktails

Have you tried a smash yet? It’s a category of cocktail that involves really simple ingredients: spirits, sparkling water and seasonal fruit. A perfectly refreshing way to end a hot summer day. Smashes have quickly become my go-to summer drink of choice, I’ve been trying them over the past couple months with all types of ingredients. […] More

Reason to celebrate – fun and festive cascarones

Inside: We are talking about how to make Cascarones and if you aren’t in the mood to make, we have the best place to buy Cascarones! With Easter quickly approaching I am so excited about starting one of our favorite DIY traditions, Cascarones! They are so fun and such a festive way to celebrate the […] More

How to Make a Sparkly Heart Emoji Costume

Inside: We are showing you how to make a heart emoji Halloween costume. Now that it officially fall! We are kicking off our Halloween fun this year with costumes, pumpkins and all the spooky, but most colorful, ways we love to celebrate this time of year. You can see all of our favorite costumes and […] More

Ombre Petal Cake

There’s nothing like a ombre petal cake to let the entire world know, “I KNOW HOW TO BAKE A CAKE!”. It is a gorgeous showcase of cake decorating abilities that everyone will love. And the best part… It’s way easier to create that you might ever imagine. In fact you really don’t need to know much at all […] More

FoodSaver B016C4KK20 GameSaver Vacuum Sealer Review

Quick Overview FEATURES EASE OF USE PRICE CONTROLS SEE ALL VACUUM SEALER REVIEWS CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON One of the great pleasures of hunting and fishing is the satisfaction of providing food to your friends and family. However, every catch needs to be quickly processed and portioned, so that it can be enjoyed at the […] More

Colorful Advent Wreath Candles

Advent is coming up quick and I’m already starting to think through which of our favorite ideas we will make happen this year. I’ve teamed up with Elmer’s Glue to make this Colorful Advent Wreath Candles. It’s bright, bold lines are an awesome way to bring a design punch to this year’s decorations. One tradition […] More

brilliantly free floral fonts

I am thrilled we are almost to spring. The season just gorgeous! I love seeing the textures and colors burst onto our clothing, projects, and nature itself this time of year. It seems appropriate that our fonts should brighten and lighten up as well. I mean… why still write in winter’s dull type, when you […] More

Send THANKS Today

When we launched our email list I mentioned there would be free goodies coming if you sign up for the email. You can still sign up right here! One of the goodies we’ve sent out is a colorful set of email cards. In honor of Thanksgiving I’m giving away this email Thank You card today. This is […] More

Plastic bottle flower vases making

With inspiration sought after, and the invitations sent out- this week we are focusing on what will make your party extra lovely. Adding a little flair, something funky, a special unexpected twist to your party’s decor with these plastic bottle flower vases making. After falling head-over-heels in love with the plastic bottle wreath earlier this week, […] More

Baking Inside of a Pumpkin

There’s not much that beats carving a pumpkin this time of year. Except of course, if we are cutting it up to bake a freaking cake inside! That my friends might just win my – “favorite thing of all time” award. Can you imagine? The awesomeness of our beloved fall pumpkin + a cake! Perfection. […] More

handmade gifts for the house

Gifts for the home are great to give since they always fit everyone perfectly. When gifts for the home are both handmade and well designed… well, my Christmas list is basically done. :) I am happy to be partnering with one of my favorite shops Baba Souk to share a few gift picks that are […] More

Make a Paper Chandelier- a festive DIY

Paper is one of my favorite materials to work with and I absolutely adore how easy it is to adorn a space for a party with a few sheets of bright, colorful paper. This paper chandelier DIY will brighten up any room, no electricity needed. Use bright colors to transform your dining room and make […] More

Thoughts On 14 Years Of Marriage

Today is Matt and my 14th anniversary! I can’t even believe we have been married that long. Yes we are really that old, and yes we got married super young. Our wedding was one week to the day from when I graduated college. When I think back we seem like such babies. I’ve shared a […] More

Sweet and easy teacher gifts

Tis’ the week for holiday parties at school, saying goodbye before Christmas break, and exchanging gifts with the teachers we’ve all grown to love. To create a gift that is thoughtful and adorable at the same time all you need is something indulgent and a way to wrap up your children’s age appropriate adorableness into […] More

berry dyed stars

We have quickly fallen in love with fruit dying around here. Have you ever attempted it? I have a couple of fun party projects to share that we have been dying. It is the perfect medium to work with on warm summer afternoons. Today, simple paper bag stars become all natural summer decorations when soaked […] More

How To Build A Walk In Closet – Our Festive Home DIY Closet

How to build a walk in closet! You guys, we built our own closet for the master bedroom! And it fits all our stuff with perfection. And I’m wild about the space. So excited to take you on our little DIY closet journey today. Legitimately we (read: Matt) built a room from the studs on […] More

what is your reason to celebrate?

While in San Diego last week I enjoyed a small side project. I walked around and asked quite a few women (mostly strangers) what their reason for celebrating was. I have high hopes of compiling this together for you because their answers are so sweet, and moving, and some are just really fun. In the […] More

Painted Walmart Disco Balls

There is nothing I like better than a good disco ball. And I know I’ve shared before that you can grab Walmart disco balls for $10! They are the perfect size for hanging in windows and catching the pretty afternoon sun. I’ve seen so many of you guys jump onto this trend lately and it […] More

6 Simple Routines to Help You Feel More Well in 2022

The exaggerated pace of modern-day life often leaves us feeling tired, sleepy, and stressed. And while we certainly can’t expect the world to slow down, we are still able to control our own response to the hectic and overwhelming to-do lists we often burden ourselves with. Today we’ll look at six simple but effective routines […] More

Pom Pom Rainbow Wall Hanger + Printable Art Print

Inside: Pom Pom Rainbow Wall Hanger + Printable Art Print March is here and we are ready for sunshine, rainbows, and all things colorful! I feel like when March is here that is a sign of warmer days and sunnier skies. This rainbow wall hanger is full of fun colors and adds the perfect sprinkle […] More

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacuum sealers make things easier for you in the kitchen, but only if you have best product. Here is a detailed review of VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. More

Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Review

Summer is our favorite season of the year, well, ever since we moved to Reno/Tahoe. Whether it is meeting friends at the lake, enjoying a backyard BBQ, or just busting out a slip-n-slide on the lawn, there’s nothing quite like summer. Somehow these long days tend to produce the fondest memories that last a lifetime. What’s on your summer bucket list? We have found that the best way to get the most out of summer is to be prepared for all the kids summer activities early! More

DIY tabletop bar

A couple weeks ago I found an old log holder left for trash. Immediately, I knew it needed a second life. Moments earlier I had been contemplating how to build a bar set-up in our small, kid crazed house. I love the gorgeous look of bar carts, but know that we don’t have the room for […] More

Fun and Festive Monster Games for Kids

Inside: Fun and Festive Monster Games for Kids, like Monster Pinatas!  It’s all fun and games till the Monsters want to play! Sometimes the kids and I have different ideas of celebrating. I plan a fall filled with leaves, homemade costumes, and simple pumpkins – they want shiny costumes from the shelf, spider webs, and […] More

easy outdoor candle stakes

I wanted to bring in extra light to our yard and was looking for something a bit more refined then the store bought tiki torches. So I made my own candle stakes! I used a small drill bit to hallow out the bottom 1/4 of a stack of taper candles and stuck them atop craft […] More

Pink Party Ideas

It’s summer and the parties should be as easy as our days are long. When throwing a kids party one of the biggest ways we make things simple is sticking to a color theme. It’s crazy how imparting one color in various textures, designs and styles will create a cohesive space that takes very little brain power to create More

no-dye easter egg ideas

I love the Easter season and have a particular fondness for crafting and designing pretty eggs. I am over the moon excited to show you what we’ve come up with this year, but if you’re like me and have an inkling to get started on your eggs (today!) here are a few of my favorite […] More

colorful party garland and paper trees

Nothing beats a festive strand of party bunting. No matter what the holiday is… colorful bunting is always the right answer! Bunting, combined with a simple scene of white tress and peppermint striped straws, makes for a holiday centerpiece reminiscent of the north pole. This little set up will bring a festive touch to your […] More

this is how I feel today

This is how I feel today… Seriously. Like I want to wear yellow eyeliner and just start dancing. Thank you for receiving the newest issue of Styled. magazine so incredibly well. I have been super encouraged with all the emails, tweets and postings that you have sent. The Internet is the best because it allows […] More

Gigantic Paper Flags

And just like that… It’s Thanksgiving week! Crazy. Right? Whatever you are doing this week – I sincerely hope the celebrations leave you feeling full and happy. In case you’re (just now!) thinking about decorating – this is a perfect last minute project. Paper flags in pretty colors, with stick on letters. Stick them on […] More

Balloon drawer for April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is coming up next week. The entire fact that it is already going to be April feels like a joke in itself. Eeek! April 1st is a perfect day for playing pranks on those we love the most, and I often find my pranks involving balloons. Every prank is better if it involves a […] More

13th Birthday Party Ideas For The Cool Mom

Inside:13th birthday party ideas.  Turning 13 is a BIG deal! Going from kid to teenager is enough to make any parent giddy and a little nostalgic at the same time. Planning the party should be fun and giving your upcoming teenager a fun event that feels 100% of them is easier than you may think. […] More

Birthday Party Appetizers – A Guide

Organizing the appetizers  When organizing appetizers for a birthday party, the first thing to consider is how many guests you’re expecting. The next consideration is the sort of occasion you’re plannng. Will it be a casual gathering in the evening, with snacks and drinks, or will the appetizers be the first course of a sit-down […] More

25 free christmas card fonts

Whether you’re a long winded, year update, note writer, or a more simple “merry everything” sender – this time of year is the season for corresponding the old-fashioned way (which I just love!). Add a selection of these free and festive holiday fonts to your arsenal and make sending those cards, invites, and thank-yous just […] More

The Most Colorful Sugar Plum Christmas Garland

This DIY Sugar plum Christmas garland is the most colorful way to decorate a tree or deck the halls for this holiday season. It’s an easy Christmas craft to manage and creates a sugar plum look that is filled with vibrant fun. Last year, in looking for a healthier alternative to store bought gummies, I […] More

How to Make A Baby Diaper Cake

A practical, easy, and favorite baby shower gift idea that will be appreciated and remembered is a DIY Diaper Cake. They are not hard to make and you don’t have to be a crafts expert with a degree in design. Many new moms forget that diapers are going to be an essential item in their […] More

Cakes & Cuts: Bows

It is almost time to jump fully into the holiday season. We’ve ordered our cards, stacked up on wrapping ideas, and found the perfect bows to go with it all. It is a great time of year to settle in and focus on the details. Like bows! The right bow can make or break a […] More

Cheese & Chocolate Crossiants

With back to school here, I am always on the look-out for easy and fun recipes that the kids will love. We used these easy to grab Sargento® Cheese slices to whip up a back to school recipe the kids are loving! It’s easy to make and with natural cheese (not process cheese), I love serving it and they’ll love the taste. More

The Sweetest Candy Birthday Cake

Inside: The sweetest candy bar birthday cake I am all about the cakes whether they are This candy bar birthday cake is a total showstopper at any party. Just in time for my Halloween sweet tooth to come to life. I mean… candy stacked as high as imaginable! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something […] More

Light bulb terrariums- a tutorial

I saw these amazing light bulb terrarium favors in Crystal and Troy’s wedding featured on Ruffled. Their whole wedding was filled to the brim with DIY goodness! These place cards/favors jumped out at me a perfect way to thank guests at any fall celebration. Crystal, the lovely new bride and is here today sharing with […] More

Fizzy Gin Cocktails – Let’s Get Fizzy With It

I love a good cocktail, especially when it’s easy to make and I can just use what I already have at home. It’s fun experimenting with new flavors and getting to play the role of mixologist for a bit. Gin has been a new spirit we’ve been experimenting with lately – it’s quickly become a […] More

Small Bathroom Design Remodel Pictures

I couldn’t be more thrilled to share our master small bathroom design remodel pictures today! This space is obviously my new favorite room in the house. I just LOVE it to pieces. If you remember the before photos we shared of this space and our small bathroom ideas post for space, we weren’t working with […] More

Candy Filled Balloons Pumpkin Patch

It’s about that time of year when we start dreaming of all the fun Halloween parties to be had. From classrooms to our kitchen table, Halloween is a celebration we get behind to enjoy any way possible. Although we’ve made fun jack-o’-lantern balloons before, this year we decided to give our balloons a little extra purpose and fill them with candy!

A candy-filled balloon pumpkin patch! More

The Holiday Issue

I am so happy to share the Holiday issue of A Subtle Revelry magazine with you today. It is filled with subtle ideas, creative DIY projects, and the most wonderful cast of inspiring thoughts! It is my hope that the magazine will inspire you to amazingly crafted revelries this holiday season. This issue looks starkly […] More

reason to celebrate | candle forks

A little something festive for your Friday afternoon. These candle forks look like so much fun for a birthday + they are on sale! PS. We are finally moving into our new place this weekend (SMILES), I am very much looking forward to getting settled. Have a happy weekend and I hope to see you […] More

How to smell pretty at parties

We have an outdoor wedding to attend this weekend, and I’m Italian, which means I glisten well. ;) As it is with all summer parties, I start to get nervous about how my aroma will affect the way I feel and look celebrating under the sweltering sun. Last summer I found out this great trick to […] More

43 of the Best DIY for Teens

Inside: DIY Projects for Teens. We have come up with 43 of the best DIY projects for teens. From fashion, style, decor and everything in between, this list is our top picks for all things creative for your unique teen! I love seeing my kids express themselves through creativity, but sometimes they need a little […] More

The Sweetest Christmas Brunch With Sara Lee Desserts

Christmas season is here and our schedule is chock full of dinners, evening parties and the like. We wanted to get some of the girls together, so instead of competing with the crazy evening schedules we decided to throw a brunch! I love brunches for a lot of reasons. They are wonderfully low-key compared to […] More

Reindeer Party Balloons

Tis’ the season for whimsy and colorful fun! These reindeer balloons are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit as we jump into December this week. For holiday parties at work, at home, or at school the balloons (and fun reindeer party blowers below) signal to all your guests that you are ready […] More

Pretty Paloma Cocktail For Spring

It’s finally starting to warm up where I live and that means cocktails on the deck are coming soon! We made a fun variation on this classic Paloma Cocktail the other night and it was amazing. It’s one of those drinks that pulls together so easy and tastes so good – everyone will be amazed […] More

Styled. magazine issue five | the art of merrymaking

I am thrilled to be sharing our March issue of Styled. magazine with you today. This issue has been great fun to put together. Sharing from the twin’s birthday is really special for me and the chance I had to paint in bright pink during Reno’s recent week of snow storms made me exceptionally happy. […] More

waterproof drink labels

Since many of the iced tea combinations looked similar I needed to label each bottle. While searching for something different than flags for this project, I stumbled upon an extra piece of laminated paper lying around. A bright (cartoonist) light went off in my head. Waterproof labels… of course! Making your own waterproof labels is […] More

lemon cake baked in a lemon

A piece from the Styled. lemonade stand that I love but have yet to share; lavender lemonade cakes baked in lemons! They were a festive addition to the stand and would make the perfect sweet note for an afternoon brunch or shower. Download the lemon favor, “open for cake” labels by clicking here. To make […] More

pineapple honeycomb wreath

I am so happy to welcome March this week, with its bright burst of spring it is ALWAYS a sight for sore eyes. I am dreaming of all things warm, and there’s no reason not to revel in the new season quickly approaching; even though our weather might be still catching up. Brighten up the […] More

quick tip: the best pies for your 69 cents

Hey everyone… I have a tip for you that will really help your summer/fall/winter/spring party planning. It’s something my mom showed me last year when planning my brother’s wedding. One very large store that we all love to hate (it rhythms with fall tart) carries these individual pies in really amazing boxes for 69 cents […] More

DIY Book Cover Made From A Party Bag

First grade is also that last year before my kids really started to think about things like washing the brownies off their hands before grabbing their books. Which is why I made an entire bookcase worth of decorative book covers to cover all their favorite reading books. Using DIY book covers allows me More

10 awesome centerpieces

There are ways to center your table… and then there are centerpieces. An awesome centerpiece is a mini-installation that makes your table instantly feel like a party. Whether it’s a massive weekend hoopla, or a Tuesday night dinner party, this collection of DIY centerpiece ideas will cover your table in the most awesome of style. More

Reindeer pinatas

Even though we started the holidays a bit early this year with Christmas tree cupcakes, gummy bear cookies, and my current 8 weeks until Christmas wrapping obsession – now it is definitely holiday season. I’m jumping right in with these fun reindeer pinatas. A similar concept to the miniature unicorn pinatas, except reindeers! Because reindeers […] More

10 Fun Things To Do In Austin Texas

I’ve had such a great time in Texas the past couple weeks. When I was thinking about the post I wanted to write for our time, I decided on one all about the fun things to do in Austin Texas, because this city is just freaken fun! Austin is by far one of the most […] More

DIY Sequin Hearts

Inside: The cutest valentine sequin hearts! Today finally feels like the first day of the new year. All the decorations are put away, the kids are back at school, and I am already looking ahead (just a bit) to hearts, flowers, and all the loveliness coming up these next few months. These DIY sequin hearts […] More

Confetti White Chocolate Brownies

This post is sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Brownies are hands-down one of my favorite treats. That is true about most people I know. I can rarely resist the chocolate goodness a fudge-filled brownie holds. The only problem I have with the treat is that it is… Just. So. Brown. Well lucky us, I found […] More

Minnie Mouse Party Games: 12 Fun Games For Little Kids

Little girls adore Minnie Mouse. After all, what is there not to love about her? She’s cute and very little. And she’s a mouse wearing a polka dot dress. Although there isn’t a set age, many of Minnie’s biggest fans are anywhere from 2-5 years old, generally speaking.  Your little birthday girl and her friends […] More

The Churro Bar

Standing at the center of our game night was a make-your-own Churro bar. I was thrilled with the idea of designing this piece for the celebration and now that the night is over I absolutely adore it even more. It was a hit… a huge hit with our guests! I love that it is a […] More

Would You Rather? Christmas Edition

Whether you’re a child, teenager or adult, Would You Rather is a hilarious and fun game for all ages – and you only need to talk to play! It’s an easy way to round everyone up and enjoy some holiday celebrations without any extra equipment or confusing rules. After all, everyone knows how to play! […] More

votive baked cakes

I had a stack of pretty glass votive holders that were in need of a new and original use. Remembering this Dixie cup cake post, I decided they would make the perfect miniature cake pans. The teeny tiny cakes came out a fun bite size and would be great to serve frosted on their own, […] More

succulent garden table runner

In the new house we have aquired something that I am over the moon excited about – a 10 foot dining table! It is HUGE, and gorgeous, and will be the setting of so much fun this coming year. Although this feature was one of the things that actually sold me on our new home, I quickly noticed that my current […] More

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

Dreaming of cactus on a rainy spring day. These cactus ice cream cones are a perfect way to welcome in summer. It is coming so soon! I love the season of warm weather, sweet melty treats, and lazy days of rest. Let’s make it even better with this fun take on an everyday ice cream cone. […] More

Christmas Charades: Words List [Free Printable]

Charades is a classic Christmas game that the whole family can get involved in. Along with playing the ever so classic Christmas family feud game and doing a Christmas scavenger hunt, Christmas-themed charades is a mellow game that’s ideal for after a heavy Christmas dinner. If you struggle to think of words for charades, or […] More

Our favorite cool fonts for logos!

Inside: Modern logo fonts that are perfect cool fonts for logos! When talking about the best fonts to use, I begin to eye some of my favorite brands for great ideas. We were watching a commercial the other night and before the brand was even mentioned we guessed who it was based on nothing more […] More

Simple Ideas For Hosting a Feast

Thanksgiving week is here. Can you believe it? From simple wreaths to easy succulent place cards, here are a few of my favorite last minute ideas for hosting a feast of any proportion. succulent favors/decor | placesetting | gravy recipes | table | pumpkin pear crisps | wreath Graphic done in collaboration with Alli Michelle. Also, remember to host a gravy tasting party! More

Printable Pie Box

There is not much better than a simple box of pie this time of year. When wrapped in these free printable pie boxes it is too much to resist. Whip up a batch as last minute Thanksgiving favors, or save the printables for a future party, since pie is awesome no matter the time of […] More

DIY Home Photography Studio – 3 Ways

Inside: We created the perfect DIY home photography studio and how to set up a photo studio at home cheap! I know I have been promising blog updates. I have so much to share with you soon! First today, I want to share a little behind the scenes of how we get a studio look […] More

Favorite party ideas from last year

As we jump into the new year I am excited about all that is coming up here at A Subtle Revelry. Before we jump in – I want to share a quick recap from last year. Here are our 5 most popular posts (chosen by social media shares) from last year. A little review of […] More

Stargazer Galaxy Balloons

Summer stargazing is a favorite pastime of mine. So obviously mirroring a party after gorgeous night sky makes perfect sense this time of year! These galaxy balloons are a great way to welcome in the late nights of summer ahead. Create a set of the star gazing balloons as a jumping off point for anything from a […] More

Halloween Pictionary: Fun for The Whole Family This Year

It’s hard to believe it, but Halloween is just around the corner already. This year we have to look at holidays and celebrations a little differently because of the pandemic. With many people choosing to skip Trick or Treating this time, it’s a good idea to think of some different ideas for family time at […] More

Cereal Bark Latte Treats

Fall is rushing quickly by here and that means my moments to stop and enjoy the simple things can be limited. There’s nothing I love more than a sweet treat, a tasty coffee and 5 minutes to just sit still to really perk up a busy morning. This cereal candy bark and a tasty caramel latte […] More

latte bowl centerpiece

These latte bowl centerpieces look wonderful filled with peonies and the bright morning light. See the tutorial I designed for a wedding brunch or shower over at Project Wedding. More

adored revelries

Three pretty revelries to brighten your weekend. A handcrafted party book via Melanie. A 5 step easy photo party plan. And a perfect bunting topped porch. This weekend I will be reveling with Elmo (yes, you heard that correctly) and losing all my indie street cred! He is having a local bookstore birthday party and […] More

adorable birthday ritual

This creative birthday ritual pulls heavy on my mom heart strings, it is so sweet. Have your child stand in the same place every year, on the same day (their birthday!) and snap a quick photo. What a perfect way to mark milestones and build a keepsake to treasure. Photos by Yolanda Edwards via Canadian […] More

Meet the judges…

I hope you are as excited about next week as I am. The contributors are amazing, I just know you are going to adore their work. Before you meet them and drool over the beautiful designs, may I introduce our challenge judges… Each of these amazing ladies will be viewing the challenge designs, commenting on […] More

birthday cake halloween costume

Halloween was never my favorite holiday… until I had kids. Now it has become one of the most fun holidays of the year! I mean – dressing up, getting candy, saying hello to 3,000 strangers. It is a 4-year-old’s greatest dream. To encourage the festivities, but not the spook, we are making one big ole’ […] More

Pineapple Ice Cream for all the Summer Days

It is summer… Which means all things wonderful, cold and pineapple in my book! We are making homemade pineapple ice cream, which is pretty much my absolute favorite sweet treat. On our honeymoon Matt and I spent a long week in Maui eating fresh pineapple every morning. The taste will always remind me of summer, […] More

How to Make DIY Leather Earrings + Printable Template

Inside: How to Make DIY Leather Earrings I don’t know about you but accessorizing is one of my favorite parts of an outfit. I find that even though I love color, I mainly dress in black, white, or a few different solid colored shirts. (Pretty boring, I know!) But where I have my fun when […] More

Styled. magazine issue four | the art of merrymaking

Excited to announce we are live with Styled. magazine issue number four! It is filled with cozy projects, lots of wood, an indoor picnic (with craft paper fire!), a bright beautiful bridal shower from Italy and a fun graphic collaboration with instructions for how to throw a proper party. Plus, lots of other goodies… including […] More

Bright & Funky Bunny Balloons

Our latest Balloon Time project is live and it’s all about the bunnies! I found these really fun looking bunny balloons right here that are a bright dose of revelry for an Easter party. We used paint to really bring the bunnies to life for a funky modern take on beloved spring animal. We brought in […] More

Gigantic wall stars

Since you guys loved our summer stars so much, I thought we should definitely do something star studded for the holidays. Since this time of year is so special, it seemed best to go very BIG with the stars. I love the look of these huge paper stars behind a Christmas tree or sporadically placed […] More

cupcake wrapper wreath

We finally took down our Christmas wreaths last week. I couldn’t bear to see them go a moment earlier! In their place, I wanted to inject a bit of brightness to offset the wintery weather outside. A collection of bright cupcake wrappers seemed to do the trick. In just about 20 minutes, this pretty wreath […] More

Turkey Crackers + Colored Pumpkin Pie

When it comes to hosting a Thanksgiving feast the turkey might be my least favorite part. It’s all the fixins I really get excited about! The table decor, the sides, the drinks and the sweet desserts are where the real creative magic can happen. When Tuesday Morning suggested we use their goods to celebrate the […] More

The Best Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Inside: Tips for making the best Pecan Pie Cheesecake (+ recipe). I love trying out new recipes, and this Pecan Pie Cheesecake definitely did not disappoint. This recipe is the perfect treat for upcoming holiday parties and pot-luck get-togethers. Both pecan pie and cheesecake are a classic and delicious dessert, but when you combine them together you […] More

confetti and rabbits

A couple weeks ago I had the fun opportunity to be a part of Jenn’s launch party for her new site. She hosted a gallery table exhibit, which meant I got the chance to create a table that was festive and wonderland inspired, but it did not have to be functional. A stylists dream! I […] More

Bundt Cake Tray Ice Rings for Fall Punch Bowls

Inside: Bundt cake ice trays, perfect for your fall punch bowl!  We always love summer, but there is just something about the changing of the weather that makes us want to have all of the fall parties and this time, we are making bundt cake tray ice rings to sit ever so beautifully in our […] More

Summer Fun DIY Swizzle Sticks

Adding a little swizzle to our summer fun is a great way to serve up drinks with a festive vibe. Summer crafting should always be about bright details and easy projects. This is one you can quickly whip out while sitting in the shade, sipping on a sparkling glass of whatever is chilled. The DIY swizzle […] More

25 rainbow craft projects

It’s almost March! The onslaught of spring has me in such a bright mood lately. Rainbows, flowers, and sun cannot get here soon enough. To celebrate the colors that are about to explode into our lives… 25 favorite rainbow craft projects. They’ll keep you going through these last few weeks before the clouds break. Add […] More

The cutest Matchbox Templates ever!

Inside: We have come up with the perfect matchbox template perfect for matchbox party favors! A girl’s party is always a good idea for celebrating weddings, babies, birthdays and all the important days. Creating a personalized DIY matchbox wedding favors, matchbox party favors out of matchbox adds a fun twist to a brunch or girl’s […] More

How To Mark A Cocktail

The end of August brings with it a change of party scenes. We move from BBQ’s to cocktails as quickly as the days start to dwindle into evenings. I am a big fan of hosting cocktail parties. The prep is wonderfully uninvolved for a busy fall evening… Stock the bar, pick a signature drink, set […] More

DIY Baby Bouquet Halloween Costume

Needing a cute baby and mamma costume this year? Look no further than your favorite dinner party inspiration. A bouquet of flowers of course! This adorable DIY baby Halloween costume is perfect to hold your newborn in while walking the streets, and sweet enough for a waddler to waddle about in. Plus, after Halloween, these […] More

75+ of the Best 2021 Christmas Quotes to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It’s when we get to cozy up, listen to festive music while sipping hot cocoa and spend time with those we love. There are many ways to get in the Christmas spirit, and one of those is through quotes. We’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas […] More

Ymiko Black Vacuum Sealer Review

Ymiko Vacuum Sealer offers both automatic and manual sealing modes that make it incredibly convenient for anyone looking to seal anything. More

Sugar fun printable candy labels

Tis the season of sugar fun, treats and candy. There is something about the store aisles filling up with bags of goodies that gives me a sweet tooth this time of year. Whether packaging sweets for a Halloween party, the classroom, or the office using personalized packages for them makes everything seem brighter and more fun. […] More

How to Make DIY Confetti for Parties Year Round

Confetti is obviously one of my favorite party items. It’s colorful, fun and crazy easy to create, so we made DIY confetti. Making your own DIY confetti For a quick summer update try cutting confetti with an alphabet punch – fun bright letters that allow your guests to spell their hearts out! Just get your […] More

Rainbow Paper Chain Garland

Inside: A fun rainbow paper chain garland, perfect for a summer picnic! Okay, so I have always loved this simple DIY! Most of us remember a traditional paper chain from school, we always used them as a countdown for a break like Christmas break or summer! But now that the kids are out of school […] More

Mug Cake Recipe – Bakes In 2 Minutes

My favorite thing about cakes is how great they taste. My least favorite thing about them is how long they take to make. Enter in my new favorite mug cake recipe. Filled with all the chocolate goodness I love about a cake, with no mess and made in just 2 minutes in the microwave! This […] More

dip dyed ice cream cones

The kids and I spent this last week visiting family in Las Vegas and laying out in the sun. It certainly feels like summer around here. As a welcome to this beautiful season sticky, drippy ice cream seems the only appropriate “hello”. I dip dyed these cones to give a bit of celebration to our […] More

3 Ways to Be More Organized as a Family

Sometimes, just running a family and ensuring that everyone has what they need, they are picked up and dropped off on time, and they are all fed, can be a mammoth task in itself. It can often be stressful being a mom or a dad and feeling like you have many other lives and schedules […] More

paper floral wall cones

Inspired by these pretty ceramic wall cones, I thought a temporary paper floral cone display for the house would be a perfect welcome to this first day of the summer season. A very simple display to put up, the paper cones would be a pretty backdrop for a party, or a nice way to make a temporary wall […] More

DIY Earth Day Seed Bombs

Inside: Earth Day Seed Bombs Earth Day is such a special day of the year! Every April 22nd, hundreds would gather together to bring attention to our environmental crisis. Reminding those to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Loving our Earth doesn’t have to be just a once a year occasion, but what better day to start! […] More

Circle Habit Tracker Printable – Making Habit Tracking Fun in 2022!

Habits graduate to becoming part of your routine through repetition. Sounds easy, right? The hard part is not doing the habit but making sure you stay on track and continue doing it every day. With so many things to keep track of (adulting sucks), your habit might be the last thing on your mind. With […] More

cork screwed flowers

Use these cork screwed flowers to brighten up a beverage cart this spring. The painted corks will top any glass bottle nicely and bring a festive dose of spring brightness to a shower or party this season. They’d look especially sweet in mass at a large gathering’s wine bar or to brighten up a BBQ […] More

Handmade Valentine: You’re Tea-riffic

Valentine’s Day is exactly one month away! This year I am excited to be bringing a whole slew of creative and easy ideas for celebrating the special day in a subtle, crafty style. I’ve been busy pairing down the ideas and shooting projects to make for your man, your kids, and everyone else who might […] More

Cupcake Flower Bouquet – Using Russian Piping Tips

It’s the time of year where we give flowers to everyone. But why give flowers you can’t eat, when you can make this pretty cupcake flower bouquet instead!? They are sweet to look at and even better to taste! Even though the cupcakes look complicated to design, they are really simple with the right piping tips. Follow our easy cupcake bouquet recipe to make a batch any Valentine will love this year. More

air plant favors

Air plant party favors are one of my favorite kinds of plants. They don’t need soil, or much water (just a little spritz here and there) all the plants really need to live is water! That is my kind of plant. Air plants make amazing favors for weddings or showers. They’re are a great solution […] More

Custom fabric vases

To make these simple and stunning vases, print out the free pattern transfers by clicking here. Print the patterns directly onto iron-on transfer paper.˜Iron the print-outs on to your fabric, following the instructions provided with your transfer paper. Trim printed fabric to desired size for wrapping around the vase. Layer if you want, mixing and […] More

Summer Grilled Dessert Kabobs

Inside: Summer Grilled Dessert Kabobs This post was sponsored by Kingsford as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Summer is here and that means it’s the perfect time to plan some super fun backyard cookouts! One of my favorite things to bring to a cookout is a yummy […] More

Double Frenchie With Color

Creating braids that look great and creative just takes a little imagination. This doubled up frenchie is a fun and unique option for a fall birthday party/apple picking/pumpkin spice latte type of weekend. Add a little dose of pink to the braid and the look can quickly transform into your new favorite hairstyle for girls night out. […] More

DIY Cleaning Basket For Everything Life Throws At You

This post has been sponsored by Clorox®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a mom & a blogger, I have to be ready for any kind of crazy mess no matter what day it is! Some days are filled with kid craft parties and glitter everywhere; other days are filled with floral clad […] More

Globe balloons

There’s something about spring that always puts me in a mood for traveling. Whether you are spring break vacationing this week, or not, let’s inspire ourselves with these whimsical globe balloons! These balloons are great fun for a bon voyage party and for Earth Day festivities (coming up April 22nd!). Use the balloons to decorate a spring […] More

Pirate Party Games for Pirates Big and Small

So you’ve decided upon a Pirate-themed birthday party for your child. You’ve bought food, drinks, and party favors. You’ve chosen the pirate costumes and selected the party music. But what are you going to do for entertainment, matey? If you don’t entertain them, your pirates are going to get rowdy. Fortunately, there are many fun […] More

Hand Letter DIY Birthday Banner – with Template

Inside: A DIY Birthday Banner Template  Celebrate any birthday bash and say hooray with this DIY birthday banner template! All you need is some colorful felt, a sharpie and a bit of tracing skill you can say hooray, hurrah or happy birthday in a festive and graphic way. We firmly believe that adding a fun […] More

6 Ideas for a Fun Girls Night In

It’s important to make time for a night with just the girls. It’s easy for all of us to get caught up in the stress of our everyday lives with work, significant others and much-needed me-time. But dedicating one night every week or every month to just hang with the girls will keep your friendship […] More

ps. Morse code for dad

After designing the Morse code treat bags for mom, I realized that dad would also feel very cool (James Bond like) dressed in code. Transform a pair of suspenders, mark up a ball cap, or update a tie for his special day with the alphabet and a bit of hand stitched thread. Photo by Carly […] More

Q-Tips Artwork

This post is sponsored by Q-Tips. Creating inspiring art for the house is something I’m super passionate about. Making prints that stand out in a room can be done in so many different ways. Making your own artwork at home allows it to coordinate perfectly with whatever room you are pulling together. When we have a […] More

9 Delicious Strawberry Desserts

Strawberries may not yet be in season, but that does not mean that you can’t start planning all the delicious meals you can make with them. Most people are content with just having them on their own or including them in salads. But you know where else they shine? Why in desserts of course! Related […] More

Rose branch candleabra

During the Christmas season here in Denmark, many people take branches and hang them from the ceiling adorned with beautiful ornaments. It creates a cozy environment for the holidays. I wanted to figure out a way to prolong the use of branch so I came up with a floral version ready for spring: candelabra. This […] More

recreate | impromptu party seats

A fun solution for your next “too many butts for available seats” party. This new furniture design entitled Hockenheimer by njustudio could be quickly recreated in your own living room. Stack magazines as high as you would like, belt them together (or use ribbon) and secure a pillow on the top. How easy and completely […] More

Colorful Rainbow Waffles Recipe

Inside: Colorful Rainbow Waffles Recipe They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we couldn’t agree more! Start your day off with a burst of color and a whole lot of fun with these colorful yummy rainbow waffles! You are guaranteed to have a perfect day when you start your […] More

bright fortune cookie favors

I found the brightest fortune cookies last month at my local World Market and grabbed a bag of them immediately knowing they would be useful for a party. Using tweezers I took out the sayings that came inside of each cookie and replaced them with my own hand written, “thanks!” creating this super easy, bright […] More

Rainbow Paper Garland

I am loving this fun rainbow garland! We crafted it using paper rounded into circles for a whimsical and unique take on the rainbow garland trend. With Saint Patrick’s Day coming, and a spring sky filled with clouds today – the hope of a rainbow is seemingly everywhere. This easy to craft rainbow garland is a […] More

Flowers for your best friend who is always in style

Continuing the florals for everyone series – today we are covering your best friend who is always in perfect style. Give her something that never goes out of trend, a floral bouquet necklace. The necklace is a great way to show you care, and will be a loved addition to her Valentine’s Day, birthday, or […] More

Why I Love My Paper Cutter – A Special Education Teachers Best Friend

As a papercut artist and a special education teacher, I would list my paper cutter as one of my most useful tools. My second most used tools are a computer with a printer and a laminator. I teach children who are differently-abled. I try to teach to my students’ strengths and to their best mode […] More

why don’t we… stick a spooky face on it

Halloween is in one week! As we finish up our last minute costumes (who else is making an Elsa wig?), the decorations and details have to be easy. A piece of black paper, glue, and various white candles are all that’s needed to make a funky ghoulish candle display. Ten minutes and a front window, […] More

A Colorful Wall of DIY Painted Plates

Inside: How to hang DIY painted plates on a wall. I love the huge impact these DIY painted plates have on the space, they turned the wall behind my desk from plain jane white to bright and festive – such a great mood booster. Normally a huge work of colorful art costs a fortune, but […] More

Big Star Kids Birthday Hat

Treat your little birthday girl like the star she is with this simple and bright felt star party hat. We are continuing the creative party hat series today with a hat that includes pint size pom-poms and a big dose of whimsy! A hat that will definitely be the shinning top to any child’s birthday. To make […] More

have a merry weekend

We have had a fun week with company, birthdays and a gorgeous onset to fall. I will be spending time this weekend recouping and finishing up our Halloween costumes. I will also be busy devouring the many pumpkin flavored food items I’ve purchased throughout the week (such a sucker for marketing!). Hope you have a […] More

Fresh Style magazine

We are beginning to feel the first breezes of fall around here and it has me thrilled for the upcoming season. I love the fall, the holidays and everything that happens in the next 4 months. I have pages and pages of projects, parties and ideas sketched out to share. Fresh Style Magazine hit the stands last […] More

Hilarious Monster Candy Apples

1 Monster, 2 Monster, 3 Monster, 4 these little monsters are something I adore! We wanted to up our candy apple game this year and decided on creating the most fun and whimsical candy apples I’ve ever seen. Monster candy apples that are hilarious and fun! The kids will think they are the best thing […] More

party in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a town brimming with history and engaged in a thriving creative community. Host to the Altitude Design Summit, many bloggers and design enthusiasts recently traveled to this mountain west mecca and experienced a touch of the city’s classic charm. It’s a great town to throw a party in! I love the […] More

Pretty party lighting

This post is sponsored by Target. Now that dusk is setting in earlier, we are moving our evening gatherings indoors, which means one thing: WE NEED LIGHTING! Hosting a party in a dimly lit room can destroy an otherwise awesome party plan. Unless the party in the dark is done on purpose, like a spooky […] More

83 Creative Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriends

Conversation hearts, chocolates, and teddy bears…I mean sure, you can give all those things to your boyfriend, but I’ve got some awesome ideas that will really knock his socks off this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a savvy shopper, DIY diva, culinary champion, or sentimental sweetheart, there’s something for everyone on this list of 83 Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends. More

Why These Graduation Celebration Ideas Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

College and High School Graduation is just around the corner! To celebrate the successful completion of an educational journey, graduation parties are an absolute must. I’ve got you covered this year with graduation celebration ideas that will make your graduate feel special, some unique things that they won’t see at all their friends’ gatherings, and […] More

Mother’s Day Tote Bags

With Mother’s Day coming quickly I am always trying to be a little creative when celebrating my own mom and my mom friends. To celebrate all the Mothers I know with a pinch of fun – confetti is a great way to go. Colorful, fun, playful, exactly how motherhood ought to be. This tote bag is […] More

Graham Cracker Footballs + Party Dip

The big game is this weekend, are you hosting or attending a party? I am not an avid sports fan by any means, but I do make an exception for the National day of football every year. It seems more like a party than a game. Anything you can turn into a party I am […] More

2022 Recap – My Favorite Posts Of The Year

One of the updates we are doing this year is bringing back our festive Friday list roundups. In 2022 I attempted to break the pattern for a more lengthly monthly update, but I missed sharing more personally here on a weekly basis. So cheers to hearing a little snippets of life on the weekly and […] More

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Everyone

Inside: The best valentines day gift ideas for everyone on your I love you list! Valentine’s Day is coming up so soon! Are you ready? In case you still need a little help in the gift department here’s the best valentines gift guide ideas to grab the best gifts for all your people. Scroll below […] More

Valentines Hearts Milk Ice Cubes

Inside: Make these sweet Valentine milk ice cubes for your Valentine bash with the cutest heart ice cube trays! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I am excited to share a couple Valentines hearts projects to celebrate the holiday with subtly and style. These Valentine’s hearts milk ice cubes are a sweet surprise for your man’s morning coffee […] More

DIY Mophead Tassel Garland Tutorial

Inside: DIY tassel garland tutorial  I love the skinny, pretty DIY tassels that are adorning much this year. Here’s a tutorial on how to make them with wrapping paper, and I love how they look on a pendant tassel light. BUT, there’s something to be said about a substantial frill and it’s graphics ability to […] More

Braided Pie Crust

With only a couple weeks to go until Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good week to share a few festive pie ideas. This first project takes just a couple of minutes and it will turn you into a pie baking pro. Make your favorite pie using pre-made crust, or follow this great recipe for […] More

Birthday Party Planning Guide PDF

A birthday party planning guide PDF that will walk you through every step of the process. This printable PDF is a six week course in planning the perfect celebration. How to get all the details done ahead of time so you can sit back and enjoy the party planning! the PDF includes tips and tricks […] More

DIY Message Board

Inside: A colorful and fun DIY message board A colorful DIY message board is a fun way to make that happen. Hung in the kitchen, dining room, or in a playroom, the colorful wall of letters will be a fun place to arrange, rearrange, and arrange letters again. I  love adding fun pops of color […] More

Can You Vacuum Seal Bread: Food Storage 101

Vacuum sealing your bread is not as easy as other food. This is why you may wonder "Can you vacuum seal bread?" Here is the answer in detail! More

Sketchbook | vintage storybook

I am aching to share with you three different events styled before the holidays. While I wait and continue work on my growing patience, I have a party sketch to show you. A vintage storybook birthday with balloons, books and a dance floor to enjoy. Wonderful artistic sketch work done by Amanda Waggoner. I love […] More

weekend reveleries | honeycomb

I spotted this gorgeous vintage honeycomb via Emma’s pinterest and instantly fell in love. It will be such a great addition to our next party. Fitting, since I’m in the middle of a slight honeycomb obsession and am using them for everything I can this month. Here are a few other loves I have been […] More

Handcrafted parties- A very pretty tea

I have seen many well done Alice in Wonderland themes this year. Vibrant colors and striking pieces fit to make a child giggle with glee. This afternoon tea was different than the others… and I love it! It may be the first truly simple and very pretty take on the popular Alice theme. I am […] More

Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer Review

We’ve reviewed the Geryon E2800-C Vacuum Sealer to give you an idea how it works and provide the information you need to make a solid purchasing decision. More

5 Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best at a NYE Party

When you have a social event like a New Year’s Eve Party coming up, we all want to look and feel our best. Whatever you have planned, you’ll likely see familiar faces and meet new people that you’ll want to impress. When you look at the part, you feel the part too. So, to create […] More

Revelry in New York

Right after our trip to Washington D.C. (which was amazing!) we took the train up to New York and spent nearly a week exploring the state from NYC to Buffalo. I’m excited to share a few great things we did with the kids, way too many photos, and my new favorite place in the entire world… […] More

Hard shell fruit dessert

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I’m always on the hunt for ways to make our party throwing bright and unique. Dessert was what I was assigned to this past weekend and I found the easiest way to finish off a summer BBQ. A hard-shell chocolate fruit spread! The kids love it, because anything on […] More

Fun and Fluffy Tulle Hats

Inside: Adorable tulle hats, tulle bows, and DIY tulle bow headbands Nothing says girlie party fun like large tulle bows, dotted with rhinestones. A birthday tulle hat that your best friend, mom, or daughter will not soon forget. Make them for guests of honor, or craft a couple to wear on those long summer days […] More

DIY glitter heels that can cure winter blues

Inside: Bold and sparkly DIY glitter heels to go with any outfit! Winter can bring with it a gloom that makes it hard to want to get dressed up and celebrate. Which is why I love the awesome trend of wearing sparkly heels. It doesn’t take much to turn a winter gloom around – a dose of […] More

10 subtle ways to thank a teacher

This week is teacher appreciation week and I cannot remember ever wanting to thank a teacher as much as I do right now. The twins first year of preschool has been a raving success – in large part due to the awesomeness of our teachers! Here are ten easy projects we’ve previously crafted that would send a simple and subtle “Thank You” to the teachers […] More

DIY Faux Fireplace – Make In 1 Hour

Creating a DIY faux fireplace at home will instantly take a room from bland to cozy and ready for all the seasonal fun coming your way. Creating this DIY faux fireplace ideas is way easier than you even imagine. With a simple electric fireplace box and a couple of supplies, you can create this custom cozy […] More

Cupids games

Cupid is coming and we all could use a dart of extra love in our lives. I styled a festive girls night in to celebrate and included a game bringing cupid’s love darts into any relationship. Friends, husbands, a classroom, even an office needing a bit of love would be inspired by this ball tossing, […] More

hot cocoa served in oranges

One of my favorite combos is chocolate and orange. Every holiday season we buy one of those amazing balls of orange- chocolate and it’s hard not to gobble up the entire rich and sweet combination immediately. This year, I tried an orange hot cocoa and it blew me away. It was as good as the […] More

Cat Doormat

Although I can never own one – because my face would swell up like a puffer fish and then probably fall off! – I have always had a soft spot for cats. In their honor we made this colorful cat garland a while ago that you loved so much! To continue the cat love (without […] More

Best Vacuum Sealer for Wet Foods: Our Top Picks

Preserving wet food is a challenge, isn’t it? But not if you own the best vacuum sealer for wet foods. Check out the top three options we reviewed! More

love story guest book

Making a unique photo booth + guest book was a fun challenge for Jolene’s wedding details in teal. I used the printable guest book from last summer and updated it to be a love story. We had each guest pose and write down their own story of love. Afterward, I printed the photos, attached each […] More

Fruity No-Sew DIY Sunglass Case

Inside: DIY sunglass case It’s almost summer! Which means the sun is out and our sunglasses are in full force around here. I’m excited to carry mine around in style in one of these fruity inspired sunglass cases. The pop of color + fun will make our purses happy all summer long and the cases protect so […] More

Pool Float Halloween Costume

When I say Halloween. You say Easy! I am so excited about this year’s first Halloween costume because it is absolutely the easiest costume there ever was. You may know by now that I am not a fan of difficult to create, sewing involved types of costumes. October is a crazy month for all families, […] More

Laced up water

Along with the Pumpkin Mojito Bar I wanted to provide water for our guests, bottles were set out and laced up for the occasion… Simply peel off your water bottle labels, cut out a new label from a yard of lace fabric (using the old label as a template), then using double sided tape attach […] More

Galaxy Inspired Chocolate Waffle Cones

With nights getting warmer, ice cream and stars are obviously on my mind and what better way to combine that love than with galaxy inspired chocolate waffle cones! Galaxy inspired chocolate waffle cones are easily one of my favorite sweet treats, both the chocolate flavor and the waffle texture combine for a treat that is […] More

Festive Friday – 5 Fun Things

Happy long weekend! I am really excited about this coming weekend because we are headed as a family to camp! The camp I attended all through high school is putting on a family weekend and I am beyond thrilled to introduce my kids to the zip lines, co-carts, high dive and all the fun things […] More

Host A Cozy Evening At Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chateau Ste. Michelle. All opinions are 100% mine. Between roasting the turkey and buying all the gifts I am in need of a cozy night at home. It must be something about being a busy mom, but I get so giddy when I find out I have an […] More

Who really uses to-go mugs?

    For a long time we had a stash of not very cute to-go mugs taking up drawer space. I’d wondered who really uses these things? But… I’ve recently learned just how fabulous they are! Getting out the door in the mornings is so difficult when the temps are low and the snow is […] More

White Chocolate Popcorn Cake

Just because summer is almost over, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate. Cake is totally worth finding a reason to celebrate and I’ve got you covered with this delicious White Chocolate Popcorn Cake. One of my absolute favorite things to do is combine my favorite snack – POPCORN with my favorite dessert – CAKE! Because […] More

Pink Halloween Mantel

This post is sponsored by The Dollar Tree and contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links which doesn’t cost you any extra money – but will give you an awesome Halloween mantel. :) It’s not quite October, but once the fall weather hits I can’t […] More

Colorful Tassel Necklace DIY

Valentines is right around the corner, and although I will be spending it with my hubby. I cannot forget about my gals. So for this years Galentine’s bash I have come up with the perfect gifts for all my beloved friends. This tassel necklace DIY is my favorite personal gift when it comes to showing my gals just how much love I have for them! More

Stamped Marshmallows

We spent the weekend happily enjoying hot cocoa and the snow. I made an alphabet of stamped marshmallows to play with and they were so much fun. On some I wrote out festive sayings, and on others just letters. The marshmallows kept the kids busy for quite some time, and tasted great melting in our […] More

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Home Clean

This post is sponsored by Dollar General. All opinions are mine alone. #DollarGeneral #DollarGeneralFinds Inside: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Home Clean One of my favorite quotes ever is “Wash your hands, and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere!” Ha! It makes me giggle every time! Living with young kiddos in […] More

How to dye twine

I had fun last week experimenting with twine dying. I wanted to find a way to do it without needing any fancy supplies. After a bit of trial and error, I found out that white vinegar and food coloring did the trick. I love the subtle hues it produces. Perfect for wrapping simple spring presents. See the step-by-step tutorial […] More

important things…

This summer has been one crazy experience so far and I have a few bigish announcements that I’ve been meaning to share with you. First, I’ve taken a new job and I feel like the luckiest gal in the world! You know how much I love teaching about blogging as a business through my e-course. […] More

The Easiest St. Patricks Day Garland

Inside: The cutest St. Patricks day garland St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! I am not Irish, or very lucky, but any chance to celebrate I tend to love. I made this felt Shamrock St. Patricks day garland to decorate our house in about two minutes – it is the easiest garland I’ve ever made. […] More

18 Genius DIY School Supplies

DIY school supplies that are functional and pretty will make going back to school so much easier this year. You could always buy those colorful back to school supplies, but it’s so much more fun to make them. Don’t you agree? Can you believe it’s back to school season already?! It feels like summer just […] More

Heart Confetti and bubble gum cake

Inside: A Valentines treat full of heart confetti and a bubblegum cake! Valentine’s Day deserves to be filled with confetti and color, just like every day of the year. This is the thought behind these fun confetti hearts. Bursts of love that are colorful and bright. The hearts are fabulous for celebrating a valentine, an […] More

cutie catcher party hats

Cutie catchers are one of those items that bring back great childhood memories for me. I spent many lazy afternoons crafting, folding, and playing them with friends. That sense of nostalgia must be why I love this idea so much! Create your own simple party hats using this? age-old papercraft. The cutie catcher hats look […] More

Colorful DIY Umbrella With UV Protection

To combat our sensitivity to the sun I let the kids create their own sun shielding UV protecting DIY umbrellas this year. One of the easiest projects we’ve ever made and the kids loved adding paint & pom poms to the mix. To create your own homemade umbrella you will need More

Guest post- goodbye Ruffles & Stuff

This post is especially sweet to me today. One of my favorite people in this huge blog world has come to share her summer inspirations. Disney has lead the way for so many of us in crafty inspiration this year. Saturday marked her last blog post, I am very honored to be sharing one tiny […] More

The Perfect Sidecar Cocktail Recipe With A Twist

Inside: Sidecar cocktail recipe with a twist. For this year’s holiday drink, I’ve come to love sidecars for their smoke forward bite. I recently made our classic sidecar cocktail recipe with tangerine and lemon added and it was one of my favorite drinks ever! The tangerine adds a sweet note, taking some of the bites out […] More

A Fun and Festive Jelly Bean Cake

Inside: A fun and colorful jelly bean cake! Jelly beans are at the front of my mind this time of year. They are little, sweet, and can really pack a punch when showcased in a substantial way. Covering a cake with them brings a huge burst of color onto the table.   In a simple […] More

Our Home Tour

The most compelling feature about home design for me, is the interjection of my passions and personality into my space. I was honestly a bit nervous about sharing our home on Design Sponge yesterday. Your encouragement about it meant the world! Thx. I love celebrating everyday and desire our home to exemplify my passions and […] More

9 DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas With Funky Energy

Being a teen is all about fun, energy, and style! Now that it is turning chilly outside we are getting ready to update our favorite tween/teen rooms with these colorful and bright DIY teen room decor ideas. Since teens spend a lot of time in their rooms doing homework, chatting on the phone, and hanging […] More

12 DIY Cupcake Toppers You Can Make In 5 Minutes

Inside: 12 of the cutest DIY cupcake toppers to add a little festive flair to your dessert! We all love a good cupcake, am I right? I know I do! They are the perfect treat for birthdays, celebrations or just as a little pick me up. I find that adding a little something special top these […] More

Our New Book Is Here! Make In A Day: Pompom Crafts

I am crazy excited to announce that our latest book just dropped today! It is a totally different work than the first book we created and it was great fun to work on over the last year. Whoohoo! I hope it will inspire you to create fun and colorful elements for the home and party. The […] More

celebrate in style | pink feathered hair

I had a fun afternoon last week spending time with an old friend and working on this tutorial to create a hair style that is easy and festive for your next warm weather celebration. We purchased a pink hair feather (buy online here) and weaved it into a braid, creating a look that is perfect […] More

Work Of Art Cake

There are easy cake decorating ideas for a simple Tuesday dessert and then there are those cakes you want to stare at for hours. This floral cake is basically a work of art and would make any birthday girl feel like the world was hers for the taking. The process that creating this cake is […] More

courted by Ralph

A few months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with a few of my favorite local vendors to produce wedding inspiration based on the fashion icon Ralph Lauren, for Nonpareil mag. We took cues from his classic line and used traditional pieces in a fun and unexpected way. Setting up the design court-side […] More

floral cup wraps

It’s that time of year when everything is romantically sweet (Valentine’s Day is 48 hours days away!) and I find myself twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of spring. You can give me smooche bouquet and conversation heart candy hearts, but nothing is more romantic than fresh flowers blooming and a warm sun above. I am ready […] More

wood grain printable tags

These gifts tags will wrap up a birthday, shower or wedding present with the bright floral punch they just may need! They would make pretty label toppers too. Download the tags by clicking here. Graphic design by KatieWoodard from Twigs Print Studio. More

fabric transfer tablecloth

Something about the summer months makes me want to revamp everything in my house, making each piece lighter and more beautiful. Especially when I know there is a party coming up. Yet, in mid-July the back to school section is filling up, so the change must not be too permanent. To give my tables an air […] More

Creepy Candy Spiders

Inside: The cutest, creepiest candy spiders. Things are getting creepy around here with these wildly cute and a little creepy candy spiders. These spiders are so fun to make for lunchbox treats, classroom parties, or just a little spooky surprise for your little one. These crazy little candy spiders were so fun to make and […] More

Marshmallow Creme Slime Party Cake

Are your kids as completely obsessed with slime as mine are? We found a way to make edible slime with the sweetest taste using homemade marshmallow creme – It’s a slime cake! A marshmallow cream cake that mimics their favorite gooey fun. This cake is so fun for a slime party. My kids have already […] More

printable doggie bags

Feasting season is upon us and with it my desire for easy comfort meals that can serve a crowd. Whether I am dishing up dinner for a huge holiday gathering or serving up a small weeknight group of friends – finding quick ways to please the crowd is at the top of my priority list. […] More

Free Fonts For Summer

You guys I am so excited to share our latest font post all about summer fun! These fonts are all free for the taking and perfect for gussying up everything from websites, to invites, to our picnic blankets this summer. Each font featured is a refreshing update and can be used to create even more beauty […] More

The Cutest Polymer Clay House Mobile

Inside: The polymer clay house tutorial that doubles as a cute DIY fairy house. We are full swing in baby shower season this month. Many of our dear friends are expecting and I have been making the clay house mobiles for them all. They are way easier to make then you would think, and the […] More

printable pyramid advent calendar

Advent is starting in just over two weeks! Can you believe it? Every year our family works hard to celebrate in simple ways together and advent calendars are an easy way to stop and celebrate the holiday season every day. This kids love them for obvious reasons, and although our advent calendars take different shapes […] More

How Long Does Vacuum-Sealed Food Last?

Have you ever wondered how long does vacuum-sealed food last? Vacuum sealing protects and preserves food for longer, keeping it fresh and safe to eat for extended periods of time. This is because vacuum sealers perform several important functions in preventing food spoilage: Prevents Oxidation While oxygen is essential to life and health when breathed, […] More

simple party | masked in the woods

I have been loving more simple party ideas lately. The trend of doing party designs that are over the top, although sometimes having a place, have given way in my heart to a love for more casual (more subtle!) affairs. Especially, when dealing with kids design. There is a sweetness you can find in planning […] More

Simple Limeade Margaritas – Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

Inside: A simple limeade margarita recipe Last week my job description involved fire fighting! It was crazy. Earlier this week I shared these bright and festive paper party lanterns and hinted that they had a bigger story behind them. A story that involved almost burning down our house (thankfully it is still standing). Plus it gave […] More

The Entertainer Gift Guide 2022 – 10 Festive Ideas

Inside: The Entertainer Gift Guide 2020 There is something so special about a gracious host or hostess, you know what I am talking about. We all have that one friend that always has their door open for any group of guests, and they usually serve up a pretty mean cocktail and an incredible cheese spread […] More


Have you seen the new Odosketch? It is a free site where you can try your hand at sketching using a very pretty color palette. The sketched files can be saved to be embed and used online. When you draw, each brush stroke is saved independently, making for cute animated films. You could also save […] More

fresh herb mini quiches

Fresh Herb Mini Quiches are the quintessential appetizer. Bite-sized and packed with flavor. Serve them at a party with roasted tomatoes when it’s chilly outside, or with a refreshing drink at a garden-themed get together. They’re great for either season and the flavor combinations are limitless. Try rosemary and thyme, or go with a meatier […] More

Cheese Candles

Did you know you can make candles out of cheese! Eeeeek. I was pondering a conversation with a friend who suggested savory food would be more loved than sweet food this year. Which is crazy, because of… cake! But the conversation got me thinking about how we could celebrate a birthday for a friend who […] More

Cleaning the New Wood Floors

This post is sponsored by Dyson. I’m so glad you love the new wood floors as much as I do. They’ve been one of my favorite DIY projects ever! With the new flooring (goodbye, gross white carpets!), I am having to learn new ways to clean up after our DIY crafting storms. Wood is so […] More

trust your gut

Most of my business decisions I make with my gut (that and my crazy 2 am crafting dreams). It is one of the pure joys of running the show around here. Something seems right and I do it – something does not and I back away. It has never failed me. We announced last spring […] More

Celery Stamped Art Prints

Continuing the veggie stamping experiments this week, I’ve traded in long lengths of wrapping paper for simple poster boards to make these fun art prints for home. There’s a lot said these days about creating cheap art, and with the entire supply list for this project being a poster board, a celery stalk and paint – […] More

The Yummiest Chocolate Marshmallow Candy Treat

Inside: A yummy chocolate marshmallow candy treat! The coming few weeks will give us ample reason to indulge. Try these sweet and easy chocolate marshmallow cups for a homemade twist during treat season (you don’t even need an oven). The recipe makes just enough to bring for a classroom party and is rich enough to keep your closest […] More

How to Make DIY Confetti

Inside: How to Make DIY Confetti When it comes to throwing a party yeah cake, gifts, and decor are important. But nothing says “let’s celebrate” like tossing around some colorful confetti. From holiday get-togethers to big birthday bashes this DIY confetti is the perfect way to celebrate.   What You Need for DIY Confetti For […] More

A Girls Crafting Night

This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s. Something about spring coming always inspires me to get crafting. There’s no better way to do it than with a group of my favorite girls! I will be hosting a fun crafting night next month. I am super excited! It’s the perfect time to pull out all the awesome […] More

animal magnets

Looking for a more affordable way to give this gift to my holiday hosts, I came up with a very easy way to make an entire bunch of adorable animal magnets for giving this season. They are quite happy to look at and will make the notes of shopping and dinner preparations even more pleasant […] More

Tassel Hanging Light

We think every light fixture should be as fun as this tassel hanging light! It’s bright, festive, and perfect for the play room, craft room, or any room in the house that needs an extra splash of color. How fun would it look in the entry way, greeting you with all the happy feelings when […] More

Peppermint Chocolate Popcorn

Our evenings seem to be getting longer as the year winds down. Lots of family time playing games, a fire on… the things I love most about this time of year! Which also comes with evening snacking… Whether we are snuggling up with our little family, or entertaining friends, making peppermint chocolate popcorn is always […] More

DIY Pom Pom Napkin Rings

Inside: DIY Pom Pom Napkin Rings Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for a dinner celebration! We have Easter, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day to just name a few. For us, there are several spring and summer birthdays that require the most festive of dinner celebrations. Mine being included! These DIY […] More

Food Expiration: Vacuum Sealed Food Shelf Life Chart

Lucky for you, this vacuum sealed food shelf life chart and other useful sealing information can help you along the way. Read on to learn more. More

Twitter birthday ideas timeline banner

One of my favorite aspects about the twin’s birthday party was how we managed to incorporate technology into the day. Technology, specifically Twitter has been such a big part of this year it seemed only appropriate to highlight their features during the celebration. Here are two fun ways we were able to use technology- Surrounding […] More

Colorful Wall Sprinkles

I mentioned this morning that the kids are officially back in school for the year. It is always bittersweet to have them go. They love it so much and I love the free time to work – but also I miss them like crazy. To get myself ready for the fall we’ve been working hard […] More

Fishbowl Slime Party Favors That Shimmer Like The Sea

Inside: How to make fishbowl slime party favors.  This fun fishbowl slime recipe is the perfect party favor idea! It’s unique texture and fun fishy accents make for such a cute and fun DIY. We stored our slime in small individual containers to keep them fresh and fun for all of our party guests. Fishbowl […] More

Colorful Printable Advent Calendar

Advent is coming up quickly (can you believe it!?). We love to give the kids a sweet surprise to count down the days during the holiday season. This colorful printable Advent calendar template is great for stashing small treats, toys, and notes of fun things to do. The entire calendar is printable below. Along with […] More

Carnation garland

You guys spring is almost here! Last night the brightly lit evening gave me great hope that the season is quickly changing. What better way to celebrate everything this spring than with flowers strung into a wispy, yet gorgeously bold, carnation garland? The carnation garland is a pretty way to brighten up a room for showers, […] More

streamer egg hunt

We hosted a mini Easter morning while the grandparents were in town this week, it was fabulously simple and relaxed. For the kids I designed a streamer egg hunt. Each hidden egg was attached to a streamer that stretched throughout our house. The kids started at the begining of the streamers and followed them one […] More

paper folded light strands

We spent the majority of our vacation last week outside (specifically at the Beach and at Disney). It was a trip that left me dreaming of summer and long nights out on the deck… under lights. I always try to gussy up our porch this time of year and these folded paper light covers are […] More

Baby’s Breath Flower Crown

Over the years we have produced hundreds of DIY projects. I love creating and sharing projects here – but one thing I’ve learned along the way is that no amount of crafting can ever replicate the beauty of nature. This baby’s breath flower crown shows the gorgeousness that can happen when the beauty of DIY […] More

how to keep balloons tethered down

To keep balloons grounded at your next party tie them to rubber bands on kitchen skewers! You can space the balloons out to make as big of a show as you’d like. Each one will stay nice and tethered to the ground. I did this festive DIY today for one of my new favorite kid sites, Hello Bee. […] More

cupake liner flowers

* Welcome to the winter celebration challenge, so fresh and so clean! This DIY project belongs to Cyd’s night of glitzy gold design. The cupcake liners featured throughout Cyd’s party were such a fun detail. Used as placeholders at each of her guests seats and also on top of a fabulous looking cake. They are […] More

How to decline a party invite

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow. When summer hits I tend to get really overwhelmed quickly. All my dreams of lazy days lounging around quickly get lost in a sea of places to be. The invites start rolling in.. there are barbecues, camping trips, soccer games, graduation parties, and weddings all vying for the […] More

painted matches

After posting the crazy beautiful bright matches last week, I had multiple emails asking for the source of where to buy them. I searched online but came up empty. Then of course, realized they would be super simple to make and a festive project for this chilly time of year. You can make your own painted […] More

merrymaking 6.29.2012

We took off early this morning for a much needed family vacation. I will be gone through next week and am looking forward to playing with our cousins, eating at my favorite local spots and laying by the pool. We even rented a hotel cabana for one afternoon! Are you doing anything fun for the holiday? I […] More

17 Genius Ways to Make Slime For Parties

Inside: Ways to make slime that will get the party started. The slime trend is so real right now! And I totally get I especially for parties. Slime is easy to make, so much fun to play with, and relatively inexpensive as far as entertainment goes. And while I’d like to pretend that it’s just […] More

HI-CHEW Holiday Garland Gift

This week is filled with classroom parties and holiday fun for us. It is the week of grabbing presents for everyone as I walk out the door each day and trying hard to remember everyone who needs a little celebrating and whole lot of thanks. To help with the last minute gifts for teachers, office […] More

the merry hostess | serves tea

Today I am happy to introduce you to a new weekly series, the merry hostess by Alli Michelle. Alli’s blog, Hooray is one of the handful that I never miss a single post of. She will be here weekly sharing great finds and helpful tips for hosting parties all summer long (YAY!). cupcake recipe | dress | tags […] More

How to Vacuum Seal a Ziplock Bag: A Beginner’s Guide

Ziplock bags can make vacuum sealing easier and effective. Here is a detailed guide on how to vacuum seal a ziplock bag! More

Being Prepared For Back To School

This post is created in partnership with Zappos and Stride Rite. The kids start back to school today and I have all the feelings of excitement for them. The beginning of the new year is made so much easier when we are prepared with all the basics, plus a few fun items as well. I’ve learned […] More

Pretty Paper Party Balls

I know that my Pinterest boards might tell you differently, but setting up a party at home doesn’t have to be all consuming, or cost the same as a vacation to Hawaii! These paper balls each take about a minute to make, and by using only one piece of scrapbook paper (and 2 staples), they […] More

Ginger cake frosting

Cupcakes with a ginger frosting make me weak in the knees. The flavor would be an unexpected treat for a summer party or a very sweet midweek pick me up. Find the recipe here, pretty yellow pom toppers from here and the beautiful photo plus inspiration to eat these lovelies out on the deck from […] More

vintage fabric party hat

I am excited to introduce you today to the spring party hat series! Over the coming weeks I am going to share tips and ideas for creating party hats for any celebration from birthdays to Easter brunches. A pretty vintage fabric party hat being the easiest project of them all! To make this hat simply […] More

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Last spring, we made a cotton candy cake, which was basically cotton candy frosted to a cone. You guys loved it as much as I did! But I love the idea of giving each guest a little cake of their own even more. In the debate of cake vs. cupcake I am hard pressed to judge […] More

Spring Break Afternoon: Craft & A Movie

This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. We’ve been on spring break for a full week already and we have one week left to go. I adore the chance spring break gives me for family time and fun with the kids. We’ve been crafting, exploring and watching long afternoon movies together. Finding crafts & […] More

quick tips | wrapping bread

I am happy to introduce you to a new column for Monday mornings. Quick tips! Perfect tips and tricks to make your celebrations, no matter how small, come together with style and ease. No real instructions, just ideas, pretty pictures and a festive something you can complete in under ten minutes. Because, it’s nice to […] More

giveaway | outdoor party supplies

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Lisa is our winner! Thanks so much everyone for entering:) A package filled with bright dotted invites, paper straws and wooden cutlery is a great start to outdoor entertaining this summer. Win this outdoor party pack by A Party in a Box perfect for the first official summer gathering. […] More

Shades of Red Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is one of the traditions that can really quickly spin out of control. I know from experience. ;) I start making a batch with the kids, and then I see a cute idea and add that cookie in. Then I remember an old family tradition I decided to make as well. Before […] More

Gummy bear cookies

It’s cookie making time of year! I love, love, love making cookies. Sometimes it’s fun to put a little twist in the mix – like creating gorgeous stained glass cookies using gummy bears. The process is simple and the shiny oils in the gummy bears make the cookies look so beautiful! Grab the extra Halloween […] More

Happy New Year – Hello 2022

Happy New Year Friends! We made it! 2020 has been one heck of a year, filled with lots of chaos but also moments of joy. This year we learned tons of things, like how to make bread and mastering the art of working from home. We built forts, binged shows, and rallied for rights for […] More

summer stargazing party details

We held our first party of summer last week – a night of stargazing. The party started in the evening, before the sun set. We grilled veggies and enjoyed a really great chocolate cake. When it was time to watch the stars, we laid out on our painters canvas picnic blanket and looked up toward […] More

Cooking with Raddish Kids

Inside: Cooking with Raddish Kids Recently we have made it a point to really split up the roles in our home. With COVID sweeping through the nation and all of us stuck inside the house together, we thought it would only be fair to take on a few more responsibilities. One of those being dinner! […] More

25 cocktails to make this fall

While enjoying the porch last night I noticed how quickly it is beginning to get darker in the evenings. Although summer is a favorite season for many reasons. Fall is even better! The chill, the busyness, the general excitement of fall can’t be beat. In this busy season we quickly move from entertaining with long […] More

recreate | pixelated cupcake stand

Loving this handmade pixelated cupcake stand Kirsten created for her daughter’s birthday. It was made by coloring hundreds of tiny squares onto paper and then wrapping them around cardboard boxes. A fabulous project, perfect for little hands who want to help with the next party design. blessings. More

Fun Trampoline Games For Parties

The kids received a gigantic trampoline earlier this year and we have been having the greatest fun with it. Coming up with trampoline games has become our new favorite past time. With summer coming we are all excited to try out our hand at fun trampoline games for all our summer parties and some even […] More

reason to celebrate | antler photo booth

Rebecca hosted a bright and gorgeous birthday party recently. My favorite piece from it is the photo booth done with a simple backdrop and pair of antlers! I love this idea for a fall gathering. Hold them up behind your model or attach them to a thick headband for party perfect photos throughout season. Rebecca […] More

birthday balloon bombing a car

April is a month filled with birthdays around here. I’ve been scheming up really fun ways to celebrate that I’m excited to share. Carly’s bedroom balloon bombing got me thinking about how I could recreate the idea for my favorite people (who I don’t live with). The result? A car bombing… with balloons! Make a […] More

Valentine’s day craft ideas chalk vases

I am thrilled to be sharing one more project from our recycled-bottles-that-I-just-cannot-let-go-of today. I was supposed to throw these bottles out, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it… So they quickly became my most favorite Valentine’s Day craft ideas.  Because I added a small square of chalk-board paint, wrote out the word LOVE. Bought […] More

Mustache sticks

I have been taking on the arduous task of organizing our garage this week. In the process, I’ve found multiple projects that I have yet to share but completely meant to… Like these mustache party sticks. By far one of my most popular party items- I am often receiving emails asking about making them, it’s […] More

Colorful caramel apple cake

Caramel apples are our favorite treat this time of year. We’ve painted them before and used hard candy to coat them, but I’ve been dying to actually color the treats in bright hues. I am so excited to bring a bit of daily revelry into the caramel apple making business. Luckily, our local grocery store […] More

a cocktail and a mocktail | for spring or winter

Cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic, or “virgin” versions) are great party refreshments. Impress your guests with drinks with a fresh fruit twist. The blood orange citrus, with it’s sweet-tart flavor and stunning crimson flesh, is in season from December to March. The kiwi fruit, with a subtle and unique sweetness when ripe, is available from November […] More

planet cake toppers and a milky way cake

A couple weeks ago we received a fun package of books in the mail. The new Ricky Ricotta series by Dav Pilkey & illustrated by Dan Santat. The books were immediately whisked away and it was literally a full hour before I heard another request from the twins. As new readers, my kids love books […] More

Ice cream party

This post is sponsored by Target. School’s out for summer! We celebrated by inviting a few favorite classmates over and throwing our first party of summer – an ice cream party! Miniature ice cream cups, bright decorations, balloons, and a bar filled with ice cream toppings are all that’s needed to pull together a quick […] More

Happy Valentine’s weekend

Happy Galentine’s day / Valentine’s weekend! If I could bake you a cupcake and top it with a glittery pink heart candle – I definitly would. Thanks so much for showing me love by popping by daily. It’s like your valentine to me. Every day. I am currently in kindergarten school party bliss, and tonight we […] More

summer berry pavlova stack

Making a gorgeous Pavlova stack is a great way to end a seasonal meal with friends. A light, fluffy meringue mixed with scrumptious summer berries makes for a dessert guests will absolutely adore. August is my favorite time for making this sweet – since berries are at their peak harvest, and I don’t need to […] More

10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kids!

In case you didn’t already know, I’ve got the best 10-year-olds in the whole wide world. ;) And the older they get, the more fun it is to throw them birthday parties. Something about this age is just my favorite. Since I have boy/girl twins we considered all the 10-year-old birthday party ideas possible when […] More

Nesco VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer Review

Quick Overview FEATURES EASE OF USE PRICE CONTROLS SEE ALL VACUUM SEALER REVIEWS CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON The Nesco VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer truly is a deluxe vacuum sealer, designed to eliminate the flaws and annoyances that come from using smaller, more flimsy, less reliable machines. From the stainless steel finish, to the robust automatically […] More

better together

I love the daily, personal awesomeness of blogging. I love the incredible editorial abilities of producing a digital magazine… After a year of teetering back and forth it was decided: let’s do something different together! Who says we have to be one or the other? Digital media is free range, so here we go. Blog […] More

Kit Kat Cake In Kitty Cake Style

One of my favorite candies is a Kit Kat, which is why I think a Kit Kat Cake is possibly the best cake idea that ever was. And because who wants to stop with just a Kit Kats, we created this fun kitty cake recipe that is just about purrrfect. There is no secret here, […] More

The Perfect Candy Corn Jello Shot for Fall

Inside: The perfect candy corn jello shot for fall. Nothing says Halloween time like candy corn and booze, at least for us adults! These candy corn jello shots are the perfect boozy drink to get your monster bash poppin’. I love entertaining friends during the holidays, but Halloween is extra fun to throw a party. […] More

Beautiful DIY Colored Easter Baskets

Inside: We turned these beautiful colored baskets into a beautiful DIY Easter basket! Now that the twins are getting older, holidays are becoming much more fun. In my attempt to create celebrations they will remember and traditions that will last, the idea of crafting an heirloom Easter basket is perfect. I love taking time to […] More

watercolored vases

My latest DIY for Project Wedding is bright and cheerful, a nice break from the bleak winter weather this last week. Making your own watercolored vases is an affordable option for a spring wedding or party. To make them, you can use any type of plain glass (thrifted or saved from recent packaging will save […] More

2022 Glow Stick Cake Topper

With under a week left until Christmas, we’ve started planning our annual New Years Eve party. It’s one of my favorite nights of the year. Every year we invite our friends over and try to keep things simple, but very festive, as we ring in the new year together (East Coast style at 9pm, since […] More

painted caramel apples

This time of year is my favorite for a lot of reasons. Most particularly the treats! And of those treats, caramel apples rise quickly to the top. What could be more fun than enjoying a caramel apple? Painting and designing one of course! Did you know caramel can be painted? It’s so fun. Follow our […] More

4 Party Hacks with Glad Press’n Seal

Hosting a party is always fun and a lot of work. Why not make the process easier on yourself with these 4 easy party tips? We picked up a 100 ft. roll of Glad® Press’n Seal® and a bunch of party supplies from our local Target to create a kid-friendly bash in under an hour! Here’s how we did it. More

Birthday party ideas for 60 year olds

Birthday parties for people over 60 years of age tend to be more low key than they were in earlier years. It could be just a family get together at home, a dinner, a special outing or a simple celebration, but the emphasis is more on being with friends and family than on getting together […] More

27 Fun Ways to Give Slime Party Favors

Inside: 27 fun ways to give slime party favors. Do your kiddos love slime as much as mine? We love a good slime recipe over here. We love it so much that most of our birthday parties have included some type of slime element in the past couple of months. And although I love a […] More

bubblegum garland

Move over cranberries… there’s a new festive Christmas favorite to string. Bubblegum! I stumbled upon one very large jar of bright bubblegum the other day and just knew it needed a second life strung up as garland on one of my trees. Stringing up sweets is an old holiday tradition. We’ve done popcorn, cranberries, and […] More

party in | Los Angeles

As a special treat for the party in series, Amanda is sketching celebratory drawings of each city name. Download the 5×7 Los Angeles print here and use for postcards, gift tags, invitations or stash away a set of your favorite city prints to frame together at home. There’s no doubt that Los Angeles has one […] More

Paint can deck candles

The early summer evenings in the mountains are incredibly cool and beautiful – I can’t help but be outside every chance I get. To create a pretty glow outside I reach for candles this time of year, but burning tapers every night can get costly. Instead, we filled old paint cans with wax and a wick – […] More

no-sew picnic blanket

Happy August! Something about the transition into this month has my mind filled with Fall already – and with thinking about how we spent our summer. Did you do what you wanted with yours? If there’s something missing – the good news is there are still a few weeks left to make it happen! I […] More

7 Thanksgiving Party Ideas for 2022

This Thanksgiving, why not do something a bit more exciting than football and turkey? There’s nothing wrong with the traditions we have for giving thanks but there is also a lot of opportunities to experiment with some new thanksgiving party themes and fun ideas to share with all the family. Thanksgiving Party Ideas to Try […] More

10 ways to spell love

Love… love… love! Roses and candy are one way to share your feelings, but why not get a little creative this year? Use these ten love-ly inspirations to spell your favorite word – even at the last minute. Chances are, you have the materials for at least one of these DIYs lying around your home, […] More

Building Indoor Forts

Last week, during my trip to Salt Lake City, the average temp was nine degrees! I returned home Saturday to be welcomed by another winter storm. It always seems this time of year – when the temperature drops to the coldest – that our family begins to get a bit stir crazy indoors. To ward off the winter […] More

Mod Party Cocktail Napkins

Before dinner cocktails are always made better standing on a warm deck with pretty napkins underneath. Yay spring! I’ve partnered with Circut to create this modern fabric transfer over in the design space that will make spring cocktail napkins prettier. I’ve quickly fallen in love with my Cricut Explorer for creating unique design elements at home. These cocktail napkins […] More

moss trim cake and bunny heads

With all the sweet colors of Easter, sometimes a bold bunny head is just what’s needed to offset the pastel storm of the season. This moss trim Easter cake with moss bunny head cake toppers will quickly become a conversation worthy centerpiece at any spring gathering. The graphic shape of the bunnies popping up give […] More

10 creative ways to use a sharpie

Although these little pens pack a distinct smell, their magical powers keep us coming back for more. Not only are they permanent, but they are extremely versatile. And have you seen the colors they come in? They are available in every color of the rainbow. Whether you are embellishing a bowl, outlining a poster or […] More

Pinata Advent Calendar

Confetti and candy packaged in sweet little pinatas make great daily advent treats. The paper mache pinata balls are simple to craft and you can re-use them year after year; just re-fill and re-close. To make the pinata balls use small balloons, Mod Podge and tissue paper (here is a step-by-step on how to make […] More

Crazy Peep Milkshakes

I’m a big fan of sweets for Easter. In the past, we’ve done cakes, pies, ice cream and cinnamon rolls. This year I’m jumping into the fun and totally ridiculous milkshake craze. Did you see these amazing ones or this animal cracker version? I anticipate that crazy milkshakes are destined to be the newest sweet […] More

my real life pinterest board

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a pinner all my life. Have you? Since a very young age I would find things I loved – photos that inspired me – and tear them out to keep. In college I had an actual pinboard I would use and as my inspiration stack grew – […] More

Oreo mousse cups

While we generally like to do things from scratch, let’s face it: sometimes you just don’t have the time before your guests arrive.  We “cheat” on these Oreo mousse cups by using a packaged mousse mix…but we’ve never had any complaints. In fact, they’re often the first thing to disappear! To make your own “cheater” […] More

Braided Streamer Christmas Garland

Making a colorful tree is a seasonal favorite of mine. I’ve found that making a big pile of garland goes a long way in turning an ordinary tree into a celebratory one. Marquee garland, bubble gum garland and beaded garland are a few favorites from years before. This year’s tree got a bright head start […] More

Floral party backdrop

Lines of floral flowers make a pretty backdrop for parties of all kinds this spring. They make a simple DIY party instillation that is a great option for the wall behind a brunch buffet, a beautiful spot for photo ops, or just to make a space feel more special for a celebration. The backdrop is […] More

reason to celebrate | metal confetti

It looks light enough to be paper quickly cut out for a party and strewn about the room, but it is actually metal confetti. I would have liked to set up a dinner party table right in the middle of the art piece… Could you imagine!?! Temporary instillation by Swiss artist Beat Zoderer, photo by […] More

Flag Football for The Weekend

Hosting a flag football party is a great excuse to have friends over for an afternoon of fun. I put a festive twist on our recent game by designing bright sparkly flags for the ladies and thick leather straps for the guys. Belt trim can be purchased cheaply at your local fabric store, and with the addition […] More

Our Favorite Craft Supplies

Inside: Our Favorite Craft Supplies When it comes to crafting it is essential to have a list of craft supply go-to’s! With the right tools, girl you can make anything. We teamed up with our good friend Norrine from The Crafty Organizer to show you all our favorite craft supplies that we use on the regular! […] More

and the winner is…

I am so pleased to announce the winner of our winter celebration challenge is Jen, who designed the amazing cakes and cute shoes party! A fabulous party theme that will be perfect to use this spring for showers, birthdays and bachelorette parties. Her design was both handcrafted and very well styled. Congratulations!!! I am super […] More

DIY Graphic Floats

It’s pool season and having great floats is at the top of my summer party list! There are so many great options for buying huge fun floats, but many of them cost a fortune. So instead we filled the pool with colorful floats that have been turned graphic with a little DIY summer slang treatment. Floats […] More

A printable party guest book

Happy Monday morning, I finally feel like we are coming out of the haze of being sick around here. This will be a fun week, I have DIY’s to show and one more party theme from last month to share. One of my favorite touches to the Sherbert & Spice Party was our printable guest […] More

DIY Emoji Ornaments

Bring your favorite emojis to life… on the tree with these  Big DIY Emoji ornaments! Using clear ball ornaments and a bit of paint creates the best little faces for adorning Christmas in every mood imaginable. I loved all the feelings this emoji feeling cake felt, and now to create all the feelings on a tree […] More

Favorite Christmas Eve Traditions

Before we sign off for a week of cozy family fun, I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! This is just the best time of the year. We have a number of family traditions that I love to enjoy surrounding Christmas and New Years. One of my favorite questions to ask people at holiday […] More

felt watermelon cake toppers

In the middle of summer, I eat a diet filled with watermelon. The fruit is so wonderfully refreshing and an icon of the fabulous, laid back days of summer. If you don’t want to go all out and make an actual watermelon cake, or a cake that looks like a watermelon, then these toppers are […] More

chocolate mint terrarium cake

One of my best friends here in Reno is Kat Gieger. She just came out with an awesome book about terrariums – it showcases really fun and unique ways to create and display terrariums. I was going to just simply tell you about the book, but then we thought of the most fun way to […] More

Cotton Candy Hair and Treats

Inside: Cotton Candy Hair I’ve been a bit obsessed with cotton candy this year. If donning an entire cotton candy Halloween costume is not what you had in mind for the office party, why not use the idea as a jumping-off point to create this wild and whimsical cotton candy hair. The way the curls […] More

Waffle Cookie Bite Sandwiches with Nutella® Hazelnut Spread

During the cozy winter months, having a sweet treat is the best way to instantly warm us all up. Taking cues from that, we will create gorgeous waffle cookie bite sandwiches with Nutella®. They are everything we love about our favorite breakfast in cookie sizes and layered with the goodness of Nutella®. It is a winter treat you won’t want to miss. More

100 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with feasts and joy. To welcome in the first day of the Christmas holiday season I’ve compiled a list of my most favorite links for celebrating. Festive ideas, crafty projects and 100 reasons I’ve found to celebrate this holiday season. xoxo 1. Glass bubble tree 2. The traveler’s tree 3. Hamburger wrapping paper […] More

3 Weeknight Valentines Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year. This means we have school, work, basketball practice and church, because it is also Ash Wednesday! ;) Sufficient to say our day is already a little booked. Making time to show and share the love can seem challenging amidst the mid-week family crazy… but revelry to the […] More

Can You Vacuum Seal Lettuce: A Guide for Home Users

Vegetables are not easy to preserve, especially fresh vegetables like lettuce. Some people often ask, “Can you vacuum seal lettuce?” Here is the answer! More

4 thanksgiving party tips

With Thanksgiving coming in just a couple days, we are in last minute prep mode around here! As much as I adore large, organized parties… sometimes it’s the little details that really take a gathering from everyday to amazing. During a busy week like this one, there isn’t enough time to do everything from scratch. […] More

painter’s canvas picnic blanket

Finding pretty picnic blankets is always a challenge for me. For whatever reason, picnic season tends to bring out the bright cheesy fabrics in many of my favorite brands. Instead of buying one I don’t love, I prefer to invest 30 minutes and make one I do love! Last year’s no-sew picnic blanket was fun to […] More

monster donuts

I sat in on the kindergarten class party planning committee this week. We planned out the kid’s Halloween party, which is going to be monster themed! This quickly led me to day dreaming of fun monster sweets – then the most amazing idea struck. Monster donuts!!! Of course!!! And I quickly became obsessed with these […] More

birthday present halloween costume

Last year we did a festive Halloween costume series that was really fun. A birthday cake, a party lantern, a bunch of balloons, a baby bouquet of flowers, and real life honeycombs! Festive and bright costumes for the kids. One thing we were missing – was a birthday present. So I am filling in the […] More

Fringe Birthday Cake

Making fringe seems to have become a weekly necessity in my house. Fringe can come in a lot of different forms, but this version of a colorful fondant fringe birthday cake may be my favorite form yet! It is festive, bright, and a great way to add celebratory whim – no matter the occasion. To make this […] More

Handcrafted parties- Once upon a time

Possibly one of my favorite 1st birthday parties ever! Brought to you by The lollipops blog. I am thrilled to be sharing this sweet handcrafted feature today. Once upon a time, a whimsical take on a fairytale theme. The entire affair is chalkful of DIY inspiration. The tablescape was dressed with vintage aqua and gold […] More

5 Tips for a Guilt-Free Romantic Getaway without Your Kids

One of the joys of having children is being able to take them away on fun-filled adventures, which serve as the perfect opportunity to bond and make everlasting memories. However, parenthood isn’t easy, and there may come a time where you want a trip away without any responsibilities.  While some parents believe vacations should be […] More

DIY Floral Wall Display

Setting the party scene for feasting doesn’t have to be complicated. We created this DIY floral wall display in just a couple steps and it came out super pretty! It is a fresh backdrop for drinks & cheese or an entire Thanksgiving feast. One thing I love about the backdrop is that it is living, […] More

creative washi tape projects

I think Washi tape is one of the best crafting inventions yet. With such a small investment you can completely transform the look of just about anything. We are even trying it on a ceiling fan this week! Add the genius tape to a small length of wire to make super easy favor ties. I […] More

50 Valentine’s Day Quotes to Make You Feel the Love in 2022

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there’s no better time to tell that special someone how you feel. Maybe you want your partner to know how much they mean to you, or maybe you just want to tell your friend that you love them. Whether you’re a sucker for love […] More

25 Leftover Pumpkin Ideas

Inside: 25 leftover pumpkin ideas. Some would say pumpkin season is coming to a close next week…but, we completely disagree! We can think of lots Halloween pumpkin ideas for all of those leftover pumpkins, from recipes to decor, that’ll keep them around long after fall has turned to winter. So cheer up, buttercup! Even though […] More

The Best Chocolate Chip Recipe with Melanie Blodgett

I have a season of fun party-loving guests lined up and a weekly plan to bring you the best ideas for your parties, baking, crafting, and general life revelry. Let’s jump into episode #1: an interview with Melanie Blodgett. Melanie is the creator of You Are My Fave and she has some of the most creative […] More