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Health After A Business Baby

My journey towards health is definitely not a straight road. I mentioned earlier this spring we’d be talking more about this and then I quickly realized how hard it was to actually talk about this all. For those of you who signed up to the email group you’ve heard a little more of my story.

So I’m starting this chat off a little late… with my story of why I am on a journey to find healthy & bright living.

You guys… I had a baby.

No, not the twins… I had them also. True, but they are 8 now and cannot be blamed for hindering my health and fitness journey any longer.

The baby I am talking about is way bigger, louder and more demanding than the twins ever were… Even both of them put together! Even at 18 months! Which is obviously the most difficult stage baby for everyone (right!?!). Because at 18 months I had two toddlers getting teeth, just learning how to walk/run/climb, and basically trying to kill themselves all day. Every. Day.

But still I was healthier than this last year. No, the baby I am talking about is bigger than that.

Over the past decade I birthed a business. A blog, turned magazine, turned book (times 3!), turned almost podcast (but then we decided hell-no to the whole podcast thing), turned creative agency, turned TAKE OVER MY LIFE AND NEVER LET ME SLEEP baby.

This baby coupled with all the other things I do in life has made it challenging to prioritize my health in the way I know is important.

The journey I’m on now is to get my health back!

Now don’t get me wrong… I love my baby, I cradle my baby, I awaken to its cries in the early morning while my IRL kids are still fast asleep.

But as much as I love it… the stretch marks from owning a business, running a family, renovating a house etc. are for REAL and I’m ready to lose them! There are other elements to this journey that are internally healthy related that I’ll talk about soon. But today, I’ve partnered with The Big Fat Truth, a new show on the Z Living Network, where every week features a different set of IRL participants. Nurses, teachers, people like me who are looking to break their bad habits that are detrimental and damaging to their health.

I love the focus on real life issues, because as much as we want to change our life habits towards healthiness it can be challenging to figure out exactly how to do that.

So this year I’ve begun a journey to get the pre- biz baby me back in the game. Here are 4 real life habits I’m focusing on to make a lasting change:

1. Time To Be Active

Making time to be active is a HUGE deal for both my body and my emotional state. Right now for me doing this includes kickboxing a couple days a week, a good family hike every so often, and ensuring I walk at least 5 miles each and every day. I tried a FitBit, (but found I disliked it telling me what to do;), so instead I just hit the pavement, or the treadmill and walk everyday.

2. The 30 Day Challenge

As part of The Big Fat Truth, the show’s executive producer and host, JD Roth has launched The 30 Day Challenge.  I’ll be focusing on my health by committing to the 30 Day challenge. (You can join me for it right here!) Committing for 30 days to cut bad things and add good things to my body can make a nutritional difference that will last a lifetime for me.

3. The Good Germs

Getting healing help into my body with probiotics is such an easy and powerful way to make a lasting change. I’ve been taking this digestion product everyday! It smells horrible, but has done wonders for my skin, my gut, and my energy levels. If you want to start one easy habit to begin a journey towards health this is a great step to take.

4. Me Time

Making time for the things I love, just because I love them – book club, skiing, girl’s trips and pedicures. These are the types of things I would have been just too busy to fit in over the past years, but I’ve found that doing them has allowed me to be so much happier and more creative in my work.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I need to make my health a priority or it’s never going to make the schedule. Just like the way I prioritized building this business over the years, I have to learn that this healthy + bright living journey will be just as important. I can’t wait to watch The Big Fat Truth and see how other people with real life journeys overcome challenges to maintain their health priorities. Episodes air weekly on Sundays at 8e/p on Z Living.

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