Valentines Hearts milk ice cubes

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I am excited to share a couple Valentines hearts projects to celebrate the holiday with subtly and style. These milk Valentines hearts ice cubes are a sweet surprise for your man’s morning coffee or the kid’s tall glass of milk. As they melt, the milk turns pink (the twins were in love!).

Make the Valentines hearts milk ice cubes:

You’ll need

  • milk
  • red food dye
  • a heart ice cube tray

Start by combining milk and a few drops of red food coloring together in a small bowl. Fill an ice cube tray, my heart one is from Ikea and freeze overnight. So easy, right!?!

These Valentines hearts ice cubes are a crazy easy way to make the morning special for those you love. Since Valentine’s Day usually falls on a weekday for us, I am always on the look out for simple and easy ways to make it special while still getting everyone out the door on time.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that even the simpliest acts of celebrating a holiday have come to mean a big deal to the idea of traditions for my kids and my husband. It’s so worth it to take a moment and create something like these heart ice cubes that they will remember fondly years from now.

This Valentines hearts cube idea could also be used with red wine to add substance to a Valentine’s dinner or soup. The trays could also be filled with chocolate for adding a sweet taste to any drink (I like the chocolate hearts best with pink lemonade). And you could harden whipped cream or frosting in the Valentines hearts to top a Valentines cake in festive holiday style.

So get your heart tray out, and fill it to begin making festive Valentine traditions today.

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