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homemade honeycombs!

Continuing my late obsession with honeycomb decor I hoped to use a stash of them for an event last weekend and they ended up being my absolute favorite decor piece. I wanted miniature ones, which of course I couldn’t find, so I embarked on making them myself.

They turned out to be such easy projects and the results are splendid! The best thing about them is once you have the process down they can be completely customized to whichever size, color or fullness you would like. A definite fun and festive element that you could easily add to your party or wedding decor. The honeycombs would even work when bunched together for more lasting home decor. Wouldn’t they look extra sweet strung up in a small child’s room!?!

Make your own honeycomb party decor…

Begin by cutting out circles from your chosen tissue paper (I used 18 circles per honeycomb). Cut one circle out of thicker paper to be the backing for the honeycomb, it will lend stability to the finished piece. Stack each circle on top of the other and staple down the middle of the stack.

Then comes the fun part… the gluing! Starting at one end you will make a single dot of glue between each of the tissue pieces (a hot glue gun works great for this, but you can really use any type). Be sure to alternate where the dot is placed, top on one/bottom on the other etc all the way through. For the larger honeycomb sizes you will need to do a combo of three glue dots/two glue dots every other tissue. Let dry and open up for testing!

As a  disclaimer these do take some time to make, especially in bulk, but they are just about the cutest things once put together (totally worth it!). You could use them for wrapping, as favor toppers, strung in a line for pretty bunting, there are so many ways to interpret this easy project.

Photography by Jackie Wonders.



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  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! What a great tutorial! I never even though of making my own of these! I’m so getting some tissue paper!! YAY!

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