We are starting a new series this spring that I am beyond excited about. I will be sharing weekly posts all about how to live life bright, bold, fun & healthy! A life with celebration and indulgence at the important times isn’t possible when the rest of life is not lived in a healthy bright way. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way over the past 7 years. Health has always been a high priority to me, but having my favorite twins and then running this wonderful business eeeeked out all the energy and time I had to focus on it.

I’ve had a slow decline in feeling good and healthy over the years and last year I hit a really hard point where it started to really affect my family + work life. So I decided something needed to shift. I’ve started on a journey of what it looks like to have a healthy mind, business and body (and can I tell you a secret??? It hasn’t meant giving up all the things I love – like cake and wine!). It has however meant being much more intentional with what I put into myself and how I use my body on the daily.

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Although I feel like I am just starting this journey, it has already been so impactful to my life. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned so far and fun ideas I’ve been dreaming up in the coming weeks. Hopefully I can encourage you – and I’d love for you to join in and encourage me too, on this quest to live healthy & brightly as we celebrate together.

Lulu Lemon gift card

I’ll be sharing more of my story in the coming weeks, but if you want to know about the nutrition side of my transition & hear tips and tricks to get healthy right away: Join me on a FB live event I am hosting this weekend. You will also have the chance to win $100 gift card to Lulu Lemon – because finding your way to bright healthy living is no fun if you don’t look cute while doing it. ;)


Healthy living FB event

Here’s how it works… If you want to attend the event there will be live recordings (that you can listen to anytime over the weekend), recipes, a physical plan for getting strong again, favorite nutrition product recommendations from Arbonne, and a chance to ask me questions + chat every one of the days. We will be laying out a plan to kick start our healthy bright living in the next 30 days… a plan that has forever altered my own nutritional outlook for a lifetime. I’ll be sharing some silly videos and at the end of the event there will be a giveaway for the Lulu Lemon gift card.

To be added join right here. So looking forward to celebrating healthy bright living with you this season. xoxo