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How to make an easy homemade photo booth

Inside: This easy homemade photo booth for the party that needs a little kick.

Throwing parties are always a great idea – even when you are on a trip. Until you start realizing how much time, money and stress the preparation causes. Because of this, I am constantly coming up with ideas to help make the party a smash, without taking all of my precious time and money to create. With that in mind, we came off with the cutest, simplest and very affordable *under $10* homemade photo booth.

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When we originally came up with this idea Instagram was barely a thing. Now it is amazing to see how this simple idea – with the magic help of snap/insta filters – can transform your party both in person and online.

How to make a homemade photo booth in just a few minutes

Start with a thrift store sheet or some other length of fabric. I found a sheet in the perfect shade of sorbet for our party. You will also need three 14 inch embroidery hoops. You can find these for about a dollar each at any crafting store.

diy photo booth

Take apart the hoops so you have two circles, then spray paint each of the circles to match your party theme.

steps to make a photo booth

Measure out and hand sew six buttons onto your sheet in a circular pattern.

A DIY photo booth should be easy, and quick to make

Tie a length of string or ribbon to each hoop. You will loop the hoops around the buttons for them to hang.

labels for your homemade photo booth

Next, you will attach labels to your hoops to give guests posing instructions.

I have made our labels available and you can download by clicking the above link. Print, cut and attach to your hoops with glue, be sure to attach the labels off to the side so the full face will be in view. 

family photo fun

Use your photo booth for any and all parties

A homemade photo booth is perfect for any party. I’ve used it for, birthday parties, baby showers – and yes the belly often made its way into the circle. I’ve used it for New Year’s Eve parties and even done variations for family gatherings around the Christmas Tree. One of my husband’s favorite things is to find these in my office and come out and surprise me by showcasing how he is feeling at any given moment. What can I say when a girl is lucky enough to have a man who is willing to bring the party with him at any time, anywhere. I mean, with a face like that…

being silly in a photo booth

….. I cannot think of a better way to spend 10 dollars of any party budget than on a homemade photo booth. But when I do want to spend more time I tend to get pretty crazy with all the ways you can make the photo booth even more fun. Like with costume hats, wearable confetti, and even printable temporary tattoos! So go as crazy as you want, or as simple as you want, but make sure you get plenty of pictures. 

PS. The rest of this party’s photos!


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  1. This is adorable (and your husband is cute). Too bad my brother’s wedding will be too old-fashioned for this. But I’ll save the link for my next birthday party :)
    Greetings from sunny Germany!

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