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Handcrafted Parties- a caterpillar birthday

I finally have received photos from the last few weeks celebrations. I am going through them today and am so eager to share them with you- starting tomorrow Until then…

Corey submitted this adorable little boys birthday party for you to see. It is so sweet.

In her own words, “I designed the entire event by hand, Brooklyn loves all of the Eric Carle books, and so I thought that this would be a perfect fit for his birthday celebration…” What a lovely idea- choosing your child’s favorite book can be great inspiration for a little ones birthday party.

Lollipops with hand-crafted thank you cards as favors are just as sweet in photos as they are in the mouth.

The party was centered around the boys having fun, which I just adore. Corey had scenes from the book placed around to be colored so her guests would not get bored while sitting. Plus, they played a garden-wide caterpillar finding game using green painted egg carton caterpillars. Think Easter egg hunt but gathering armfuls of insects instead, some strange part of me thinks this would be so rad to play with real bugs;)

The party was complete with a birthday boy crown. Corey was so sweet to send her instructions, it is super simple and doesn’t even require a sewing machine!

Make your own felt birthday crown

You will need colored felt, embroidery thread and elastic.

Simply cut a piece of felt into the shape of a crown, HERE is a great birthday crown template. Then, using your book for reference hand cut pieces of colored felt in order to recreate the story. Brooklyn’s crown had the caterpillar and a few other book items threaded onto it. The pieces were attached to the crown with embroidery thread and closed in the back with a piece of elastic (you could also use Velcro). The crown was a huge success, and her little boy still wears it around to play!

Thanks Corey for sending in Brooklyn’s party and sharing a great dose of boyish inspiration with us.


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