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homemade picnic basket


The last project I am sharing from our summer evening picnic is perhaps one of my favorites. I had a pretty scarf in my closet that was a bit rejected and unused, so I decided to turn it into a picnic basket! It lent the perfect touch of handcrafted style to our summery day and cost almost nothing to make. A fun project for the warm and long days ahead.

To make the picnic basket I cut off a square of the scarf and drenched it in a 1/2 glue 1/2 water mixture. I used an old gift box as my mold and once the fabric was wet I laid it out on the box. I spent a few minutes shaping it around the box and turned in the ends to secure the fabric on top of the mold. I let the whole project dry for about 48 hours and gently pulled off my dried, stiffened fabric box.

I opted to leave the edges raw on my final version, it just seemed right for summer:) You could turn them in and fabric glue if you want a more perfect finish. Once the box was complete I filled it with tiny summer sandwiches and enjoyed it’s refreshing whim…

Photos by Jackie Wonders for a subtle revelry.



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