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Handcrafted parties- Sip & See

I took a lovely few days off this weekend- no babies, no blog… Just a husband, a picnic, and a very relaxing pool. It was glorious! I am excited to be back this week and have a whole bunch to share with you. While I get settled, a nest baby shower for your Monday morning.

I am so grateful Brittany sent in this sweet party. A Sip & See is a great alternative to a baby shower because you get to celebrate the new mom, plus have the joy of meeting a new baby. She used one of my favorite themes…

Nest Baby Shower

The nest baby shower featured a dessert bar filled with eggs of all sorts and backed by a “Welcome To The Nest” handmade banner. If making a banner seems too overwhelming our free printable CHIRP banner would be an easy alternative for creating your own nest baby shower theme.

Guests were greeted with this adorable wreath made especially for the nest baby shower by wrapping a foam wreath core with a white boa and hot gluing the coordinating feathers, ribbon and the sweet baby’s name.

Remembering our nest baby shower “peep show” I just adore how Brittany used chocolate and sprinkles to liven up her peep popsicle sticks.

Using Martha’s nest baby shower recipe the eggs and other desserts had lovely resting places. Larger nests were bought at a local craft store and used around the party room.

Brittany also created this homemade cupcake stand and is sharing the DIY with us today. It would be super easy to replicate for any upcoming party. In her own words below:

Homemade cupcake stand

  • You will need two cardboard cake rounds (any size you would like–these are 12″ and 16″), scissors, double sided tape, ribbon, scrapbook paper of your choice, 2 cans of vegetables or soup.
  • To start, you need to cover your rounds with your choice of scrapbook paper and use double sided tape to secure. This is tricky because of the size of scrapbook paper, but if you buy a pattern that repeats, or a solid color, you should be good to go.
  • Next, I covered the outer edges of the cake rounds with a coordinating ribbon, so that the ugly corrugated cardboard did not show.
  • Then, secure your cans together by stacking them and then taping them longways and also around the rims. Once you have done that, roll the cans in scrapbook paper and secure with double stick tape. Fold the edges down as you would when wrapping a present.
  • Stack the stand together, securing with glue to hold. Wreaths & feathers give added nest baby shower detail to your stand.

Thanks so much Brittany for sharing this wonderful sip & see with us!

Nest baby shower photography credits: Wright Image Photography


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  1. Thanks SO much for featuring me today Vicky! It’s an HONOR!
    To answer the above questions, the cans are full. When they are full, it gives the whole structure a little more stability.
    Also, a big shout-out to my girls Kari, Lindsey, Jill, Whitney, and Hannah who co-hosted this party. Kari, Jill, and Lindsey get ALL the credit for the Peeps with the “nests!”

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