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Hand-sewn party signs

The hand-sewn signs included in Jen Campbell’s party are completely amazing! In my book, adding style plus DIY texture in one project is the makings of fabulous.

Here is a simple tutorial for you to recreate the hand-sewn EAT sign for your next event:

Using a printed stencil of your word, temporarily attach it to a piece of wood painted to match your decor. Begin tapping in nails around the inside of your stenciled word and continue around each letter. Take note where you will want straight lines to be drawn as each nail will need a parallel nail to attach to.

Choose embroidery thread to compliment your color scheme and tie off one end on the first nail. Begin to wrap the thread around to the parallel nail and wrap multiple times to give a deep texture to the piece. Tie off the thread and continue on down each letter until your word comes into shape.

The process may take a bit of time but the results are completely worth it- seriously gorgeous! This would even be an amazing project to create for a more permanent home fixture.

Thanks for sharing this design and concept with us Jen.


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