Making you own hand-lettered wrapping paper is a wonderful way to create pretty packages that are both easy and affordable. Write a love note to hand to your dearest for Valentine’s day, encouraging wishes for a couple getting hitched, or a congratulatory note for a loved one’s birthday party.

The concept is especially nice when directed toward a specific individual, but you could also use it to address a specific celebration on favors and party goods. Nothing is better than a kind letter of love on top of a thoughtful gift.

All you need is a large piece of butcher paper, white craft paper, or in a pinch – a paper grocery bag! Using a chalk pencil will the give the paper an impressionist look, and a final spritz of hair spray will hold it all in place.

Collaboration for this project was done with my friend Brody, who is an amazing hand font illustrator. We’ve been busy working on projects for parties and home – see more from the hand font series. Photography done for A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland.