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Ruffle Birthday Party

I am ecstatic to share with you today’s Handcrafted Party feature. The seriously creative Disney from Ruffles & Stuff is sharing with us a party she recently threw for her sweet daughter (and modeling assistant) Paige.

Ruffle birthday party

I can not tell you enough how much I love everything Disney does… this party is no different. From homemade party hats to accordion style paper flowers she did not spend a dime on decorations. She created everything from hand and stayed true to her lovely homemade style.

Ruffle Birthday Party

Birthday Party Garland

Although the party was moved indoors at the last minute the birthday girl was still celebrated under walls filled with beautiful handcrafted party decor.

Flower headband Party Favors

Each girl was given an fashionable flower headband to wear. Wouldn’t this be a sweet idea for a summer shower or wedding party as well? I just adore the whimsical colors, and with just a few scraps of fabric these are really a cinch to make see the DIY instructions HERE.

DIY fabric boutonniers

Fabric boutonnieres look right at home resting in a glamorous vintage styled suitcase. A party detail giving that little extra touch to make each guest feel special and loved. Plus, one would look fabulous pinning up a scarf later on while cleaning up the party mess.

Ruffled Party Hats

Oh, and the hats, the HATS… Each with its own beautiful ruffle, how lovely! One of the things I like about Disney is her willingness to share all those creative ideas and methods with us. Keeping to her trend for blessing- she is sharing two party tutorials with us today…

The first is for making these pretty homemade party hats. In her own words below…

DIY ruffled party hats

Both of these ideas are very simple! The homemade party hats have endless cute color combination possibilities, and are so fun to put together. The flowers pack a great punch for their cost, and are the perfect “while-watching-a-movie” project!

DIY Ruffled Party Hats

Make your own homemade party hats, ruffle style:

  • Start with a sheet of heavyweight scrap booking paper. Using a ruler, measure 10″ away from a corner in three different spots. (See grey dots on photo #1)
  • Then cut an even curve, using the dots as your guide.
  • Cut a 2″x26″ strip of coordinating fabric, and sew them to the bottom, curved edge of your paper, scrunching evenly as you go.
  • Do the same on top with a 2″x6″ strip.
  • Fold into a cone, and staple 2-3 times. You can also use a little tape on the top to help secure.
  • Staple one end of a 13″ length of elastic string to the bottom of your hat, and tie the string in a couple of knots. Repeat with the other end of the string on the opposite side of the hat.
DIY accordion paper flowers

The second tutorial is to make these accordion paper flowers. They look just as lovely resting on a wall as they would hanging from trees out in a garden! Plus using only two pieces of scrap-booking paper each, they’re a crazy cheap way to make a huge impact in your next party area.


DIY Accordion Paper Flowers

Make paper flowers, accordion style:

  • Take two sheets of square scrap-booking paper, and fold each one accordion style in 1″ sections.
  • Snip the ends in a rounded or pointed shape.
  • Fold each one in half.
  • Staple each one together on one side to form a half-circle.
  • Then staple the two halves together!
  • Use a hole punch to make a hole near the top, and hang with string or yarn.
Ruffled Party Hats
Thanks so much Disney for sharing your homemade party beauty with us. Your attention to detail truly stands out in all your work – It is so lovely to pass that on for future party inspirations.


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  1. Such a darling party! I’m new to both of your blogs and am so excited about all the beautiful, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing these sweet and simple ways to make a great party space.

  2. Love this party decor! I saw this on Ruffles & Stuff, but am SO excited to get the how-to’s on those ADORABLE party hats!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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