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Handcrafted parties- Once upon a time

Possibly one of my favorite 1st birthday parties ever! Brought to you by The lollipops blog. I am thrilled to be sharing this sweet handcrafted feature today. Once upon a time, a whimsical take on a fairytale theme.

The entire affair is chalkful of DIY inspiration. The tablescape was dressed with vintage aqua and gold china accented by blue and white ceramic woodland animals. Setting out gorgeous serving-ware like this will transform any child’s event to glamorous in moments.

A custom designed a woodland patterned table runner was featured atop the kids table for coloring during the party. What a great play area, similar in concept to our pinwheel coloring table. Keeping the little ones busy with crayons will bring joy to all! You can buy super cheap parchment paper here and trace or freehand your own party shapes to create a similar version of this fun idea.

Along with goodies at the beautiful dessert table, parents were each given hand soaps wrapped in a gold patterned print and served in a white ceramic swan to wash the messes off of their little ones after the day of delight. Seeing as how I party with two toddlers these days, this special touch completely charmed me. Plus the frosted doughnuts look just heavenly.

A mystical forest created a backdrop to the dessert bar with acorns strung along the branches, while an owl hovered over the decor and a message dangling from speckled gold twine that read, ‚Äö?Ñ??1 Upon A Time‚Äö?Ñ??.

I adore this whimsical take on party bunting. While paper is nice, adding touches of nature to go along with your party will make it personal and truly stand out.

What a lovely day for a very blessed little princess.

Photography credits- Justin Lee Photography



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  1. Yes, it is fancy, that is part of what I love about it. Fancy kids parties have seemed so charming to me lately. I’m thinking for the twins 2nd we might have all the kids come in ballgowns and suits- It makes me giggle with happiness just to think of it!

  2. thinking about a bunch of kids around pretty china makes me scared!

    :) Maybe it’s just like me wearing earrings to a swimming pool and you having fancy kids parties? You do a great job either way.

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