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HI-CHEW Holiday Garland Gift

This week is filled with classroom parties and holiday fun for us. It is the week of grabbing presents for everyone as I walk out the door each day and trying hard to remember everyone who needs a little celebrating and whole lot of thanks. To help with the last minute gifts for teachers, office staff, coaches and friends I looked to my favorite candy HI-CHEW and whipped up a DIY gift that is tasty and simple to create.

The Hi-CHEW Christmas garland can be strung on a tree, or given nestled in a bouquet of flowers, or adorning a succulent plant for an easy and sweet holiday gift.

We love our Christmas garland to be bright and crafty, like this bubble gum or this yarn tassel garland. Anything on the tree that is colorful and sweet makes the entire holiday seem more fun. Adding lengths of HI-CHEW candy individually wrapped for our presents and our tree trimmings this year makes a festive holiday statement.

HI-CHEW is available in flavor mix bags with each candy individually wrapped, perfect for garland crafting, class party bringing and stocking stuffing.

To make the garland you will need:

  • Individually wrapped Hi-Chew candy
  • Pink cellophane
  • Yarn for tying

1. To create the garland, roll the cellophane out and lay the HI-CHEW pieces down leaving about 2 inches between pieces.

2. Cut the cellophane, roll the candy up and tie off between pieces. Combine the lengths of cellophane wrapped candy by tying with the yarn for a garland as long as needed.

I love this garland adoring our succulent gift like a necklace for the lucky friend who will receive, it would be equally as great in large lengths trimming our own tree at home and I think we all agree that HI-CHEW is a much tastier option than the candy canes this time of year (and less sticky for little hands to eat!).

This post is done in partnership with HI-CHEW, literally one of my favorite candies on the planet. 

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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