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have a merry weekend

Things have really been changing in our town this week. We got caught in a snow storm and the streets around my house have literally turned into a leaf fallen post card. It is such a pretty time of year. I have a huge list of activities to do this weekend to finish off our fall bucket list before November starts.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes prepping for the next season, which I think will be the most wonderful yet for this blog (very ready for turkeys and ornaments these days!). You can see a little sneak peak over on the Facebook page.

I’m ending the week feeling very thankful for this space and all your support. Happy weekend and thanks for being amazing!

While we rake, jump and repeat- here are a some favorite links from this week to click through:

The best last minute kids costume I’ve seen – made by my friend Katie (photo above).

This new book Sad Santa looks adorably cute.

A pout bow.

I’ve been searching for great hostess gifts and loving this candle.

A site that will turn your emails into snail mail. If you want to use it to send me a note, that would be great:)

It’s cold here and I’m quickly adding layers- totally making these DIY heart tights and temporary polkadot tights.

The test tube hanging flower instillation from our Blog Bash NYC was amazing, here is the DIY.

Pretty printable fall leaves, to string in the front window.

And incase you missed any of the crafty Halloween posts earlier this month, check out; rotten brownie eggs, a fringe confetti Halloween mask, and pumpkin seeds three ways.


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