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hand font chair cover

I am excited to continue our hand font series today with this simple stenciled chair update. I own a pair of vintage chairs that really needed to be recovered and a scripted hand stencil made all the difference.

To update the chair we used inexpensive drop canvas as our fabric, and sheets of duct tape paper as the stencil. Did you know they sell duct tape in full sheet form now? I was happy to put the new product to work, making this chair – which is now my favorite chair in the house. It has a very unique “Restoration Hardware” look to it, and was affordable and easy to create!

To make the hand font chair, we started by tracing the scripted number onto the duct tape paper. My friend Brody does the prettiest hand scripting. To create the same look, freehand a large number or print out a scripted font and trace it onto the duct paper. Then cut the number out carefully with an exacto knife. To create the stencil, you will want to cut the number out and leave the outline in tact (that is what you will use).

Recover the chair with fabric by stapling it underneath the chair and pulling taunt. Then carefully place the duct tape onto the fabric. We placed the number dropping off the side, instead of centering it, which ended up looking really great!

Next, gather the fabric paint you want to use, and with a foam brush, paint inside the stencil. Let dry. Once the paint is dry, remove the stencil from the chair top; you are left with a gorgeous update. I am currently considering making a complete set of these stencils to use as our dinning chairs – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Collaboration for this project was done with my friend Brody, who is an amazing Hand Font Illustrator. We’ve been busy working on projects for parties and home, with more coming soon. Photography done for A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland.

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