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the healthiest cake

This raw cashew cake made by Sarah looks amazing! It would also be a very healthy way to celebrate this summer. Do you ever worry about the health of your party food? I tend to be a believer that festive times deserve indulgent treats, but this cake looks so good it might be a perfect compromise.


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  1. That looks (and sounds) absolutely delicious! While I’m in your camp about throwing diets to the wind during a party (and to be honest, always), a healthy treat can’t hurt!

  2. I usually try to bake treats with some whole wheat flour but I’m the one who believes that if you’re going to indulge, do it properly, just be moderate that’s all ;)

  3. That’s a true dream cake and since it’s without flour, even people like me on a gluten free diet can indulge… Thanks for sharing…
    Oh, and I love your blog and Styled, so inspiring!
    Tesca xx

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